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Trek to Yomi Gameplay Video and Release Date is Out

Gamers, Trek to Yomi is about to knock on your doors.

The long-awaited samurai action game, Trek to Yomi has finally booked its release date. Well, we can at least be thankful that the long due wait is now over!

The game’s release date has been confirmed via an extended trailer.

A classic attempt at Samurai action, Trek to Yomi is as monochromatic as it seems. Lets’ unlock everything we so far know about the game’s release date.

Trek to Yomi’s Extended Trailer & Release Date

The game’s publisher, Developer Digital has released a 30-minutes extended trailer. Watch it below if you haven’t already.

Furthermore, the release date has been set for May 5th, 2022.

In E3 2021, details about Trek to Yomi’s journey were revealed. Trek to Yomi’s attempt as Hiroki who heads through to Edo-era Japanese countryside to make sure his closed ones are safe and sound.

Hiroki must save everyone in the village from the bandits. The bandits, gruesome, are ready to put the forest on fire.

Using a dull yet classic black and white retro look, the visual design is making quite an impact. Therefore, when you play the game for the very first time, you can feel yourself landing straight in a samurai film by Akira Kurosawa.

However, the slight catch in the trailer comes down to Hiroki’s failed attempt. Hiroki faces the bandit leader although he is not exactly the bandit leader. 

The entire tale portrays revenge and Hiroki’s attempt to locate the true leader who destroyed the whole village and also to find Sensei’s killer.

Cast & Release Platforms

Now that the game takes you back to the good old days of the 50s and 60s, it has also been confirmed by Leonard Menchairi that “inspired by old Japanese cinema from the 50s and 60s.”

Back in Playstation’s March Event which presented us with the voice cast of the game. The notable voices you can expect to hear are, Akio Otsuka, Sarah Emi Bridcutt, Hiroshi Shirokuma, Hiroki Goto, and Masayuki Katou. The Japanese voice of Solid Snake/Big Boss by Otsuka.

Trek to Yomi will hit various platforms where you can enjoy the game. This includes Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Playstation 4,5, and PC. All these platforms will exclusively stream the game starting May 5th.

Furthermore, gamers can quit the worry of pre-ordering the game as on the first day, you can avail of the Game Pass.

The overall presentation of Trek to Yomi is incredible. The game, in a significant way, is movie material. Kerry Brunksill even wrote and said,

“Trek to Yomi seems to hope players will be too awed by the visual delights to notice what they’ve been given is a rather ordinary action-slasher experience,”

The game will have 4 different endings.

Can’t wait to Play!

After the word of release is out, fans can wait to get their hands on the game and enjoy all the available features.

Many confessed their feelings and how badly they wish to play it on Twitter.

Are you eager to play Trek to Yomi too? Let us know.



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