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Tough Enough 2011 Star Blasts WWE, Bill DeMott, & FCW

Most pro wrestling analysts expected the final Tough Enough 2011 contestants to get at minimum a WWE developmental deal when the show ended. That may be why Jeremiah Riggs “MMA” was a bit salty when he found out that the WWE would not need his services.

To me, Riggs was one of the standout wrestlers of the show. I know a lot of people rave about Luke Robinson‘s charisma, but to me it was Jeremiah Riggs that had the most charisma or “it!” It was Riggs, not Robinson or winner Andy Leavine that seemed to get the biggest crowd reactions in front of the RAW crowd. That is why I was a little surprised when I heard that Riggs would not continue chasing his pro wrestling dreams in a WWE ring.

Riggs was equally surprised. After getting a look in the WWE developmental territory, FCW, the MMA fighter was told by the company that he was free to seek work elsewhere. According to Riggs, he was told that he has a “bad attitude” and that he is “average.” Riggs may be out but he isn’t leaving quietly as he is lashing out against the company and his former Tough Enough coach on his personal blog.

Riggs talked about his experience in FCW and trainer Bill DeMott in a very lengthy blog post. Here are some of the highlights.

[adinserter block=”2″]”It’s all politics at FCW. People are real phony there including the trainers. Me and Bill were cool on the show. I heard he got a job as a scout for the WWE and I was glad to hear he was doing good for himself. He deserves it after so long in the business. When I was in Tampa doing my match with Orlov Bill was praising me and talking about how good I was doing. I was doing stuff that Luke and Andy couldn’t do, on the first try. But when I walked into FCW a few weeks ago he acted like he was too cool to talk to me.

Listen I am a Jeremiah Riggs fan, but let’s call a spade a spade here. He was very underwhelming in the ring. It appeared towards the end of the show that Luke and even Andy had far surpassed Riggs’ level. Riggs was a natural athlete, but he appeared at times to have trouble putting it all together. He may have been doing stuff that Luke and Andy couldn’t do in pieces, but he appeared to be fairly clumsy and forgetful as the competition advanced.

What do they want in a superstar? I don’t need a character. I’m Jeremiah Riggs. I don’t need a new name or gimmick. The WWE has a sh$#ty developmental roster. No one stands out. They are all scared of failure and half of them have been there for years. They are all the same and do the same stuff. Sure, they have a few guys that have potential but they are all clones. But I’m not going to be just like everybody else. What are they going to do send me home? You can’t scare someone who ain’t afraid.

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He has a point. There is a prevailing line of thought that the WWE has an exact mold in which they want their talent to pattern their style in and out of the ring from. He also has a point that when you watch FCW, a lot of the talent is the same without anyone sticking out. Jeremiah Riggs also wouldn’t be the first independent pro wrestler to get heat for having a little too much “attitude.” At the same time, you could argue that you would want people in your company that want to be the very best.

He’s (Bill DeMott) changed man. He thinks he is somebody because he was the big man on the show. I guess Hollywood went to his head. Sure he had a mediocre wrestling career and found new life on Tough Enough. I don’t give a sh*t. I’ll whoop his fat a$s. He’s no better than me. If I was to shoot on him who is going to stop me? Andy sure as hell ain’t. I’ve rolled with some badass heavyweights like Jon Madsen and Scott Barrett. Seriously, what is Bill DeMott going to do to me? All he could do about it is write another chapter in his sorry book about how he got run over by Big Rigg when he gets his arm out of the cast. I lost all respect for Bill. If he only knew what the boys say about his fat lazy a$s he wouldn’t even come to work. I’m sure he will read this and put something on Twitter about it. I don’t care. He might have Twitter muscles but I’m the real deal. He said I was green? The only thing green on me was the shit stain on my boot I stuck up his a#$.

[adinserter block=”1″]I have to be honest, I am not that impressed. So he can kick Bill DeMott’s rear end in a fight. Big deal. This all sounds a lot like sour grapes to me. What was he expecting from Bill? Bill isn’t there to babysit him or hold his hand. This isn’t pre-school. I am sure that Bill treated him exactly as he blogged, but at the end of the day, what does Bill DeMott owe Jeremiah Riggs? Maybe next time Riggs comes by DeMott can hold his hand and take him to the bathroom.

It didn’t take long for Riggs to strike a chord with some of the hard working WWE wrestlers in FCW. Former Ring of Honor champion and FCW wrestler Seth Rollins (Tyler Black) tweeted to one of Riggs’ former Tough Enough 2011 cast mates, Matt Cross.

Dude was about 10 words from an a%$ kicking when he was here. RT@MDoggMattCross wow wow wow, no comment. Here’s a must read for ya.

Ever notice how everyone is about to kick an MMA fighter’s butt 10 minutes after they leave?

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  1. Sign him and do it now. Vince has been moving away from "wrestling" and towards entertainment for years now. Riggs has "it." Let him be a one man army that invades the company and challenges the top dogs. People loved CM Punk's candid promo, why not Riggs'?

    People say he can't wrestle. Yeah? Neither can Cena and he's the face of the company. If Vinny Mac and HHH want to make a move, sign Riggs.

  2. You honestly can't take too much away from TE because like yogi said, the episodes are heavily edited. This is the WWE, and their main goal was to produce and craft a good story in which Andy Leavine emerged victorious. Riggs had the most charisma out of everyone and based on the crowd reaction alone on RAW, I thought he deserved a small role, perhaps as a manager/mouthpiece for one of the less gifted speakers on the midcard. However, the WWE puts a huge emphasis on respect, and paying your dues, and if Riggs acted like bigsh%t around long-tenured guys then he had no chance of getting hired.

  3. I agree that I think Jeremiah had a lot of potential, and had natural charisma. At the same time, it can't be understated that he was definitely green ring-wise. Andy and Luke were far better than him in that department, and I do have to agree that it sounds like a lot of sour grapes from a pseudo-former employee.

    Honestly, I hope that, of all people from this past season of "Tough Enough", Martin gets a contract. Not only because I know the man personally (which makes me a little biased, I will admit), but because, in all honesty, from a wrestling fan's perspective, I considered him the best all-around performer on the cast. Even winner Andy Leavine agreed.

  4. Would it have been better if he said he could kick Austins ass? Or Triple H's ass? Or Cena's ass? He's an actual fighter, not a pretender. I agree he couldn't put it together from what we saw BUT all those episodes are heavily edited, they can basically do whatever they want. If they didn't like Riggs, they can edit it to make him look bad easily.


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