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Trick-or-Treat – A Halloween Guide to Costumes, Ideas, Parties and More

My joining happens to coincide with Halloween which means I’m able to write about one of my favorite holidays and I couldn’t be more excited. I always loved Halloween and couldn’t wait for October 31st to come around. I got to dress up as my favorite character and get tons of candy from every house in the neighborhood. What child wouldn’t love that? It was even more thrilling for me because my parents didn’t let us eat much candy or junk food, so to my brothers and I it was more like Christmas!

[adinserter block=”1″]I can remember going to the store and picking out our costumes. How many remember the one-piece cloth (if you could call it that) outfit and the plastic mask with the rubber band attached to it? When you tried to put on the mask one side of the rubber band would pop off and you’d snap yourself! Being so excited to get in your costume (which always went over your winter clothes) and inevitably ripping the seam in the arm or leg! The great thing about those costumes was you only needed one tool to fix them, a stapler!

Things may have been simpler then, you didn’t have as many choices of costumes and characters as you do now. What haven’t changed are the important parts like the excitement, imagination, creativity, and ideas. Everything from inexpensive, ready-made ones to individually crafted one of a kind costumes can be found and purchased online on tons of websites. There are even temporary stores that setup and open for just a little more then a month. Now a day’s any costume you can imagine, you can get, and you don’t even have to leave your house!

When I got older, I was forced into trick-or-treat retirement by the neighborhood. Since I was too old for trick-or-treating and too young for grown-up parties, I started to help other people make their costumes for parties. My goal was to make them unrecognizable to everyone who knew them, but without doing anything drastic. It is amazing what you can do with make-up and a little padding. I really loved the challenge of that, yet simple it is to do and how little money you had to spend. And if you want to go out and buy a costume, there’s a wide variety for adults so you don‘t have worry if your not crafty.

Becoming a parent added another perspective to my favorite holiday. Seeing my children all dressed up and taking them trick-or-treating was almost more fun then going myself…almost. Plus going to kids parties again I learned many new ideas for costumes and parties for both children and adults. My opinion is more people are getting into the spirit and realizing it’s not just for kids.

Now I love homemade costumes but my kids always preferred store-bought ones. This is just one of many areas where I broke my own vow of never saying or doing to my kids what my parents said or did to me. One year my youngest wanted to be a cheerleader and I tried to get her to let me make the costume. “You’re not serious Mom!” she said. “I guess not” I thought as we got in the car. The morning of Halloween as she walked out the door with her witch costume in a bag, I was thinking about how much money I had spent. A simple, black, one-piece, shredded dress with matching belt, not to mention the pom-poms from when she wanted to be a cheerleader. That was when I realized I had officially become my parents.

I decided to make this my first of a series I am going to do about Halloween. I’m going to check out sites, craft stores, specialty places and bring you the best I can find. I’m also going to share a few of my own ideas and invite anyone who has costume ideas, tips on how to throw a great party, funny story, anything Halloween, even a question or suggestion, to leave a comment and share it.

[adinserter block=”2″]Before I go I’d like to take a minute and thank Eric and everyone at for welcoming me to their community and I‘m looking forward to learning more about everyone. I also want to thank everyone who took some time to stop by, I sincerely hope you enjoyed yourself and will visit again. Well I off to get to work on the next post. Until next time…..

Peace and Take Care

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