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Triple H: King of Kings – There is Only One – WWE DVD Review

Triple H King of KingsThe one constant over the last decade for WWE fans is Triple H. Unlike Steve Austin, the Rock, and others who have come and gone, Triple H is still headlining WWE shows. In all of the years of watching him, I can’t remember Triple H taking many nights off in the ring. It is hard to disagree with him when Triple H claims to be the biggest star in this business today.

Triple H: King of Kings is the third DVD spotlighting The Game from WWE Home Video. The video is laid out a lot like Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan’s WWE DVD Home Videos. Several of Triple H’s most memorable WWE and even some WCW matches are spotlighted on the DVD. Triple H talks between matches and then the DVD cuts directly to the next match. The two-disc set is a reminder of how great this guy really is when he is on his game (no pun intended).

[adinserter block=”1″]If you are looking for a controversial DVD or some good wrestling shooting, this isn’t the DVD for you. Triple H doesn’t rock any boats or ruffle any feathers with his comments. Triple H seems honest and sincere when telling his stories, and talks out of character throughout the DVD.

The only guy that gets any criticism is resident WWE whipping boy, Marc Mero. Triple H now joins Mick Foley and Steve Austin in the group of wrestlers who have taken shots at Mero in their books or DVDs. Triple H gives Mero a backhanded compliment at one point. Triple H says that wrestling Mero made him a better wrestler. It really wasn’t much of a compliment with the point being that Mero was so bad, Triple H had to overcome Mero’s inabilities to create great matches. That is what made Triple H a better wrestler according to Triple H. Personally, I think it is pretty weak to take your one shot at a guy who has been out of the business for over a decade.

There is also the resident WCW-bashing story that comes with most WWE DVDs. Triple H tells a great story about leaving WCW and coming to the WWE. It all seems pretty simple and is another story in WCW letting one of the biggest stars in the business walk away before he had the chance to break out. His contract came due right in the middle of his push as a Blue Blood. A call from Vince McMahon and a quick agreement began the era of the King of Kings. Once again WCW mismanages another contract…shocking!

Triple H talks candidly about his relationship with Shawn Michaels. Triple H makes a joke about having to convince Shawn Michaels to show up for WrestleMania XIV. Triple H also talks about the fallout he had years later with Shawn. Shawn discusses this in much more detail in his book. Triple H goes on to talk about the series of matches he had with his D-X partner in glowing terms.

Triple H gets a lot of criticism on the Internet and in newsletters for his politics. I disagree quite a bit with those criticisms, and have written about it in the past. If you look at most of Triple H’s big feuds, he has done several jobs along the way. A great example of this is the Batista feud. Triple H talks quite a bit about his feud with Batista. He is proud of the fact he lost three times in a row, yet every match was successful in the series. For all of the criticism that he gets, I rarely hear anyone bring this up and he is right.

The match selection is outstanding for this DVD. Sure, there are some great Triple H matches that are missing from the set. However, you can’t ask for a better collection whether you are a big Triple H fan or just love the WWE. Some highlights on the DVD include:

Triple H and Shawn Michaels in the 2 out of 3 falls match from Armageddon is a forgotten classic. The bloody Hell in a Cell between Triple H and Batista is another forgotten classic that you can relive on this set. Some great matches with Triple H and Steve Austin and Cactus Jack are also included. My favorite match on the DVD is the Last Man Standing Match between Triple H and Ric Flair from Survivor Series.

[adinserter block=”2″]This is exactly what you want from a DVD collection. All of these matches are matches that have never been released on DVD sets, other than their respective pay-per-views. There is nothing worse than buying a DVD full of matches you have seen a million times. The match selection is great and Triple H comes across as honest as I have ever seen him. The tribute to the biggest superstar in the business today is long overdue. Whether you are a Triple H fan or just a big WWE fan, this one is worth picking up.

Matches include;

– Hunter Hearst Hemsley vs. John Crystal
Raw 5.22.95

– Intercontinental Title
Hunter Hearst Hemsley vs. Marc Mero
Raw 10.21.96

– King of the Ring Finals
Hunter Hearst Hemsley vs. Mankind
King of the Ring 6.8.97

– European Title
Triple H vs. Owen Hart
Wrestlemania XIV 3.29.98

– WWE Title
Triple H vs. Mankind
Raw 8.23.99

– No Holds Barred for the WWE Title
Triple H vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
No Mercy 10.17.99

– Hell in a Cell for the WWE Title
Triple H vs. Cactus Jack
No Way Out 2.27.00

– Royal Rumble Match
Starting with Triple H entering at number 22
Royal Rumble 1.20.02

– 2 out of 3 Falls for the World Heavyweight Title
Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels
Armageddon 12.15.02

– Hell in a Cell for the World Heavyweight Title
Triple H vs. Batista
Vengeance 6.26.05

– Last Man Standing
Triple H vs. Ric Flair
Survivor Series 11.27.05

– WWE Title
Triple H vs. John Cena vs. Edge
Backlash 4.30.06

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