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Tower Of God Season 2 Updates: Cancelled or Renewed?

The famous animated series Tower of God which released its season 1 in 2020 amidst a pandemic is rumored to be renewing for a new season this year. The series is an anime that is based on a South Korean series. It’s a dark fiction TV with some action in it. Since the time it was released it has been loved by the audiences. Tower of God is apparently based on a South Korean online manga series written and drawn by SIU.

Rumors have started coming that the series is getting a new season this year, but the veracity of the fact is still not verified. All the Tower of God fans and viewers are highly excited for season 2 and are eyeing its information such as the release date, plot, etc. But the whole together different question is, Is there even a new season? Let us see.

Tower of God Season 2 Release Date

Seems like Crunchyroll has not yet decided on a season 2. The premiere date for Tower of God Season 2 has yet to be announced by Crunchyroll. The studio, however, has not stated whether or not the show will be renewed for a second season. Crunchyroll has yet to comment on the first season of “Tower of God,” which ended in August 2020.

The situation, on the other hand, is far from hopeless. Although Crunchyroll has not officially canceled the show, it would not be the first anime to take a year off between seasons. There’s a good likelihood the “Tower of God” will reappear at some point in the future. But as of now, a new season would be a far cry.

If Crunchyroll is working on a second season, it may be released as early as the end of 2022. At this time, it’s all speculation. Fans won’t be able to watch it until Crunchyroll announces a release date. If this never happens, readers can always read the original comic to catch up.

The cast of Crunchyroll Season 2

More or less the cast will remain same for the season 2 with some minute changes here and there. The following is a list of people who are likely to appear starting from Matthew Rak Wraithraiser is played by David Rudd and Bam is played by Johnny Yong Bosch. Further, it is also known that  Khun Aguero Agnes is played by Chris Hackney, and Anaak Jahad is played by Cherami Leigh.

Rachel is played by Valerie Rose Lohman and Lero is played by Trent Mills. Shibisu is played by Scott Whyte Headon is Hochu Otsuka and Evan Edroch is played by Kazuyuki Okitsu.

Season 2 Plot

Rachel was never invited in. She envies Bam’s ease. Headon says she can beat Bam. She has a bodyguard. He must return to the tower to discover why he survived. Part 2 of the manga should be adapted. Time will change. Yuri can. It’s possible a coworker set him on fire. But Bam will look into Rachel’s betrayal. Next season will have Prince, Rapdevil, and Ehwa Yeon.



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