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Tower of Fantasy Beta, Potential Release Date And Latest Updates

The famous video game Tower of Fantasy is all set to release and we can’t wait for more now. The multiplayer online game already has huge popularity and now would be released very soon with enhanced specifications and other concomitant features.

Hotta Studios, a Chinese studio, is currently working on Tower of Fantasy. The working is an open-world action RPG. This action title is promised to be gorgeous even on older mobile phones and tablets and other devices too. The whole credit goes to the game’s development in Unreal Engine. From the Tower of Fantasy release date to how the game is intended to play, here’s all we know about this game.

To begin, we’ll just state that Tower of Fantasy will face a huge comparison to Genshin Impact as it carves out its place. However, before that monolith could reach its full height, it was demolished for clearly taking inspiration from Breath of the Wild. At the very least, it appears to be drawing inspiration from sci-fi RPGs like Xenoblade, Phantasy Star, and Star Ocean.

There won’t be much information to gain from the game’s relatively vague promotional material until it releases. If you’d rather play something similar right now, our Legend of Neverland tier list and Rainbow Story codes can assist.

Tower of Fantasy Release Date

As we all are aware that irrespective of all the resources and media outlets no confirmed news of the release date has been given. However, speculations are there that it would release anytime soon in 2022, but as of now confirmed dates are a far cry.

Tower of Fantasy Beta

Beta signups are anyway available. A beta enrollment page for Tower of Fantasy went up as soon as the game’s global release date was determined. The Tower of Fantasy closed beta date was planned for April 19, 2022, after invitations were sent out to selected applicants in early April.

Devices and Platforms for Tower of Fantasy

Like Genshin’s impact, Tower of Fantasy is all set to release on all kinds of devices including iOS, Android, and Windows PC. For the time being, it looks like the beta will only be available on mobile devices, but this is likely due to the development team’s desire to test the game on as many devices as possible.

In Genshin Impact’s beta days, it took a similar method. Tower of Fantasy, on the other hand, does not appear to be in the works for a console release any time soon.

Essential Matrix of an Open Beta

The essential matrix for open beta is different for different devices. These essentials must be fulfilled to stream the game on your device. For instance, android devices must have a minimum: of Kirin 710 / Snapdragon 660. For iOS, it must be at least iphone7 and for iPad, it must be iPad Air (2nd generation) at least.



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