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Triple H Is That Damned Good

This is going to be a tough one for some of you out there to swallow. This probably won’t be the most popular thing I ever blog about but I am going to say it. Triple H is the best in the business and the WWE is lucky to have him. He is that damned good.

[adinserter block=”1″]Pro wrestling fans on the Internet are a funny breed. The Internet Wrestling Community tend to get swept up into rumors and hyperbole and base their views on someone for what they do outside of the ring. Triple H is a perfect example as there is probably nobody, sans Vince Russo more hated by this base than Trips. This is unfortunate however as those fans are missing out on appreciating one of the best performers of our generation.

I say it on Twitter every time I watch him on RAW and this goes back to the first series with The Undertaker. Triple H is the best in the business. Nobody sells a match, an angle, a feud, or a storyline better than this guy behind a microphone or in the ring. The irony here is that I believe that Triple H is at his peak at 44 years-old and 20-years inside of the ring.

The funny part about all of this is that while the same Daniel Bryan lovers hate Triple H with a passion, Hunter has done more to get Bryan over than anyone has in the WWE. Quite honestly I don’t think there is anyone in the WWE now or in the last three years capable of getting Bryan over the way Triple H has. Without Triple H you’d still have Daniel Bryan but I don’t know if you’d have the Yes Movement.

What makes Hunter so good is all of the little things he has mastered as a heel. He sells more for babyfaces than he ever has before, a page he has likely taken out of his old buddy Ric Flair’s playbook. The reactions on his face whether it is anger, self-deprecating, glee at a babyface in peril, or arrogant are unmatched by anyone in the business.

His promos are untouchable by anyone in the business today. He can sell a match better than anyone and is a master at getting people to believe. This goes back to the night the entire WWE crew walked out on him after he attacked The Miz and R-Truth two years ago. The guy has a way of saying things that look like he believes everything he is saying. It’s not like you are watching a wrestler on television cut a pro wrestling promo. Watching Triple H cut a promo is like talking to one of your buddies after he gets all riled up about something someone said about him or a local rival. I can’t say that about anyone else other than maybe Paul Heyman and even Heyman can come across as a character at times.

His performance at WrestleMania, the RAW before, and the night after were all tremendous. At Mania he sold for Bryan better than he sold for Shawn Michaels a decade ago. It isn’t easy to go from being a badass babyface to a vulnerable heel. Not even Stone Cold Steve Austin could pull that off. Bryan sold that beating the RAW before Mania better than he sold for Brock Lesnar. Daniel Bryan would not be in the spot he is today without this.

[adinserter block=”2″]It is easy to pick on the booker putting himself in the top angle. But when there is nobody better to put in that spot what do you do? I haven’t seen a heel generate this much heat in years. The people really hate him and for a heel in 2014 to get a sold out crowd of 65,000+ to boo him because they really don’t like him or what he stands for is more of an accomplishment than anyone will ever realize in professional wrestling.

The WWE is very lucky to have Hunter inside of the ring and active in the to storyline. It would be a boring place without him.

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  1. For the way Raw ended last night and the way Triple H kept saying “Let’s not make this a war..”…..can we actually be gearing up for a War Games match?! Maybe at Extreme Rules but I think this “8-man-2 Faction” storyline has to play out just a bit longer until the “end-all-be-all” War Games match. My prediction is at Payback IN CHICAGO is where a War Games match will take place. Payback last year was just BAD so they will want to do something to try and spice it up this year. A War Games match would be PHENOMENAL.


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