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Triple H Is The Best In The Business

Triple H Shawn MichaelsWhile Monday’s February 13 WWE RAW was certainly a polarizing episode, one thing most critics could agree on was the excellent segment between Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Love him or hate him, Triple H showed once again why he is the best all-around in the pro wrestling business.

Now the term “best” can constitute different things for different professional wrestling fans. The most common being his ability to get inside of the ring and have a blow away match. That is not the kind of “best” I am referring to here. I am referring to his ability to “work” the audience past the point of disbelief and turn those skeptical eyes into paying customers, while playing them like a fiddle in the palm of his hands.

[ad 6]I can already see the hate mail and negative comments coming from the blog. I get it, you don’t like Triple H. A large number of passionate fans who follow pro wrestling on the Internet have an outright hatred for the man. They despise everything he represents and see him as the anti-CM Punk. I understand your frustrations, but I am here to tell you that you are missing the big picture.

I look at Triple H as the all around best in the business right now. It is almost impossible for a babyface to invoke pure babyface heat in 2011. It just doesn’t happen. Sure, there are guys like CM Punk who are cheered but even he doesn’t get the kind of reaction a superstar gets. Triple H gets it the second he walks onto the ramp. The WWE fans love him! Strangely enough, he has been one of a few guys left who tapped into what the fans want out of their babyface. I don’t think there is anyone in the entire business that can grab those same reactions on a regular basis. Even The Rock appeared to wear out his welcome at times last year, yet Triple H still whips the crowd into a frenzy whenever he appears.

His promos are far and away the best in the business. He has the uncanny ability to deliver some of the worst scripted lines with realism. His facial expressions whether he is mad, upset, happy, serious, or indifferent can turn a crowd upside down. Even when he is standing face to face with the new hero of the WWE Universe CM Punk, he was able to steal his live fans in a flash. I will be the first to admit that I hate his corny jokes, but the intensity that he shows in dire situations is nothing that can be matched by anyone in the business today. He really is just that good.

[adinserter block=”1″]In the ring he was never what I’d call a flashy wrestler but his psychology remains fantastic. That may be a bit of a stretch of watching the hundreds of false finishes at WrestleMania 27, but he does the little things that very few today do inside of the ring. He tells a story. It may not always be the story you want to see, but it is a story nonetheless. I have learned to live with today’s WWE wrestlers, but watching some of these guys try and tell a story is like trying to make sense out of tax accounting. He’ll sacrifice the high spot for the emotional sell and in 2012 that is a lost art.

Why am I writing this blog? Probably because after sitting through one of the worst RAW shows in the history of the WWE, his one bright spot was a reminder of how great this man is. Politics aside (and I know for some of you, that is impossible), the man is at a level right now that can’t be touched.

For that, I think he deserves a little recognition.

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  1. Totally agree with you, Eric. I mentioned on Twitter after seeing the debate segment at the start of Raw and then the Triple H/Shawn Michaels promo, that the gap between promo and acting ability between today's stars and the Attitude Era's stars is absolutely staggering. The debate segment should have at least been funny, and had the potential to be memorable, but instead was dull and felt like a bunch of guys just trying to get over with one-liners. Michaels and Triple H made it seem like they were having a real, heated argument. Yes, HHH has all of the advantages in terms of positioning and opponents, but regardless of that, his promo with Michaels really pushed the Undertaker match as something important.

  2. when i wasyoung, i thought wrestling was real like boxing or mma and had real excitment every monday. even when i learned that it wasnt, i was still excited to see what sting would do to the nwo or how dx would punk nitro. hhh brings it back to the point where i "forget" that its scripted and get lost in the story line again and have real excitment and anticipation……. lol them cole will say something about twitter that snaps me out of it

  3. HHH is the only guy that can actually be taken seriously when he's talking in serious situatutions like this past monday.
    You look at heel guys like miz,del rio,cody rhodes, and etc and they don't say anything to make me want to take them seriously as a heel.

  4. "after sitting through one of the worst RAW shows in the history of the WWE…"

    Yeah, RAW did kinda suck this week. But I've seen far worse episodes of it.


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