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Triple H, Daniel Bryan and Other WWE Thoughts

One of the matches the WWE could throw at us at WrestleMania XXX, but it has not been made official is a mega match between Daniel Bryan and the COO of the company, Triple H.

[adinserter block=”1″]While CM Punk may not have not have been on board with a match against the Authority, but Bryan and Triple H makes so much sense on so many levels. The man who has constantly been abused by the new faction of the company makes WrestleMania XXX must see television.

But what lies ahead after WrestleMania might be even better.

I don’t think Batista wins the title match in New Orleans. Fan sentiment and the fact Batista’s spot right now could lead to low cable buys and the company will pull out every trick in the book the Monday afterward to make sure the fans are satisfied. There is also another scenario that could play out as well.

First, Kane is actually the opponent for Daniel Bryan at WMXXX. That is followed by a Randy Orton win over Batista. The following night, it leads to a Bryan vs. Orton showdown where Bryan wins the WWE World Title.

Second, That leads to a title-carrying Bryan to be attacked by Triple H. This leads to a title reign by Bryan where he again holds off challenges from Authority approved opponents. This leads to a showdown at SummerSlam match between Bryan and Triple H. Triple H, after all is said and done, captures the WWE World Title.

The other scenario about Triple H taking on the uber-popular Bryan is still on the table. As long as Cm Punk is no way associated with the event, and the company needs more drama, then Bryan and Triple H provide that.

I am still of the belief that Punk has an effect on the World Title match between Orton and Batista, but I have not figured out how that happens. Punk and Bryan are probably neck and neck in terms of stirring the Authority’s pot. While Punk would disrupt things to prove a point, Bryan will stir things up to win a champion and take down the Authority.

Hogan’s place in the company

When Hulk Hogan appeared on television the night after Elimination Chamber, it was the pacifier the WWE fans wanted to see. But the immortal one is not just here to promote WrestleMania XXX and be the host in New Orleans.

The last two times there was a host for the mega event, The Rock and The Miz both won the WWE Title. I do not see the WWE putting the strap on the 60 year old Hulkamaniac. The fans who were cheering loudly when they saw him last week, would quickly turn on him and boo his return and title reign.

He could be in line to challenge Triple H, and in this case, Vince McMahon for control of the company.

It would never happen, but what if Hogan got in the ring with McMahon? It would be bigger than McMahon vs. Austin.

One turns face, the other remains heel

The company is about to change its balance of power. The cracks in the stable of the Real Americans is beginning to show. It always does when there are two impressive performers work that well together.

[adinserter block=”2″]While there is jealousy in the ranks, Antonio Cesaro is about to become a huge mega star and face in the company.

Now it remains to be seen if the fans will accept him in that kind of role. It also remains to be seen if the WWE will allow Cesaro to not only turn face, but challenge for the World Title.

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