Triple H, Shawn Michaels And One Last WWE Dance


Shawn Michaels wants to be Peter Pan. Triple H and Stephanie want to be the Trumps. Somewhere in the back of the WWE corporate offices of in an arena on Monday night, Vince McMahon is waiting to make his grand entrance and save the WWE from an ill-fated formula that has sunk ratings and has us begging for the return of John Cena.

[adinserter block=”1″]Right now, the state of the WWE may be colder than a stiff wind off the river in Chicago.

The final segment on Minday night got me thinking, so much so it started burning a fire in me that made for many thoughts – all centering around Triple H, HBK, WrestleMania XXX and to coin a phrase from Christian, “One Last Match.”

Forget the crap about it having to be Undertaker, because that ship has left dock and sailed away. While Daniel Bryan eluded to it in his promo the other night, he will not be the final straw in the COO of the WWE’s drink. If it is anyone who should end the career of Triple H, it is going to be his best friend and at the same time, his worst nightmare, The Heartbreak Kid.

Ooooh, What a Rush!

It is becoming clearer to me that this “corporate” angle of the company is more about Triple H’s one last run than a seat at the table for Daniel Bryan or the ascention of Randy Orton as the greatest heel of all time or even the need for Big Show to get one last run in (which has really stolen the show the last two months).

It is about the man who runs the company finally settling into a role outside the ring and giving up his in-ring persona.

Sometimes, as other wrestlers (Ric Flair, Mick Foley, Hulk Hogan) will attest, it is hard to become something new when you have been something so great for so long.

For years, I have teased the idea of a D-X match with the two founders facing off against each other. I thought the battles between Undertaker and HHH with Shawn Michaels in the middle of the drama would reach that kind of height. When Undertaker told HHH that Shawn was better than him, I thought the remarks would lead to the feud to end all feuds.

I was hoping for a Harley Race/Ric Flair like battle or Ric Flair/Arn Anderson face off. I got nothing and haven’t been satisfied yet.

This is the golden nugget we all would love to see and could savor it in the context it is being done, maybe saving the angle being shoved down our throats right now.

For the love of wrestling and everything that is pure about this idea, please make this happen.

Shawn Michaels continues to be the “go to guy” for this company when it comes to a need for a ratings boost. John Cena may be great for day to day television and boosting WWE marketing ideas and Make-A-Wish dreams come true, but Michaels is the one guy (and the Undertaker) in the company no one boos. No one yells at them. Everyone listens. He may also be the reason Vince McMahon hasn’t been on television yet to save all of us.

I suspect that Randy Orton wins on Sunday at Hell in a Cell. I suspect that Triple H will try and get involved. I also suspect he thinks his best friend will do what is “Best for Business.”

Michaels probably will, but his buddy won’t like the ending. This sets up nicely for Survivor Series. Not that I see HBK as a “Corporate Guy,” but rather the voice of reason for the wrestling world.

[adinserter block=”2″]Finally, something we all need. Because while everyone thinks they know what is best for business, no one has really asked the Universe their thoughts on what is best for their viewing pleasure.

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