TV’s Three Most Intriguing Spring Finales


Like with most people, it can take a little bit to clear out my DVD playlist, but now that I have (as much as I possibly can at this moment), I can sensibly discuss a few of them. I have chosen the three most intriguing finales from the spring season based on what they mean for the next season. (As always, if you haven’t seen these episodes yet, don’t read below.)

How I Met Your Mother

CBS Airdate: May 13, 2013

[adinserter block=”1″]What are they doing with this storyline? The season finale revealed “the mother” for the first time ever, but my faith in the direction of next season (the ninth and final season) is seriously shaken. Something must be wrong with me because I am not the least bit excited that we now know what she looks like. I mean… who cares? I’m more interested in what I think everyone is more interested in: the Ted, Robin, and Barney triad.

In the last two episodes we saw a very touching scene where Ted missed an interview just to help Robin in her time of need (without him really knowing what she needed). They had an impromptu discussion on fate and “what the universe was trying to tell them,” that made me feel they were meant to be together and were going to end up together. I am a fan that would love nothing more than for this to happen, so it hurts me when the producers keep toying with that possibility, only to tell anyone who will listen that there’s no chance of that happening.

I am not into soap operas, so I don’t want to watch an entire season of soul mate discovery through a series of comedy blunders and gaffs. I simply can’t hide my cynicism for how this whole thing will end. I like being surprised and not knowing the ending, and there’s no getting around how this series concludes: Ted meets his future wife at the train station and it’s not Robin. It’s too bad because they would have made a great couple.

The Following

FOX Airdate: April 29, 2013

This show had cancellation written all over it but confirms it has indeed been renewed for season two. What a concept: A crazy man leading a cult and the former (maybe semi-current) FBI agent who’s too close to the situation to effectively do his job. The actions of the characters have made no sense to me all season, and the overall plot is just as nonsensical. The season one finale held firm to the show’s overall delusional storyline.

In regards to said finale, I can’t believe Agent Parker died. They set up a terrific rescue scenario only to have her die anyway? We were supposed to find out why she seemed to be chummy with Joe at the beginning of the season (she gave Joe a book or something when he was behind bars). Also, to anyone who believes Joe is actually dead: I have some land I would like to sell you. The “explosion where the bad guy is supposed to be dead” routine has be done to death.

Finally… how predictable was that final scene? Why wasn’t Ryan prepared for the worse? Every knock at a door, every smile from a stranger, and every “strange” encounter should have him on edge. Joe has seemingly hundreds of crazy people hiding in plain sight, ready to kill and maim at a moment’s notice. I’m sure both Ryan and Claire will survive this attack. The overall plot needs to gets better in order for this show to survive after next season.


FX Airdate: April 2, 2013

This season started with a man falling out of the sky, and ended with Raylan Givens setting aside his moral code in favor of unabashed revenge. It was so good I am now recognizing this show as the best on television. Mad Men and Game of Thrones enthusiast might disagree, but the storytelling and brilliant character portrayals of season four alone is enough to lay claim to the number one spot. The continuous comparable storylines of Raylan and Boyd remind me a little bit of the movie “Unbreakable” with Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson.

The mid-season reveal of Shelby being the infamous Drew Thompson was the high-mark of the fantastic season, but the finale revealed different parts of the main characters that will set up a surely fantastic season five. Few things about the finale… Colt’s death was absolutely epic. Constable Bob was fantastic all season. Theo Tonin continues to make all sorts of trouble in Harlan County even though he’s seemingly never set foot in it. All of this was great stuff.

[adinserter block=”2″]Also, the Ava situation will most certainly have to be dealt with by Boyd and maybe even Raylan, too. She’s in the tough spot of being in jail for something that she did do, but conspired with (to some extent) the very people who put her there. It’s not like she hasn’t committed other crimes (murder), but it will be interesting to see what Boyd comes up with to free her from this situation. Speaking of Ava’s situation, what will they do with Ellen May? Have we heard the last of Shelby? How will Raylan be as a father? With so many questions needing to be answered, I will be eagerly waiting for season five of the best show on television.

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