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Two WWE Hall of Fame Legends Endorse Cesaro

Cesaro undoubtedly has the support of many fans on social media, but two recent endorsements have gotten people talking. Two of the biggest legends in WWE history are speaking up for Cesaro, one even offering assistance on-camera.

[adinserter block=”1″]Cesaro continues to be one of the most polarizing WWE superstars in 2015. Fans on social media have been championing Swiss athlete while Vince McMahon continues to tread lightly with Cesaro. Two guys who know a little something about drawing money in pro wrestling have spoken out recently and are openly questioning his position in the company.

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Ric Flair have both coincidentally spoken out about Cesaro on their most recent podcasts. Austin has always been a supporter, but his frustrations are growing louder. On a recent The Steve Austin Show – Unleashed! podcast with Wade Keller, he praised Cesaro and openly questioned the booking of Cesaro against Roman Reigns on RAW this coming Monday as well as his clean loss to Kevin Owens at SummerSlam.

The Nature Boy went even further on his podcast, Woooo! Nation with Ric Flair. Flair went on for a few minutes about Cesaro, currently spending some time with him overseas. Like Austin, Flair doesn’t appear to understand the booking of someone as talented as Cesaro and cites creative as the reason he isn’t in a better spot.

“Who brings more to the table as a performer, if you look at raw ability than Cesaro? Nobody! I mean, that kid is phenomenal! But, he’s one week on, one week off, and I think that’s part of the problem.”

Flair not only championed for Cesaro but even offered his assistance in getting Cesaro over as his manager and delivering the promos.

“I know how they can resolve that mic issue. Dial 9-1-1-Naitch!” (Transcript courtesy of

I am a big Cesaro fan, always have been going back to when I called his matches in Combat Zone Wrestling. The guy is one of the most polished wrestlers in the business today, yet continues to evade opportunities that aren’t being presented by the creative team. Vince McMahon has been rumored to have cold feet about Cesaro, which many just don’t understand.

[adinserter block=”2″]I don’t think Vince cares one way or the other what Austin and Flair think, but I think he should. Here are two guys that drew a lot of money in their careers, in two completely different eras of the business. They have seen them all come and go and have no horse in the race when it comes to Cesaro, Yet, they are confident that Cesaro could be a top guy if given the opportunity.

As Austin said on his podcast, Cesaro’s tournament match against Reigns will be extremely interesting, from a booking standpoint. Cesaro has garnered some momentum recently and booking him against Reigns is really an odd move if you really think about it. The big question is the goal of the booking. Why was the match made and what is management looking to get out of it?

Regardless, I think when you have two guys who have seen as much talent come and go in the business as Austin and Flair speak up for someone, you have to stop and listen. Whether Vince and creative finally give Cesaro the ball he deserves is anyone’s guess. Unfortunately, I just don’t see it coming.

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