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Top 10 Blonde Bombshells In WWE Divas History

If there is one thing I have learned as a blogger over the last several years it is that readers like lists of hot women. So sit back and enjoy my look back the top ten hottest WWE blondes in Diva history!

Why narrow the list down to blonde WWE Divas? Well, why not? Rather than sift through archives or memories, videos, and pictures (okay now I am starting to sound a little sleezy) of every female to lace up the boots in WWE history (no disrespect to Velvet McIntyre), I thought it would be more fun to look back at the heart of the division, the girls that may have appeared on your teenage wall at some point, yes I am referring to those pro wrestling blonde bombshells.

It’s time to turn your creep-o-meter up to 10, and have a little fun with the sexy blondes of the WWE wrestling rings. I’ll be honest. There isn’t a real complicated list of criteria here other than a great body, sexy persona, and my personal pervy tastes. And no, in a world of pro wrestling I don’t think it is necessary to discriminate between real and fake blondes.

1. Torrie Wilson – I don’t think anything ever looked this good coming out of Boise, Idaho. Call it personal taste but for me, Torrie Wilson was the hottest blonde to ever step through the WWE ropes. What she lacked as an all-around pro wrestler, she made up for in looks and charisma. Torrie was not anyone that would land on my top 10 or even top 25 list of great blonde female pro wrestlers, but that isn’t what this list is all about. Hey after all, even New York Yankees player Alex Rodriguez approves. Lucky for us she came into the WWE during one of its raunchiest eras in Divas history.

[adinserter block=”1″]2. Sunny (Tammy Sytch) – What budding teenage boy in the late 1990s didn’t have a crush on this gorgeous WWE Diva? Some will call her the original Diva with the way she was able to break through to popular culture by becoming the most downloaded celebrity on America Online at one point. The ironic thing to point out about Tammy was that she was able to get over without even wrestling! Her stunning looks, historic charisma, and wrestling smarts cemented her place in WWE history years ago. And quite frankly, she doesn’t look that bad fifteen years later either.

3. Kelly Kelly – For you younger WWE or pro wrestling fans who don’t know who Tammy Sytch or even Torrie Wilson are, you have probably locked Kelly Kelly into your number one slot a long time ago. I don’t know what it is about Kelly and don’t get me wrong, she is beautiful, but there are times I see her on WWE television where she looks like 10 and then there are times where she looks like 7. Regardless, she is a huge part of this generation of the WWE and to the sick stomachs of some old school wrestling purists, will go into the WWE Hall of Fame someday. Questionable wrestling skills or not, there is no arguing that Kelly is one of the most beautiful girls in pro wrestling history and arguably the hottest blonde bombshell in WWE history.

4. Michelle McCool – Michell McCool (or Mrs. Undertaker to some) is probably a bit of a wild card on this list. I don’t mean that out of disrespect, it is just McCool didn’t have the same kind of lasting impact that most of these women had on their WWE tenure. Regardless, when I looked back in WWE history at the blondes, Michelle continually moved up on my list. She has a rocking body, great charisma, and a charming personality to boot on camera. Here is a fun Michelle McCool fact. Before entering pro wrestling she was a middle school teacher in Palatka, Florida. Yep, you missed out!

5. Trish Stratus – Some of you will look at this list and immediately dismiss it after not seeing Trish Stratus at the top of the list. Trish (like Sable and Sunny) is arguably the most popular choice on these kinds of list. But remember, this isn’t based on popular choice. This list is based on author choice and while there is no doubt Trish is gorgeous, I like a taller woman, so being 5”4” dropped her a few slots for me. Now if I were writing a list on the sexiest eyes, most charisma, or best blonde wrestler in WWE Divas history, Trish Stratus would jump to the top of the list.

6. Stacy Keibler – The funny part about Stacy Keibler is that she is probably less remembered for her days as a professional wrestling Diva in the WWE and WCW than she is as a contestant on Dancing with the Star or being George Clooney’s Oscar date. But before she was obeying the commands of Dr. Doug Ross or cutting a jig on ABC, she was a hard-nosed, sexy, butt-kicking pro wrestler. You want to see Stacy at her best, go You Tube some videos of Miss Hancock dancing on the table on Monday Nitro. Unfortunately for Stacy she came up short in the Fulfill your Fantasy Diva Battle Royal and she’ll come up a little short here on the Camel Clutch Blog.

7. Maryse Ouellet – Maryse came in and out of our WWE lives faster than you can say Jose Luis Rivera. But in her short time as a WWE Diva, Maryse was kind enough to leave us many lasting memories of this blonde bombshell in sexy tiny mini dresses, spiky tall heels, and dozens of hot bikini pictures which any of you can find with a simple Google search. The former glamour model wasn’t necessarily known for a great face but she more than made up for it with one of the tightest bodies in WWE history. The shame of Maryse is that I always felt like she had a ton of potential yet for some reason, the WWE never capitalized on it.

8. Sable (Rena Mero) – This could be the most polarizing pick on the entire list. Some of you will probably write me an email or leave a comment decrying my disrespect of Sable. I get it and once again, this is all about personal tastes. But quite frankly the WWE Divas have evolved quite a bit since Rena Mero took the pro wrestling industry by storm in the mid-1990s and have gotten much hotter. Of course I say all of this feeling completely confident that I won’t be running into Brock Lesnar in the near future. Otherwise, she’d be number one!

[adinserter block=”1″]9. Terri Runnels – The former Marlena comes in at a respectable number nine on my list. Like Stacy Keibler, my favorite Terri Runnels’ moments came in WCW as Alexandra York but in all fairness, Alexandra wasn’t a blonde. I think what continually lands Terri on these kinds of lists is that she had this unique sex appeal that came through her charisma whenever she appeared on WWE television. It was a different kind of charisma, and I mean that as a compliment. Plus, as a former guest of my Pro Wrestling Radio program, she certainly gets some extra consideration.

10. Tiffany – Taryn Terrell made a short but somewhat memorable WWE run a few years back as Tiffany, most remembered for her role as General Manager of ECW (and you all wanted to blame poor WWE writing for that crap). While she certainly had the shortest WWE run of anyone on this list, it is hard not to include her when you are looking back at the hottest blondes in WWE history. As number ten the next on the list probably would have been Beth Phoenix or Jillian Hall (unless you were counting Pam Anderson or Jenny McCarthy for their WrestleMania appearances which I am not) and for my tastes, she beats both of those girls out any day of the week.

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  1. nice picks though surprised trish at least did not crack the top three along with sable. for after all both helped pave the way for the divas. tiffinay do not remember her at all shows how long she lasted. sunny figured if she made the list she would get into the top five. maybe. plus seems even in the wwe the blondes lead the way of the divas having fun


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