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TNA Wrestling Turning Point Review

TNA Turning Point 2009Ever since the very first Turning Point event, back in 2004, TNA has used this Pay Per View, to really swing for the fences, and deliver on a major level. Remember at Turning Point 2004, when Elix Skipper walked across the top of the 6 Sides of Steel and hit a super hurricanrana? If that has any implication on how historic Turning Point Pay Per Views have been in the past, than this event should have been no less historic. Did it live up to the hype? Let’s get started with the review, and you’ll find out! Also, this is the first Pay Per View after Dixie Carter’s “It’s time to shake things up” speech, and the big Hulk Hogan announcement.

The Amazing Red (C) vs. Homicide for the X Division Championship

All I can say here, is what a great way to kick off a TNA Per Per View! These two were given plenty of time, and really put on a tremendous wrestling match, with plenty of false finishes, and fast paced action throughout. This is what the X Division is all about, and what TNA needs to capitalize on in order to separate themselves from the WWE. Red retained the title, in about 15 minutes with Code Red from the middle rope. Again, great way to open up the show! (***1/2)

The Beautiful People vs. ODB (C), Taylor Wilde (C), and Sarita (C) with all titles on the line

Besides the overbooking aspect of this match, with all titles being on the line, this was a solid match, which did a fine enough job of showcasing the diversity of the TNA Knockouts. At one point during the match, there was a huge “You can’t wrestle” chant, directed at Lacey Von Erich. LOL! Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky seem to be improving, so hopefully some of that rubs off onto Lacey. ODB and the tag champs looked good as always. Again, a decent 5 minute outing. (**)

The British Invasion (C) vs. Beer Money vs. The Motor City Machine Guns for the TNA Tag Team Championships

As I had expected, with the talent involved, this match was very good, with tons of great action throughout the entire duration. The crowd was all for the Guns. Also, it seemed that Beer Money is loosing popularity with the fans, so in my opinion, they should either turn heel soon, or begin their singles careers. I could defiantly see both men as future TNA World Champions, especially Robert Rude. After about 15 minutes, Kevin Nash comes out, and ends up hitting James Storm in the skull with Eric Young’s Global Championship, and consequently, costs Beer Money the victory, when The Brits get the win with their patented electric chair/European uppercut combo. Is Nash in the World Elite now? If so, this makes no sense at all, considering the fact that Nash is from Detroit, although I’d get a kick out of seeing him in one of those gay World Elite sweatsuits! After the match, Nash says that he did that, to make Hogan proud. If TNA tries to bring Hogan in, and involve him in a story line with other old veterans, I’ll crap myself. Please TNA, don’t do it! Although the after effects of this match, still need to be further explained on IMPACT, this was a very good match. (***1/2)

Awesome Kong vs. Tara in the 6 Sides of Steel

WOW! I can’t believe this was a match between two females. The WWE Divas have got nothing on the Knockouts, especially Kong and Tara. This was a very good cage match, for anyone, even if it was between two males. Kong and Tara really proved that they can go, and even compete with the guys. This bout went around 10 minutes, with tons of great action, and use of the cage. Tara eventually got the pin, with a body press from the top of the cage! Sick bump! I’m really glad Tara went over here, and I hope to see more from these two in the future. (***3/4)

Team 3D and Rhino vs. Hernandez, “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero, and Matt Morgan

Next up, we got the Main Event Mafia vs. The Frontline…I mean, 3D and Rhino vs. Hernandez, Pope, and Morgan. If this is, a smaller version of the MEM/Frontline feud, TNA better do it right, and use the older guys, to put over the younger guys, as the future of the company. As far as the match itself goes, it was a pretty good bout, with a lot of impressive spots, mainly from The Pope, who put on a great performance. We also got to see Hernandez do his flying dive over the top, to the outside. No matter how many times I watch that same spot, it very ceases to amaze me! After about 15 minutes, Team 3D and Rhino cheat to get the win, with an illegal chair shot, followed by a gore. I have no problem with the older guys getting the win here, as long as the younger guys end up winning this feud, which will most likely continue. Again, pretty good match. (***1/4)

Bobby Lashley vs. Scott Steiner in a No DQ/Falls Count Anywhere match

As I had stated in my preview, these two aren’t the best wrestlers in the world, but with their current story line with one another, this match should have told a great story. I’m glad they turned this into a match with no rules, which obviously made things more interesting, with both men’s brawling styles. Throughout the course of the match, both men exchanged several chair shots, and Steiner also received a suplex through a table, in the backstage area. After about 10 minutes if decent action, Steiner got the win, after cracking Lashley over the head with a led pipe. Again, this was decent, but could have told a better story, had Crystal Lashley been directly involved. Hopefully, this feud will continue. (**3/4)

Kurt Angle vs. Desmond Wolfe

Kurt Angle vs. Desmond Wolfe, two of the greatest wrestlers in the entire United States, put on one hell of a wrestling match, or a wrestling clinic rather, and tore the roof off of the IMPACT ZONE! This match, was a great Puro match, something that TNA doesn’t do very often. It was almost a ROH style match up, which the fans greatly appreciated, chanting “This is Awesome ” more times than I can count! At one point in the match, Kurt Angle hit 6 consecutive belly to back suplexes! There were also tons of false finishes. Kurt Angle won the match, in about 20 minutes, with a side triangle choke. TNA took a risk, by giving the fans some great pure wrestling, and scored a grand slam! This will defiantly be a match of the year candidate. (****)

AJ Styles (C) vs. Samoa Joe vs. Daniels for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

5 years ago, these three revolutionized TNA Wrestling, when they had one of the greatest TNA matches of all time, at unbreakable 2004. This past Sunday, at Turning Point, they had their first rematch from that historical night, and they sure as hell didn’t disappoint! This match was absolutely awe inspiring, and was just as good, if not better, than their first match, 5 years ago. This was a 25 plus minute classic! During the match, there was a huge “Screw Hulk Hogan” chant, which I can understand, but Hulk Hogan in TNA could very well be a very good thing, if done properly. Hogan needs to be brought in, to get more viewers and exposure for TNA, but TNA needs to do the hard work, by putting on top of the line wrestling matches, like this main event, in order to actually gain new fans, who will keep watching. TNA needs to get to the point, where new viewers are not just Hulk Hogan fans, but new, true TNA fans! Going back to the match, all three men left it all in the ring, and put on one hell of an innovative contest, with AJ retaining with a 450 splash on Daniels. I hope to see more of AJ/Daniels in the future. (****1/2)

Just 2 mere weeks ago, TNA President, Dixie Carter, held a meeting, telling all the TNA wrestlers that it was time for a change, and time to swing for the fences. If this event had any implication as to what she meant, then I’m happy to say that I’m a TNA fan. Top to bottom, this was a great Pay Per View, and the best TNA show I’ve seen in years, event better than Bound For Glory, last month. Unbelievably, this show had 2 matches that I gave over 4 stars, and all the other matches on the card, were solid as well. I would give this show a 9/10. THIS IS A MUST SEE SHOW! TNA, has finally seemed to have found their niche, and as far as TNA is going to be perceived in the future, this was a major turning point! (9/10)

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