Top 10 Hottest Male Pro Wrestlers Ever


Well, I am sitting here in a nice air conditioned apartment, and it is 90+ degrees outside. I can’t think of anything better to do than write a blog for my readers here at Camelclutchblog, so here we go. I remember that a couple of weeks back, my editor Eric Gargiulo wrote a great blog titled “The Top Ten Blonde Bombshells in WWE History.” I thought it was awesome, even though I would have picked Trish Stratus. When I read his column, I got to thinking that maybe I can write a blog about the hottest MALE WWE wrestlers. After all, and I am NOT saying this about all female fans, not only do female fans appreciate the male wrestlers because of their prowess in the ring, but many wrestlers are eye candy for many female fans, including myself.

[adinserter block=”2″]I primarily love wrestling for the athleticism, and storytelling the wrestlers, both male and female, do in that ring. I appreciate that they put their bodies, and their lives on the line to entertain millions of fans, including me. I especially appreciate that they give up their private lives to do all the traveling, and making appearances, and signing autographs for fans like me. That being said, when I am watching the wrestlers, especially the male ones, and happen to notice that they are pieces of eye candy, so to speak, I can’t help but notice. I mean, if I see a good looking man, I am going to go bonkers. However, the wrestlers’ good looks are NOT the primary reason I like ANY male wrestler though.

Let’s get to my list. I didn’t use any specific criteria in this list. I just used my personal taste, and personal preferences. Personality did come into play a little bit. The one IMPORTANT thing I want to get across is that I am basing this list over their careers, and not their looks now. A couple of wrestlers are retired, and part-timers, so being full time on the WWE roster was not a requirement.

Here is my list, and I hope my readers will enjoy.

10. Ted DiBiase, Jr.

Dibiase is on the adorable side. His face is one of those types where you just want to pinch his cheeks. He is a real cutie. He has a great looking build on his billed 6’2” frame. Personality-wise, he showed more as a heel. When he comes back from his injuries, perhaps he should return as a heel.

9. Christian

I thought Christian was adorable.His personality shone through his character. His physique isn’t bad, but I think he just looks stunning. I love him, especially now with the shorter hair. He has had it for awhile, but I think he looks charming. His personality really comes out in his promos, which he always has been good at doing.

8. Batista

Oh my, Dave Batista was a hunk to me. I loved his physique, and his rough, and tough personality when he was in Evolution with Orton, Flair, and Triple H. When he came in as Deacon Batista, I was not all that impressed, at first. I thought if WWE changed his gimmick, he could be something. I was right. He then was turned baby face in 2005, and I still thought he was just gorgeous, especially in a suit. He still put across that tough guy personality. Now, in recent pictures, he looks just OK.

7. John Cena

I will be honest here. I didn’t see why women thought Cena was good looking. I did when I saw him in person at a house show in 2005. I noticed his cute face, and his huge physical presence. That smile of his is dazzling. I go on Youtube, and view his debut against Angle, and I see all of that. Over the years, his dazzling personality, and physical prowess just memorize many female fans. When I do look back at old matches of his, I do realize how much he has aged.

6. Chris Jericho

When Mr. “Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla” debuted in April of 1999 on WWE’s Monday Night Raw, I was hooked, even though I watched him some on WCW. I thought he was a stud, His outgoing personality, and great technical wrestling ability were a huge plus. I just loved him. I especially loved his rock and roll attitude, and long flowing hair. Of course, he has since cut it, and has put on a little weight, but he still looks fairly good. He still rocks in the ring.

5. Randy Orton

In 2003, about a year after he debuted, I could not help but notice the hot looks of Randy Orton. I just thought he was so sexy. His physique was awesome, especially over the next several years. I loved his baby face looks. The fact that he was a heel made him sexier, even if his personality was kind of bland. His personality is very bland, at least I think so. His promos were, and still are very stiff, despite the fact he puts on very good to excellent matches.

4. HBK

Well, they didn’t call him the “Sexy Boy” for nothing. Shawn Michaels was absolutely HOT back in the day, and even into his “second act” with WWE started with the 2002 SummerSlam, Michaels still was handsome. He didn’t have the biggest physique, but he had the heart, personality, and had the most gorgeous face. I just went nuts every time that man went into the ring, whether it was live, or in person. Of course, I knew I was watching the best wrestler ever to put on the tights, and that is the most important thing. Yes, I said it.

3. The Rock

Oh brother, was the Rock “hot, hot, hotter than hell,” as KISS’ Paul Stanley would say. Back in the day when he was a full time wrestler, the Rock had it all. He was sexy, had a great physique, and had an amazing personality. After a couple of rough starts, Rock eventually put it all together, and became “the most Electrifying man in Sports Entertainment History.” Rock really took off. Through the years, from his wrestling career, and his acting career, Rock continues to exhibit all three qualities.

2. Triple H

Triple H is just gorgeous. I thought he was just hot when I started paying attention to him in 1999. I was like, “Where did this guy come from?” I was drawn in by his physique, and personality. Yes, I think he is handsome man in general. Over the years, he has suffered many injuries, both minor, and career threatening, which have compromised his physique. However, his personality, and good looks make up for it. I just think the man is very sexy all over. I love it when he is playing heel. When he comes out in that suit, I just go nuts. I prefer him wrestling though, as he is an awesome wrestler, and one of the best.

1. Edge

To his friends and family, he is known as Adam Copeland. To WWE announcers, and fans, he is known as the “Ultimate Opportunist,” and the “Rated R Superstar.” To me, he is the HOTTEST WWE MALE WRESTLER EVER, and not ONLY that, but the hottest man ever (along with NE Patriots’ QB Tom Brady, but that’s another blog). Whom am I talking about? I am talking about 11 time WWE/World Champion, and WWE Hall of Famer Edge.

Well, I could write a blog about how hot Edge is. However, I will try to keep it a paragraph. Let’s start with the physique. Yeah, his build was tall and skinny. He had muscles in the beginning, then his physique changed, as devastating injuries started piling on, such as neck fusion, pectoral tears, and an Achilles rupture. The fact he came back at all was incredible. However, what was hot to me was his face, as far as his physical looks. He was just so handsome.

[adinserter block=”1″]The funny part was when he was younger, circa 1999-2002, he was just on the cute side, but in 2005, he started to look drop dead gorgeous. Anyway, he always looked young, even when he sadly retired on April 11,2011 due to health problems. He had a great personality that shone through. It was so amazing that he could play that evil, slimy heel so well. The more evil he was, the more hotter I thought he was. I know. I am weird like that. Edge was a hell of a wrestler, and his talent is missed. There is no doubt about it. I went absolutely bonkers when his music hit. I always cheered for him, even when he was heel. He was one of the best wrestlers ever. Yes, I said it.

Well, as I have said, I love all these guys, including the ones on my list, primarily for their TALENT, but their being eye candy as well certainly does not hurt. I hope you enjoyed it.

Sources: “Hotter Than Hell” by KISS from their album, “Hotter Than Hell”

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