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Top WWE Finishers

Randy Orton RKOOne of the most debated topics in pro wrestling forums is WWE finishers. What are the top WWE finishers currently in the WWE? Today’s WWE superstars tend to put more creativity and flash into their finishing moves than their predecessors. Whose are better? Let’s count them down and find out!

Current WWE Finishers

1 – Randy Orton, RKO. It may not be the prettiest, but it is one of the most effective finishing moves in all of pro wrestling. How many guys do you see use wrestling finishers that never win a match with it? To me, that is a waste of a move and a true finisher. Randy Orton on the other hand probably wins over 75% of his matches with the RKO. The beauty of the RKO is that it could come from anywhere at any time, similar to the DDT. He didn’t create it (DDP did that), but he sure has perfected it.

[adinserter block=”1″]2 – The Undertaker, Tombstone Piledriver. For years the Tombstone was a common move, used in some matches as a false finish or even a transitional move. The Undertaker has turned this into one of the most exciting WWE finishers. The fans just go absolutely nuts when he grabs a guy and has him ready to drop. Heck, the WWE universe goes nuts when the Undertaker slashes his throat just in anticipation of the move. Like Randy Orton, the Undertaker has won many titles with the Tombstone. Also like Randy Orton he surely didn’t create it (Magnificent Muraco used it for years), but he sure has perfected it.

3 – Evan Bourne, Air Bourne. Evan Bourne has brought back the Shooting Star Press to the WWE and has turned it into one of the most exciting moves on WWE RAW. Bourne’s facial expressions as he gets into position to deliver the Shooting Star are awesome. The crowd has really gotten behind Evan Bourne and the move. It hasn’t won him a lot of titles, but the move has easily become one of the most popular WWE finishers today due to the fan reaction. Billy Kidman was the first to bring the Shooting Star Press to the WWE, but it never got over the way it has for Evan Bourne.

4 – John Morrison, Starship Pain. I tend to find John Morrison’s moves a bit predictable but I love this one. Slowly he has turned this one into the biggest crowd pleasers in the WWE today. The move is a twist (literally) of Rob Van Dam’s Split-Legged Moonsault. Instead of coming down chest first, Morrison twists and turns into a spiral like motion. Even more impressive is how perfect he is every time he hits the Starship Pain. Out of the entire list, the Starship Pain is definitely the most original and arguably the most exciting.

5 – Tyson Kidd, Code Blue. This one was a tough one to call because he doesn’t use this as a finisher much anymore. In his days as a singles WWE star on ECW, Tyson Kidd ended a lot of matches with the Code Blue. The Code Blue is simply awesome. Tyson Kidd springboards and hits a Diamond Dust/Blockbuster type move but from behind the opponent. The precise balance needed to pull this off is simply remarkable and he hit it perfectly every time. Great move, flashy finish, and a WWE finisher not likely to be duplicated anytime soon.

Past WWE Finishers

1 – Paul Orndorff, the Piledriver. “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff’s Piledriver may be my favorite WWE finisher of all time. Paul Orndorff’s Piledriver was effective, pretty, dangerous, and just simply devastating. What made Paul Orndorff’s Piledriver stand out above the rest was that he jumped up on his Piledrivers. Every other pro wrestler I have ever seen do the Piledriver just falls backwards. Paul Orndorff would jump high in the air and crash his opponent’s head to the mat. Paul Orndorff’s Piledriver was simply the best.

2 – Jake Roberts, DDT. This one is an obvious choice for any list of top WWE finishers. The DDT was a stroke of genius and a much different move than what we see today in the WWE. Today, the DDT is used in various forms from swinging off of turnbuckles to a simple transition. The difference with Jake Roberts’ DDT was that if he nailed it, the match was over. What made Jake’s DDT so great was that it was so darn quick. Additionally, Jake would spend his entire match trying to catch his opponent in the DDT. The speed of the move is what made it so memorable. Thousands have used the DDT since, but nobody used a DDT like Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

[adinserter block=”2″]3 – Steve Austin, Stone Cold Stunner. Once again we have a simple pro wrestling move that took on a life of its own. Steve Austin took a variation of the Jawbreaker which was never used for a finisher and turned it into one of the most recognized finishing moves in all of pro wrestling. Like Jake Roberts’ DDT, the Stone Cold Stunner was so appealing because of the quickness in which Steve Austin would apply it. He would nail it out of nowhere and the crowd would go absolutely wild. Over a decade later and he could walk out tomorrow on WWE RAW, stun someone and the WWE crowd would go crazy. It wasn’t the flashiest finishing move, but it sure was one of the best.

4 – Randy Savage, Flying Elbow Drop. Yet another move that has often been duplicated but never perfected the way the “Macho Man” did it. Randy Savage would leap high in the air and crash down on his opponents elbow-first. The Flying Elbow often won Randy Savage matches and WWE titles. Whether he was a heel or a babyface, the crowd just loved the move. Shawn Michaels brought it back a few years later and came close to nailing it the same way that Randy Savage did. The difference was that HBK rarely used the Flying Elbow to win a match. In my opinion, this one goes down as one of the greatest of all time.

5 – Jimmy Snuka, Superfly leap. This one was a tough one to rank. I was going back and forth between the Superfly, Magnificent Muraco’s Tombstone, and Shawn Michaels’ Sweet Chin Music. In the end, I don’t think that any of those moves had as much impact in and out of the ring as the Superfly leap. Whether he was crashing off of a 15 foot high steel cage onto Don Muraco or splashing Roddy Piper in the middle of the ring, the move always looked good. Jimmy Snuka would stand there momentarily with perfect balance which was the icing on the cake for the move. If this was a list of innovative WWE finishers, the Superfly splash may be number one. In this case I’ll rank it number five, which isn’t so shabby.

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  1. Eek, I kinda hate Starship Pain, mainly because of how terribly Morrison executes it. He's just so sloppy anymore, I kinda wish he'd either do something off the top that's easier for him to master or just go back to doing the Moonlight Drive, which I thought was pretty neat. When you do something off the top, it has to look awesome all the way through, from flips to impact. Evan Bourne has the best SSP ever. Justin Gabriel has a beautiful 450. Helios/Ricochet in the indies is flat out jawdropping with his execution from the top on several moves. Morrison… not so much.

    Love the classic Tombstone though. I also want to give a shoutout to Big Show's KTFO punch, which, coming from him, looks pretty legit.
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  2. Great list. I agree with all your choices, but especially Paul Orndorff's piledriver. It was devastating. Although I will say that I can't remember him ever piledriving anyone who wasn't a jobber (other than Hogan after Orndorff's heel turn). It wouldn't surprise me if many of the 80's wrestlers simply refused to take the move, given it's high impact and risk factor.


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