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Tuca & Bertie Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Latest News

Netflix’s famous sitcom Tuca and Bertie which is also an adult cartoon is renewed for a new season. The show already had prior two seasons released since its launch in 2019 and this will be the third season for the show. Since its commencement, the show has gained massive popularity among fans and viewers. Recently, the release date for the third season of the show has surfaced widely.

It has been revealed that the third season will air on July 10th, 2022, at midnight. Additionally, HBO users will be able to access it the very next day after streaming. The third season was in talks for a long.

The creators and makers including Lisa Hanawalt were keen on releasing the show and making its announcement. Finally, the announcement has been made and the upcoming season will be released on the above-mentioned date.

Official Team’s Say on Season 3

Hanawalt discussed how the bargain to keep Tuca and Bertie alive came to be with The Los Angeles Times. Adult Swim appears to have made the show a top priority.

“I was really kind of in limbo,” Hanawalt explained, “not knowing if the program could be saved or not.” “At times, I was a bit pessimistic. I had a lot of ideas for Season 2 that I was really thrilled about, and I couldn’t decide whether to keep them in case we got another opportunity at it, or use them in something else.”

Tuca and Bertie Season 3 Plot Speculation

There is no official synopsis for Tuca and Bertie season 3, however, we can surmise based on season 2’s ending. Tuca and Bertie grew in season 2’s finale, “The Flood.” In the episode, Tuca’s suppressed feelings that she’s been collecting in cups for years come out, and Bertie must help her through all of her unhappy ghosts, while a flood wreaks havoc on Bird Town. First therapy session, huh?

Additionally, the most anticipated part is Bertie returning for therapy which can likely happen in the upcoming season. The twist about the same is that Bertie won’t be alone for therapy this time. This is because we saw the therapist having a conversation with a couple. Therefore, it is also someone else with Bertie that will return for therapy.

Tuca and Bertie Season 3 Cast

Tuca and Bertie, the primary cast, will return to our little screens, which will please fans. Tiffany Haddish will reprise her role as Tuca, the impulsive toco toucan, and Ali Wong will reprise her role as Bertie, Tuca’s worried song thrush closest friend. Speckle, Bertie’s architect boyfriend, will be played by Steven Yeun in Season 3.

In addition to the core cast returning, it is expected that other recurrent characters will return in the forthcoming season. Dr. Joanne, Bertie’s therapist, will be played by Pamela Adlon, while Holland, Bertie’s employer at Conde Nest, will be played by Richard E. Grant. Having said that, nothing has been confirmed in terms of casting, so don’t get your hopes up just yet.



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