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Has The Triple H Vs. CM Punk WrestleMania 28 Angle Started?

CM Punk vs. Triple HTriple H returned on RAW to “fire” Vince McMahon, just a day after CM Punk left the company with the WWE championship. Was the timing of Hunter’s reemergence an odd coincidence or is this the start of the CM Punk vs. Triple H WrestleMania 28 angle?

The WWE continues to be on a roll producing some of its most compelling weekly television in years. The conclusion of Monday’s RAW was no exception. Everyone had an opinion of how RAW would go down 24 hours after the WWE lost its world champion. Nobody predicted the show would end with Triple H in charge of the entire operation.

It all clicked instantly as I watched Triple H attempt to play the most sympathetic babyface character of his career on RAW. Donned in a tailored suit that would make Ric Flair drool, Hunter came across as somewhat of a savior to WWE fans who have watched Vince McMahon tarnish the company more in the last three weeks than he has in decades (I am talking storylines here). The odd appearance of Trips in a suit with tears in his eyes the day after Punk’s departure was not just mere coincidence. It was the start of the next final chapter in this Punk saga.

[adinserter block=”2″]Let’s break this down for a second. There is no way that CM Punk walked out of the WWE with the title and no contract on Sunday. He’ll be back. Most speculate that Punk will take a lengthy break and return either at the end of this year or the beginning of the next. Then what? He comes back as world champion and feuds with the current champion? He can’t play off of Vince McMahon if he is gone. A WrestleMania rematch is off the table with John Cena (which would make the most sense). Steve Austin is just a fantasy. What do you do to capitalize on his appeal on the biggest event of the year? Austin vs. McMahon 2, version CM Punk vs. Triple H makes all of the sense in the world.

Triple H will probably spend the next few months as a pure babyface WWE CEO. Slowly as the year ends, a little bit of Vince McMahon will come out of him. Once Punk comes back, Triple H is done playing nice guy, and the war begins. “If you want to get the job done, you have to do it yourself.” Triple H then challenges CM Punk at WrestleMania 28 for the championship and you have a match as a co-main event at WrestleMania that you never thought you would see.

Before you start to hate on Triple H for “politicking” himself into this match, think about it objectively. Hunter said last year before WrestleMania 27 that nothing else mattered other than beating The Undertaker. Now he comes back with a vengeance after CM Punk and tells the fans that he was wrong, fighting for the honor of his company and his family matters more. Now beating CM Punk is more important than beating The Undertaker. It doesn’t get much better than that for someone like Punk.

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As for the match, you can say what you will about Triple H but he rarely puts on a clunker at WrestleMania. Yes, WrestleMania 27 was his greatest, but it has been years if ever, since he put on a WrestleMania stinker. Don’t kid yourself. This would be a hell of a match. It would be different than Punk vs. Cena for sure, but it could work. It could really work!

[adinserter block=”1″]Who hates Triple H more than the same Internet crowd of young 20 something pro wrestling fans or late teens that cheer for CM Punk? Who better to represent the cause of every young wrestler who was buried allegedly at the hands of Triple H than CM Punk? Who better to stand up to authority than anyone with the last name Punk? Once you put your hate for Triple H aside, only a blinded hater couldn’t see the money in this one.

What about The Undertaker? Well, does there really have to be a rematch? Does it have to be at WrestleMania? They can always wrestle at SummerSlam 2012. Plus, this would be number 20 for The Undertaker. Why put him in there with Triple H and give Hunter the win, when you can either give someone else the rub of ending the streak that needs it, or just keep it intact altogether. I am sorry but I don’t think it is the end of the world if the WWE passes on a WrestleMania 27 rematch here.

I don’t know if this will happen but it makes all of the sense in the world. Plans obviously change in the WWE on a daily basis but this entire CM Punk angle seems to be a story that the WWE has committed to going into next year. I couldn’t think of a better way to pay it off than Punk beating Triple H in a WrestleMania classic.

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  1. I do think Triple H vs. CM Punk is a good amch but anyone else see the Money in the Y2J coming to save the WWE from CM Punk? And by the way the rub off of defeating Undertaker isn't a simple rub. No almost every fan believesthat it should not and if a heel beat him like Wade Barrett the next night on Raw he would be booed out of the building. And a face would probably end up getting terrible heat… WWE would really need to think about who to give that honour to… or if not give him one last match against a main eventers. Undertaker vs. The Miz would be an interesting turn of events adn Miz has the wrestling style that might just NOT injure Taker this WrestleMania… But then again i would prefer a Miz/Triple H match. Imagine that Mania? Punk/Jericho Taker/Barrett and Triple H/Miz alongside Rock/Cena? It would mae up for the WrestleMania we didn't get this year…

  2. I took your advice and thought aboot this for a moment……

    I hate the idea even more

    Can't the Rock get Trips a role in his next Hollywood blockbuster so they both leave and never come back?

  3. Continuing the line of thought w/ this article…CM Punk comes back as the legitimate champion to face HHH at Wrestlemania 2012. In the meantime, Cena will probably be the interim champion going into his match with The Rock at Wrestlemania. Both Cena and Punk will drop their titles to the legends of the Attitude Era, lining up a match between The Rock and HHH to determine the "true champion".

  4. A) You have a point. That match did suck but I think there were a lot of variables at play there. B) You would think that but I have gotten a lot of feedback from Hunter haters that are appalled at even the idea lol.

  5. Alright A) The WM25 match against Orton is one of the worst Wrestlemania matches OF ALL TIME, not just in Hunter's career. B) Hunter isn't really hated by the IWC at this stage in his career. In the early-to-mid 2000's yeah, but people tend to like him now.


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