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Top Dream Tag Teams In WWE History

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan will join forces for what fans are calling a modern day WWE Dream Team at Survivor Series 2013. While they are certainly no Mega Powers, it is still a big moment for WWE fans. In celebration of this pairing, I wanted to take a look back at some of the greatest Super Teams in WWE history.

This list was a lot harder to make than I thought. I based this list off of my 30 plus years of pro wrestling fandom and odd teams I came across in the past through video or old results. I want to acknowledge the great History of the WWE website which helped me verify some foggy memories I had as a kid growing up through their extensive list of WWE match results.

I tried to stick to one-off or short lived tag teams in the same vein as The Rock and John Cena. Some of these guys tug together more than once, but they never formed a true tag team. It was always a situation where you had two of the biggest WWE superstars tagging together in a special moment at a house show, television taping, or big event.

The most disappointing thing about putting this list together is realizing that The Rock and Cena may be the last time we ever experience the excitement of a Dream Team (not to be confused with the Hammer and the Honkytonk Man). With everything under one roof and a company full of parody, it may be quite some time before you see two megastars like Cena and The Rock team together with the same kind of impact.

[adinserter block=”1″]So, in no particular order here are the Top Super Tag Teams in WWE history. If I missed someone (and I am sure I did), please make sure to let me know with a comment after the blog.

Note: This blog was first published in November 2012 with edits to make it more timely.

Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, The Mega Powers – How can I not start off a blog on great WWE dream tag teams without mentioning the Mega Powers? Hogan and Savage teaming together was a huge deal back in 1988. Their biggest match of course was against the Mega Bucks at SummerSlam 88. Of course these guys would team together off and on for the next decade in both the WWE and WCW. But there was nothing bigger at the time in 1988 than these two WWF giants shaking hands and forming a unit.

The Rock and John Cena – The Great One returned to the ring after a lengthy absence as the unlikely partner of his upcoming WrestleMania opponent. Why would The Rock team with his upcoming opponent? Well because the fans on Twitter asked him to that’s why. Unfortunately the best the WWE could muster up for this dynamic duo were The Miz and R-Truth which in retrospect looks like one of the worst WWE main-events in pay-per-view history. The match was nothing special and more like a glorified squash match yet nonetheless it was quite the spectacle to see these two stars team up.

Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper – One of my most memorable WWE house shows as a kid was going to the Philadelphia Spectrum and seeing Hogan and Roddy Piper team up to take on Kamala and Paul Orndorff on March 14, 1987 just fifteen days before WrestleMania III. This team did find its way to Madison Square Garden, although they never made it to pay per view. But seeing these guys not only team up, but cut promos together leading up to the match was one of the coolest memories I have of being a young WWF fan.

Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin – Michaels and Austin formed a terrific tag team for a brief time period in the spring of 1997. The two had a legendary match on television against the British Bulldog and Owen Hart and won the tag team belts. The two played hostile partners and even wrestled each other at that year’s King of the Ring. Of course this was just at the start of the Stone Cold hysteria, but for as short of a period as it was, this was one of the most fun tag teams of the WWE Attitude Era.

The Rock and Steve Austin – Steve Austin and The Rock teamed up a couple of times, one that I can remember was on a WWE SmackDown episode of all places. According to the record books, the date was December 6, 2001 and the two megastars defeated Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle in the main event. It only lasted eight minutes but for one night only, the two faces of the WWE during that time period put their differences aside and kicked some major butt on free television.

Superfly Jimmy Snuka and Andre the Giant – These two WWF superstars teamed together quite a bit throughout 1983-85 but they were never what you would call a regular tag team. It was always a special attraction when the two most popular WWF wrestlers of that time period teamed together to wage war against a variety of heels. As a kid I thought it was the greatest thing in the world whenever these two would team up at the Spectrum. These two guys would always help out the other against their rivals and it was always a big deal when they did.

Bruno Sammartino and Hulk Hogan – Yes, it did happen! A rare match that has never appeared on video featured the two legends of different generations teaming together on a Baltimore house show of all places in August 1987. The two megastars defeated King Kong Bundy and the One Man Gang with Hogan pinning Bundy. Ironically this would be the Living Legend’s final match.

The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels – Arguably the two greatest rivals of this era did form a one night tag team. The two would wrestle together just a few weeks before their first WrestleMania encounter against JBL and Vladimir Kozlov. The match was nothing special but it was certainly a site to behold watching these two legends of the Attitude Era team together for the first time on the March 19, 2009 RAW.

The Road Warriors & The Ultimate Warrior – For pro wrestling fans, it was somewhat of a dream match to see The Road Warriors vs. Demolition. Well it happened, but with some extra parts as the Legion of Doom teamed together with The Ultimate Warrior in a series of six-man tag team battles between makeup wearing pro wrestlers. It may not sound like anything special now, but to see the Ultimate Warrior and the Road Warriors stand side by side in 1990 was one of the most exciting moments of the decade for fans of that era.

[adinserter block=”2″]Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle – I tried to keep this list narrowed down to one-offs or rare special attraction tag teams, but how could I create a list of great WWE dream teams and not include the two arguably greatest wrestlers of their WWE generation? Benoit and Angle once bitter rivals, put their differences aside and had a fantastic run as WWE tag team champions, including classic rivalries between Los Guerreros and Rey Mysterio and Edge. The only downside about seeing these two guys team up was that it kept them from wrestling each other.

John Cena, Shawn Michaels, and Hulk Hogan – This was one-night only team was truly something special to see. Three of the cornerstones of WWE and WWF wrestling over the last decades standing side by side on Monday Night RAW was historic. On a June night in 2005, the three representatives of three generations of WWE fans defeated Chris Jericho, Christian, and, Tyson Tomko.

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    • Go back to George Dusettie, Pavo Katona, Grey Mask,These werea few of the west coast big names! I am 78 years and we used to sneak into the Armory in Klamath Falls, Oregon. These wrestlers would work out on the trampoline and lrt us watch them practice and they would let us play on the trampoline. My spelling of the names may not be correct, but we sure enjoyed them.
      This note is in answer to the past

  1. Great list but how do you list Austin and two other guys but not Austin and Triple H. The Two Man Power Trip held not only the tag titles but the World and IC at the same time. Had Hunter not tore his quad they probably would have kept teaming.

  2. If I may go even more old school… in 1980 at Showdown at Shea, WWF Champion Bob Backlund teamed with former champ Pedro Morales to win the tag titles from the Wild Samoans. You only had four main heavyweight champs in the 70's… Bruno, Pedro, Superstar, and Backlund (not counting the 3 week reign of Koloff or the 9 day reign of Stan Stasiak)… and two of them were in this match.

    Also, if you are going to included Benoit and Angle, I would also have to give a shout out to The Two Man Power Trip – Stone Cold and Triple H. Considering the history between the two, it was surprising, to say the least, to see them team up.

    • Great job on the Backlund & Morales team. You know I had them on my early draft but in retrospect I probably should have included them in there. Hogan and Andre is another one I cut just because my early list was starting to look like Hogan's top ten tag teams. The Two Man Power Trip, eh maybe in top 20 but not top 10…for me anyway:)


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