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Triple H – Formerly known as a ‘Burial’ Specialist

Hunter Hearst Helmsley…AKA Triple H (I’ll forgo the use of his real name…since we all refer to him as Triple H anyway).

[adinserter block=”1″]Trained by Killer Kowalski; debuted in 1992 in Kowalski’s promotion – just before he turned 23; he’ll be 45 soon.

He moved from the independent scene to WCW in 1994; moved to WWF/E in 1995; where he’s been ever since; it’s now 2014; he’s been doing this a while. There are only a few left on the current roster who can claim the same.

In the past he was seen as a burial machine; burying acts left and right; but that was the past…and this is today.

And people change…even burial machines; NXT is a prime example of this. There are some great workers in there. The recent swerves that have been popping up here and there have also gone towards proving that while the Triple H of the past may have seen fit to bury talent; the Triple H of today is more about elevating talent.

The progression of Daniel Bryan & The Shield is also proof of that; had Triple H truly wished to bury them; he could have; instead he along with Randy Orton…and Batista (albeit in Batista’s case a bit unwillingly) laid down for Daniel Bryan & The Shield. ( I mean really…Wrestlemania XXX; what a stage for Bryan to beat Triple H; plus Orton & Batista; while the Shield knocked off Kane and the New Age Outlaws.)

I am sure having Seth Rollins drop on them from above was no picnic. He also plays the heel role better than most these days; he pretty much is guaranteed boos when he walks out; and that’s really the end game; to get a crowd reaction whether it be cheers or jeers; it means they care.

Triple H may be in a unique position being married to the boss’ daughter and perhaps having the boss’ ear…but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have people in the upper chain of command raining on his parade here and there; and the boss’ has two ears (mind you; haven’t seen Vinnie K in a while…does he still have two?) so if the person with the other ear isn’t a fan of Triple H…or has a strong sense of self-preservation when it comes to their position or power it could cause some of Triple H’s ideas to get skewed…or skewered.

Having had a job because of nepotism can cause resentment (and I would know…because I got a job because of nepotism; then spent the next 10 years busting my ass to prove that I deserved to be there)…but people forget; Triple H was a wrestler with WWE long before he married Stephanie; and even then; the ‘storyline’ marriage happened before the real one.

[adinserter block=”2″]I’m sure the IWC are in an uproar because Cena won the WWE WHC at Money in the Bank; but let’s face it; like said in my last post; Cena is the only one who can eat it in a match with Lesnar and not really suffer either way; and Triple H knows this. He knows that if Reigns or Wyatt get in the ring with Lesnar and lose; it could cause trouble to their career paths; Reigns is booked as a monster; but in the ring with Lesnar he won’t look like a monster; just a guy in over his head & Wyatt; while he’s good on the mic and in the ring; he’ll be going up against Lesnar and Paul Heyman…and as much as people don’t like him; Heyman has been doing this a long time as well; and is gold on the mic.

Triple H isn’t called the Cerebral Assassin for nothing; he’s playing the long game; and the blow out could be years in the making. And well isn’t that something to look forward to.

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