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Triple H Is WWE’s Current Savior – Inside The Wheelhouse

Triple HDays after WrestleMania 27 it was rumored that this was the beginning of the end for Triple H as a full-time performer in the WWE. It was believed that he was being groomed to eventually take over for Vince McMahon and when it came to his in-ring career it would be sporadic at best. When Triple H made his on-camera return back before SummerSlam it was a differently looking Triple H, gone was the trademark WWE authentic t-shirt, the blue jeans, wet hair and Poland spring bottle. He was not the Chief Operating Officer of the WWE and looked the part on television as well as he was clad in your typical business attire, it appeared that in-fact the days of “The Game” were now over for a full-time basis.

It was believed by any WWE fan watching the programming towards the end of the Summer that Triple H would fill the “Vince McMahon role” on television from here on out and if he were to get into a ring it would be for a big event or a bigger storyline deal. And boy, if you put those odds down in Vegas you were just as much a sucker like the rest of us. Since the weeks leading up to and shortly after SummerSlam has been just about the only time where Triple H was actually looking like the predicted statement that opened this very paragraph.

[adinserter block=”2″]What led to this sudden change in adjustment to the path of Triple H on WWE television? Was it due to the health of Kevin Nash that led to him replacing “Big Daddy Cool” at Night of Champions? Was it because CM Punk just wasn’t getting over like he was poised to be? Or was it the drop in RAW ratings during a time many on the internet called one of its “best times in WWE television in years?”

I think many of those things I listed above could really be pointed towards why Triple H was basically brought back as a full-time in-ring performer as of late. I’d personally lean more towards the ratings side of things since many who watch the current product are sick of John Cena and Randy Orton being pushed down the throats of fans who watched on a weekly basis. While CM Punk looked to be and I think eventually will be, the guy that rejuvenates the product, they needed a veteran name to come in and help the product, enter Triple H.

Imagine a fan from 2011 telling a wrestling from 2003 – 2005 that Triple H would be the WWE creative team’s savior for the failures that have exhibited on weekly television for the last couple of years. That wrestling fan from 2003 – 2005 might have given up on the WWE and wrestling in-general if they were told that the future would hold Triple H becoming a savior for a fledging product. Remember what 2003 – 2005 was like on WWE television?

Those were the years of Triple H being rewarded the World Heavyweight Championship without ever defeating anyone, Triple H eventually defeating Goldberg, Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner in feuds and the Triple H who was hated by the internet so much for everything that they saw on television & what was rumored backstage. This was all a result of Triple H being jammed down the throats of wrestling fans, winning every single feud and destroying any push whatsoever for any new wrestlers (ala Randy Orton in 2004). It’s almost like Triple H was the heel version of what John Cena is for the faces in the WWE today, I guess if history repeats itself come 2018 we will get a John Cena return to save wrestling fans from fledging product.

And talk about a confusing way to usher Triple H back into full-time in-ring duty again. He returns as the C.O.O. & is on both television shows, then the entire WWE roster hates him & turns their back on him and then in a state of mass confusion it was revealed he was serving as the RAW GM for the entire time he was back on the last show he was referred to as the RAW GM. While this type of shenanigans has affected CM Punk, it actually hasn’t affected Triple H all that much.

It certainly appears that the in-ring career of Triple has most likely been extended from now until the end of the year and most likely leading up to Wrestlemania as he was “laid out” by Kevin Nash this past week on RAW. A Triple H/Kevin Nash feud is most definitely not going to ignite the wrestling world on fire but it will bring people to follow it on RAW, Smackdown and on PPV no matter how much we may disagree with it, especially in 2011. A Triple H/Nash feud wouldn’t be a bad match to have on the middle of any PPV card.

[adinserter block=”1″]It took sometime for me to figure it out but even come to grips with it but Triple H has been a positive force for WWE television since his return in early August. The ratings have spiked up from the downtime in the Summer (not sure if that’s because of the Summer vacations but creative will probably thank Triple H for that) and the storylines, while confusing at times, have been entertaining but not historic in any sense. While we may have all thought CM Punk would eventually be the savior & he may still be, for the time being, it’s been Triple H who has kept the WWE ship afloat.

While we may not want to, we should all bow down to “The Game.”

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