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Trisha Paytas Expecting a Baby With Moses Hacmon

Trisha Paytas is pregnant with Moses Hacmon’s kid. He is a professional architect. Trisha, a popular YouTuber, shared the good news on her private Instagram handle. Trisha was thrust into the limelight because of her many controversies and feuds with other influencers.

Trisha has a sizable fan base spread over several social networking sites. Over 1 million people follow her on YouTube. The duo has published a total of 11 books, subsequently entered the music business, and produced nine albums up until now.

Who is Trisha expecting a baby with?

Moses married Trisha Paytas, a well-known social media star, in 2021. And now, the duo is anticipating their first baby together. As a non-binary individual, Trisha utilizes pronouns such as them/they.

After a clip of Trisha and her husband leaked on the internet captioned ‘I’m no longer a person,’ they were thrust into the public eye. With a sack over their shoulders, Trisha and Moses walked about in their undies in the video.

The video captioned ‘Because I no longer have an identity, I don’t want to be made fun of or compared to my videos because they are no longer me. I am stepping back from a persona, from a person that is Trish.’

Moses’ academic pursuits included filmmaking and visual art at the Avni Institute of Art and Design as well as at Israel’s Technion. In 2006, he graduated from the Southern California Institute of Architecture with an AIA honors degree in architecture.

Harmon’s first project, Faces of Water, was out in 2013. This is the first time he has used his new method to capture the water’s unseen shapes. Wired’s Kyle VanHemert wrote-

“Hacmon worked out a technique involving a special type of film with a layer of liquid that records the movement of the water itself. The film leaves Hacmon with a full-size negative, which he then develops into pictures like the ones here–an analog process from start to finish.”

Check out their baby announcement below

The couple shared a screenshot of the ultrasound on social media. It said, “Love at first [heart] beat. #HappyValentinesDay.” The couple also shared a video of their first encounter with their unborn child’s heartbeat, which they heard during a visit to the doctor.

On the other side, Trisha uploaded a photo of herself holding three separate pregnancy kits, each of which showed a positive pregnancy test result. The newlyweds appear to be ecstatic about this new chapter in their lives.

Celebrity reactions to their baby news

When the pair announced that they were expecting, several high-profile celebrities wished them well. Many celebs sent their good wishes and, soon the floodgates opened.

YouTuber Anna Saccone, as well as Nickelodeon star Zach Sang, congratulated her by saying ‘Mazel tov!’ Congratulations!’. Niki DeMar with her sister Gabi DeMartino, a YouTuber and musician, also popped over to send their warm wishes to the parents-to-be.

Trisha’s friend and artist Lisa Schwartz, a fellow YouTuber, also sent a heart-filled remark. Esther Povitsky, a stand-up comedian, likewise expressed her enthusiasm with several exclamation points.



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