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Triple H Rumored to Have Issues with Alberto Del Rio

To say that things haven’t gone exactly as planned for Alberto Del Rio since returning to the WWE would be an understatement. According to one juicy rumor, there is a reason for that and his name is Triple H.

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When Alberto Del Rio returned to the WWE in October at Hell in a Cell, big things were rumored for the former WWE world heavyweight champion. Del Rio reportedly signed a highly lucrative guaranteed contract to return to the company, which was rumored to come with a major push. That all lasted for about 24 hours before the writing as on the wall.

Del Rio returned in a big way, beating John Cena for the U.S. title in under 10 minutes clean at Hell in a Cell. That should have launched Del Rio right to the top of the cards in the company. However, Del Rio was packaged with Zeb Coulter and anyone could see it wasn’t a real good fit. Cena got hurt shortly after their match so their big program was off and Del Rio went from a big feud with Cena to feuding with guys like Jack Swagger and Kalisto.

To this day those that watched Del Rio flourish in AAA and Lucha Underground in between his WWE stints are stunned at the WWE’s inability to get the most out of Del Rio. Anyone who watched Del Rio during that time could see how effective Del Rio was as a babyface and how great his interviews were. Yet the WWE continues to book him as a mid-card heel, rarely giving Del Rio mic time. It’s puzzling to say the least…until now.

There is a new rumor floating around the Internet that the person responsible for holding Del Rio back is none other than the COO, Triple H. According to this latest gossip, Triple H thinks Del Rio is something of a prima donna when given a main-event push. The rumor indicates that Del Rio has “rubbed Triple H the wrong way” and that Hunter “doesn’t trust Del Rio.”

Quite honestly it all sounds like a convenient explanation for bad booking but maybe there is some merit to this? Del Rio left the company back in 2014 after an incident in which he slapped a WWE employee who made a racist joke at Del Rio’s expense. Before Del Rio and the WWE came to an agreement to keep quiet, Del Rio did a couple of interviews blasting the company. One target in particular was Triple H who he accused of racism.

In an interview Del Rio did with Fighting Spirit Magazine he said, “The person calling me was one of the most important people in the company, and I said, ‘We always hear these racist jokes from you, and because you’re one of the most important people in the company in this company, your other employees hear you making these stupid comments, and they think they can do it.'” Dave Meltzer later reported that the person who made that call was Triple H.

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“The guy who made the call was Levesque,” Meltzer stated on the message board in response to a question asking which WWE executive made the phone call to Del Rio. Del Rio’s former ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez also made similar accusations about Triple H after leaving the company.

Whether this is truly just some made up Internet gossip or there is some validity to it, one thing is 100% certain. The booking of Alberto has been atrocious since he returned. For the writer’s sakes I hope it is a case of Triple H wielding his power because the only other explanation at this point would be pure incompetence.

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