Enchanting Eclipse – The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Review


The Twilight Saga: EclipseThe movie theater is quiet during the fight scenes; gasping only when a beloved character is in trouble. I can see two girls a row or so ahead of me cringe when the werewolf is injured and the older woman next to me hisses “oh no” in concern.

This, then, is the audience setting for Twilight: Eclipse, based off of Stephanie Meyer’s hit series.

Out of the three Twilight movies, Eclipse is the best one so far, but that is not saying much. Kristen Stewart has the acting range of a teaspoon; her monotone, lack of emotional depth, and the badly written character made the audience quite literally laugh out loud at parts that were clearly meant to be dramatic. Her constant twitching, blinking, and general awkwardness took me out of the movie’s reality; I wasn’t watching the bookish, sweet, and rather feminine Bella Swan, I was watching Kristen Stewart being Kristen Stewart. I’m not sure what Catherine Hardwicke and the casting directors at Summit were thinking when they cast her; I’m not entirely sure they were even thinking at all. In short, this girl is atrocious and is not the right fit for the character of Isabella Swan.

Robert Pattinson has a glimmer of acting chops, but his female lead’s lack of any discernible talent seems to suck the life out of him. I don’t know whether the meteoric rise of the series and dealing with some rather rabid fans has made him regret signing up, but his dislike for his new found position seeps through the character and to the audience as well.

[adinserter block=”1″]However, he and the young Taylor Lautner were excellent antagonists for one another; I had no problem believing that they were in competition, even if the girl they were both snarling over was not worth the time and effort. Robert shines when an actor with some talent is placed in the same scene; otherwise he flounders.

Speaking of Taylor Lautner, with some more acting classes and getting away from that monotone voice that Miss Stewart also insists on using, he could wind up being a decent actor. Out of the three main characters, he’s the one with the most raw acting chops. He knows how to accurately emote and react to the other actors beside him; something his counterparts don’t seemed to have learned yet. The character of Jacob is so lovable it makes the audience question why he’d waste his time over such a cardboard cutout like Bella Swan.

The peripheral characters, such as Rosalie, Jasper, and Leah, are far more interesting and while their background story montages were well-done, it would have been nice to flesh out the more fascinating characters and see how and why they ended up the way there were.

If the plot line was rather dull and lack-luster, the special effects helped make up for that. The battle sequences were very well-done and Slade gave a nice touch with making the vampires crumble up like broken statues.

[adinserter block=”2″]The Quileute wolf pack’s canine forms were also very well done. The animation was superb; there were times when I forgot those wolves weren’t real. Their eyes were very expressive and their movements and gestures were clearly based off of wolves in the wild.

All in all, if you are a huge fan of the book series, you’ll enjoy the movie. If you’re just a casual fan or really don’t understand the whole teen fascination with vampires that sparkle, skip it. It’s going to be a major snooze fest for you, and trust me; you’re really not missing anything that exciting. Save the money and the time for a better movie.

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  1. I agree: Patterson is a convincing Edward Cullen, but the Stewart's Bella is a letdown. That said, it's not terrible cinema. Just enjoy it for what it is…


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