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Tyler Breeze and the WWE Road to Nowhere

The post main roster jinx has claimed yet another flourishing NXT come up.

Tyler Breeze was one of the standup talent’s that made NXT shine in 2015. He has a fresh gimmick, complete with the attitude and selfie stick. The gimmick was so popular that he was one of the few superstars who were granted special entrances at the NXT: Takeover events. It was a testament to the current trend of this generation. The future certainly looked bright for Breeze.

In addition, his next to last NXT: Takeover event had Breeze sharing the stage with the debut of the legendary Jushin “Thunder” Liger. That’s big if you ask me.

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Fast forward to a little over two months after his main roster debut. Right now, Breeze is right behind Neville in what seems a road to nowhere on the main roster. As in, the NXT talents that make the transition to the main roster with much hype to them, yet nothing seems to click or work for them. I get the “crawl before you walk” period, but to me I feel as if they’re obscured to a faint light in a world full of shining superstars – past and present.

Breeze’s debut on SmackDown was rather perplexing, as there hasn’t been a debut on SmackDown in a very long time. His subsequent feud with Ziggler was tainted from the start, being put in what was a never ending saga of the Lana/Dolph Ziggler/Rusev/Summer Rae disaster from the summer. Even though two of the four players were detached from the feud, it was apparent WWE wanted to continue this, having Summer Rae reveal that she was playing Ziggler. Basically Breeze served as a component in the final chapter to a rather cringe worthy summer love romance that was anything but.

A Ziggler/Breeze feud was something many fans didn’t mind. However, as the culprit for the feud was Summer, the feud didn’t last too long considering fans wanted no more of the story. The feud had something more to offer; both men are known for their good looks, which I could have seen Breeze become even more conceited with. He already stole Ziggler’s girl (which ironically, is something Ziggler prides himself on with his sayings on tee shirts, etc.), but if creative was smart, they could’ve really turned it up a notch. A “I’m better than you at everything” was enough substance to keep the feud going a bit longer. Breeze was the new kid in town to play off Ziggler’s veteran status.

But as we know, things don’t work out the way we want them to. Now, Ziggler has had an upset loss to Heath Slater and Breeze broke up with Summer, leaving him with no kind of role at all. After a short Royal Rumble appearance, he was back again on Raw in a losing effort. Breeze has been on a big losing streak as well, and that has not gone unnoticed. I wasn’t the only one who was sighing in discontent when Breeze yet again lost to Titus O’Neil on Monday. Forget the backstage talk, the direction of Breeze has been happening before anything come to light.

Maybe I’m jumping the gun, and maybe I’m expecting too much. But it’s just frustrating that NXT talents do so well at Full Sail, then the direction the talent goes in don’t fulfill the promise that accompanies them following their main roster debut. Like Neville, Breeze looks to be getting lost in the shuffle. Now I don’t expect them to headline WrestleMania, but you would think there would be more of an impact as a lot of NXT call ups were major players in Orlando.

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The latest casualty in the transition from NXT to WWE leaves the question, why is this happening? With the exception of Charlotte and Kevin Owens, who have already had an impressive first year in their own regard, it’s an alarming trend. I mean, it took WWE quite a while to start pushing Sasha the way she deserves to be pushed since her arrival last summer. Same goes for Becky Lynch. Sin Cara getting injured benefitted Kalisto in the fact he’s pushing forward as a singles star that could easily parallel Rey Mysterio in the coming years. Again, what is Neville doing? This is just the newest line of NXT come ups within the last several months.

It goes back to what Brie Bella has said in the past about NXT; that the talents wouldn’t want to come to the main roster when they are clearly doing better storyline and direction wise. With the way things had been going, it makes you wonder, doesn’t it? We are seeing perfect examples right in front of us every week.

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