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Top WWE WrestleMania 28 Matches Confirmed

Shaq Vs. Big Show is set for WrestleMania 28The latest issue of the Wrestling Observer newsletter reports the list of planned top WrestleMania 28 matches. There are no real surprises to astute fans that follow WWE news on the Internet, yet it is confirmation of a pretty solid WrestleMania 28 card.

Keep in mind that anything can change from now until WrestleMania 28 thanks to injuries or simply a change of heart by the WWE creative department. That said, theses matches tend to stick by this point with the exception of a slight change or two. So with that said, let’s take a look at the WrestleMania 28 card as reported by Dave Meltzer.

[ad 6]WrestleMania 28 confirmed matches
John Cena vs. The Rock
Triple H vs. The Undertaker
CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho
Shaquille O’Neal vs. The Big Show
WWE world heavyweight championship match
WWE Divas match
WWE Money in the Bank

That makes for seven matches on what is generally a 10-match show. You could probably take a good guess as to who the Money in the Bank participants will be once the Royal Rumble finishes up and the WWE title matches are set. Meltzer also reports that Sin Cara is planning to return for WrestleMania. The original plan awhile back was a Sin Cara vs. Rey Mysterio match but Mysterio’s status is in doubt due to injury.

On paper it looks like a pretty decent show. The top three matches should be solid. Shaq vs. Show should have tremendous intensity if it is anything like the confrontation they had on RAW back when Shaq Fu was a Guest Host. I’ll still stick with my Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton WWE world heavyweight championship match prediction. Those matches combined with a Money in the Bank match could make this one of the most exciting WrestleMania events in years if not ever.

Of course with Money in the Bank added to the show it would seem to indicate that the Money in the Bank pay per view is off the schedule. Instead of going with two separate winners, they will revert back to the original matches and just give one guy the briefcase. I think that makes most sense.

Cena vs. Rock is a really interesting match right now because with only a few months to go, I think the buzz for the match is at its lowest point. The Rock has been confirmed for some RAW appearances in March, but that is still over a month away. Unless the show does record numbers, people will be second guessing the idea of announcing the match a year in advance.

Triple H vs. The Undertaker has been expected since the two walked back to the dressing room last year. Shawn Michaels is also expected to have a role in the match, which will only increase the drama. I thought their match last year was outstanding so I have no problem seeing the match again.

[adinserter block=”1″]Jericho vs. Punk is going to be an interesting sell. Jericho has been a ratings disaster since returning to the WWE. Fans don’t want to watch him talk, so I can’t imagine that they’d be real excited to watch him wrestle. Punk is also hit or miss with the ratings so it will be real interesting to see what the level of anticipation is across the WWE Universe for this match come WrestleMania 28. I also wouldn’t take this as any kind of Royal Rumble spoiler. My hunch is that the Rumble winner faces the SmackDown champion anyway.

I will have individual previews & WrestleMania 28 predictions of the top matches in the week leading to WrestleMania. Check back throughout the month of March for a ton of WrestleMania content here on the Camel Clutch Blog.

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  1. This is a nightmare! Triple H vs The Undertaker again? They've already faced each other twice! Three times is just boring, uncreative, and a waste of The Undertaker's final match. Either Undertaker faces Kane or Chris Jericho, or I refuse to watch that match.


  3. HHH should take a lesson in humility from his friend HBK and not end Taker's streak. Michaels was leaving wrestling and still agreed to go out with a loss in order to preserve the streak.

    But HHH is an egomaniac. Not only will he retire Taker and end the streak; he'll do his friend a disservice by effectively saying "I did what Shawn Michaels couldn't."

    Do the right thing Hunter. Let the Undertaker go out on top.


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