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Triple H Should End The Undertaker’s Streak At WWE WrestleMania 28

Triple H vs. The Undertaker WrestleMania 27One of the most polarizing topics going into WrestleMania 27 last year was whether or not Triple H should end The Undertaker’s streak. The vast majority of WWE fans gave a resounding no, yet I wonder in 2012 if that is truly the right answer.

The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak is truly a once in a lifetime pro wrestling angle. Streaks just don’t happen anymore in professional wrestling. I think they should, but unfortunately booking is so short-sighted that it would be near impossible to book a streak of 19 straight WrestleMania wins in an era where hot-shotting angles is the norm.

[ad 6]In addition to the booking, just the idea that a WWE superstar could play a prominent role in 19 straight WrestleMania shows is probably even more unlikely. Times are different and a long term investment in booking during today’s WWE creative era is anything over four weeks. So taking a guy tomorrow, starting him from scratch, and expecting him to go over in mid-upper card matches on WrestleMania is quite honestly a pipe dream.

This is why The Undertaker’s streak is so special. Is The Undertaker the biggest star that has ever wrestled on a WrestleMania? Not when you have The Rock, Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, and even Ric Flair appearing on multiple events. Yet he is the only guy that somehow managed to avoid losing and stick around for 20 consistent years. A lot of luck and perfect timing made this happen, two factors that rarely work well together.

And hence here we are a year later, a few weeks out from WrestleMania, asking the annual question, “Should the streak end?” I say yes and Triple H is the perfect man to do it in 2012. Triple H has put his time in and has proven to be one of the most loyal McMahon soldiers in company history. Yes I know he married the bosses daughter, but Hunter stuck with the company long before his courtship with Vince McMahon’s little girl. If there is one thing that the WWE could count on, like The Undertaker, Triple H was always there.

Ending the streak at 19 is not disrespectful to The Undertaker. He had 19 wins in a row! What it does is open up the doors for a future angle with a new hot star. A hot commodity can rattle off a couple of wins and claim to do what The Undertaker has never done, reach #20. The possibility of someone seeing that through is slim. But why close the door on an angle that can come in handy at some point in the future?

I have heard the argument that a younger star should end the streak, someone who the WWE can build around, and someone who will stick around for the long haul as opposed to a guy on the way out. When is the last time the WWE elevated someone to the elite level and stuck with it? If you are going to sit around waiting for that guy to come up, you will be waiting long past The Undertaker’s retirement. He isn’t there and there isn’t anyone currently on the rise worthy of that spot.

[adinserter block=”1″]Triple H can cement his status as a true WWE legend by ending the streak. Hunter is one of the biggest stars in WWE history, but he is not regarded as a legend the way wrestling fans refer to Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Ric Flair, The Rock, etc. He needs this win and in my opinion, he deserves it.

Finally, the WWE needs a legend they can count on as an ambassador, promoter, and leader. As a member of the McMahon family, Triple H is that guy. If the argument is that the person who ends the streak needs to be someone that the WWE is elevating in and investing into his future, well then Triple H is the man for that job.

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  1. Eric, I gotta disagree with gusto on this one. The Undertaker is one of the last flickers of "the olden days" for fans. HHH has been around a long time now, granted, but not as long as Taker. 19-1? For the dead man? For the guy who would take somebody's finisher and then sit straight up? No way. He should be the only guy who finishes with a spotless record.

    HHH isn't just the "son-in-law"; he's also a member of the clique. For a group that is notorious for burying guys and putting themselves above everyone else for the sake of self-promotion, The Undertaker should absolutely be above all of that. If anyone is untouchable, it's him. I couldn't believe they showed the restraint of letting Taker best HBK two years in a row, let alone following that up with him taking down The Game. To end that with HHH ending the streak would just confirm every bad thought I've ever had of this company. It would mean HHH saw all of this from the start, and used his friend (HBK) to set up his grand triumph of finally snapping the streak. Not only would he be spitting in 'Taker's face, but Micheal's as well.

    You said it yourself; nobody gets a streak anymore. Cody Rhodes has been the Intercontinental Champ for a bit an we're all like "wow, old school!" Undertaker should ride off into the sunset with an unblemished record. He's earned it. Or should I say "urned" it. Haha.

    No, but really what should've happened is Taker vs. HHH in a casket match. An epic battle ensues with Taker choke slamming The Game into the casket at the end, climbing in, doing that eyes rolling into the back of the head, tongue out move, and slamming the casket shut on top of them both. Paul Bearer slowly walks down to the casket, opens it, and reveals that they're both gone. All that remains in the casket is the urn. Paul Bearer picks it up and walks the f*ck out of the arena without so much as looking the fans in the face. Neither 'Taker or HHH are ever seen on WWE programming again.

    The streak neither ends, nor continues. And in one epic moment, two legends are retired.

  2. Eric, I see your points, and you do make some great ones. However, my opinion, the backlash of "The Son In Law" ending the last thing that truly matters to wrestling fans in terms of legacy and statistics, would damage WWE more than help. Honestly, my only issue is, what are they going to do in 2013? They literally need to build someone now for that match, stick with him no matter what, and let it play out.

    • I see your point as well. I'm sure it won't go over well with some people but the "son in law" is the only legend they can count on to stick around and promote the company, work as an ambassador, etc. Imagine how silly they would look now if they wound up going through with the Ted DiBiase Jr plan a couple of years back lol.

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