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Two Big WWE WrestleMania 28 Matches Added

Chris Jericho vs. CM PunkThe top of the WWE WrestleMania 28 card is finally all set. This past Monday’s WWE RAW saw the confirmation of two of the biggest matches on the Miami extravaganza including a WWE championship and a new twist on an expected rematch.

The Triple H vs. The Undertaker match was made official on the February 20 RAW. After refusing to wrestle The Undertaker in a rematch of last year’s WrestleMania 27 classic, Triple H finally acquiesced to The Undertaker, but under one condition. The two future WWE Hall of Fame wrestlers will rematch in a Hell in a Cell at this year’s big event.

[ad 6]The Undertaker came out on RAW demanding the match from Triple H. Hunter appeared but refused to take the match. Undertaker called Triple H a coward and made a remark about Shawn Michaels being better than him. For whatever reason this sent Triple H over the edge and he finally accepted the match. After accepting the match, Hunter added the stipulation which was met by a big reaction from the live RAW crowd.

I was a little surprised that they didn’t throw a retirement stipulation in here. I was expecting Triple H or The Undertaker to bring it up on Monday, but nothing was said. There are still plenty of rumors about Shawn Michaels being involved in the match, but the referee gimmick seems to be out with the new stipulation.

I won’t get too much into previewing the match right now, but this is a risky proposition in my opinion. While I see a lot of people are excited about the stipulation, I think it weakens the match. A Hell in a Cell can be a slow, plodding match. This kind of a match can bring WrestleMania to a screeching halt and really take the crowd out of it. I hope they mix up some brawling outside of the cage otherwise this one has potential to be a real stinker.

The expected CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho WWE championship match is finally ready to go. After two failed attempts to secure himself a championship match in the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber 2012 PPV, Chris Jericho won himself a title shot in what I would call a Losers Battle Royal on RAW. Jericho eliminated his old tag team partner The Big Show to win the 10-man Battle Royal and the title shot.

Most pundits predicted that Jericho would go into WrestleMania as the champion with Punk challenging and regaining the title. So this is a bit of a surprise to me. Otherwise, these guys have been working their angle going back to a promo that Chris Jericho cut on CM Punk on Twitter last summer. So the match was always expected. Jericho finally getting the shot after two previous attempts seems a little underwhelming to me.

[adinserter block=”1″]With The Rock vs. John Cena and Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus for the WWE world championship, you now have the four big matches on the show all confirmed with over a month to go. I would expect the full card to be in place within the next two weeks.

Confirmed WWE WrestleMania 28 matches…
The Rock vs. John Cena
Triple H vs. The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell
CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho for the WWE championship
Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus for the WWE world championship

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