Top Ten Active Pro Wrestling Hotties


Is Kelly Kelly the hottest Diva?It’s been almost two months since Michelle McCool lost her Loser Leaves Town match against former best friend Layla at Extreme Rules, and frankly, the industry took a head shot when it lost the blonde bombshell who had finally reached the pinnacle of her career.

Not only was Michelle a great looking girl with a heartwarming accent (just ask The Undertaker), but any time I tuned into SmackDown I actually bought into her bully persona, a program she worked nicely with a decent arsenal of moves and great chemistry with her partner in crime, Layla.

Living so close to where Michelle McCool used to teach middle school classes, her domination of the WWE Divas division actually had me wondering where all the hot teachers were when I was coming up through that system, but more importantly, had me rooting for the girl. But now, the teacher turned kayfabe pro trainer turned single white Christian female turned mean girl is finished, leaving me wondering just who the most attractive ladies of the squared circle were, and who would supplant Mrs. McCool as the apple of my eye. Of course, these are all a matter of taste, so feel free to blast off on anyone I missed.

10. Rosita (TNA) Even fair-weather viewers of TNA will recognize her as the girl that doesn’t even come up to the top rope in stature, on account of her billed height of 4’11’’. I’m not sure if she is that diminutive, but the disadvantage practically makes her useless in the ring. That said, I’m buying hard into the Mexican America faction as a legitimate heel front in TNA, which could continue to propel Rosita to the top of the Knockouts division. She’s already one half of the tag team champions, but who knows how much longer her partner Sarita will stick around? It doesn’t really matter, though; as long as they keep trotting Rosita out there in her skimpy two piece, let her throw a couple of girl punches and drop a DDT or two, I’m fine.

[adinserter block=”2″]9. The Bella Twins (WWE) What a find in The Bellas, huh? A wrestling set of twins who always outsmart their opponents and look pretty good? I’m pretty new to the sisters, but I’m not new to the long standing alpha male fantasy stereotype of twin magic. As far as their in ring ability, I’m not that impressed, but Nikki and Brie have killer bodies and when they come out on the ramp and do that hip shaking thing, that’s about all I need to see. Come out, knife edge chop, switch out with your sister, and finish up so The Miz can tell us how awesome he is.

8. Kaitlyn (WWE) I’m using that affiliation with the top dog company very loosely because Kaitlyn is nowhere to be found! The girl can wrestle, has the looks to match Natalya, and even though she was worked as a heel on her season of NXT, I could totally see her reemerge as a contender for the WWE Divas title, or start a feud with Beth Phoenix when Brie Bella eventually drops the belt. I don’t normally dig women that look like they can disarm and disable me in a street fight, but there’s a certain charm about Kaitlyn that makes me wonder why the terrible Alicia Fox still gets work and the “winner” of WWE’s reality show can’t even get a two minute match anymore. By the way, if you’re still watching NXT, props to you for actually believing that the winners won’t soon be back in FCW and working at an IKEA.

7. Christina Von Eerie (Indys) I discovered this hidden gem earlier this year when she was escorting Jesse Neal into a Fatal 4-Way title match and all I can say is the girl has enough spunk, charisma, and athleticism to make it to the big time. Don’t let the sharply cut hair and punk rock tattoos fool you; up close, Christina is a great looking girl who commanded your live audience attention. If she ever does make it up north, she already has the look of someone who you would believe could be billed as Luna Vachon’s daughter. Someone pay this girl…those tats couldn’t have come cheap.

6. Angelina Love (TNA) I almost left Angelina off this list but soon remembered how much I loved her as a face, battling the Beautiful People in her alternative rock groupie attire. In my opinion, Angelina Love has one of the most impressive physiques of all the TNA Knockouts and looks to treat her body like a temple. That commitment to yourself on such low pay is admirable, but Angelina’s crisp ring work and dedication to character probably makes TNA not have to think twice about showcasing her every week on Impact. If you haven’t been watching what she’s been doing lately with her subservient, zombie character, tune in because it’s one of the better story lines management has handled this year. Oh, and she’s Canadian, so I could totally imagine her kicking off her boots, grabbing a Labatt Blue and settling in on a hockey game under a Snuggie (fan fiction alert!).

5. Eve Torres (WWE) Eve is also another Diva that I’m not too familiar with yet, but the more I see her the more I want her to moonsault everyone and everything. As for beauty, she’s probably the second prettiest girl in the company, but more on that later. I read several blogs that like to hate on Eve, but I just don’t see it. Sure, she may not be the greatest technical wrestler, but the WWE is smart. If every women’s wrestler was technically sound but had a busted face, a certain chunk of fans would tune out. Not to be sexist, but like football, I just think that the men put on a better show. So you find a drop dead gorgeous ex-dancer like Eve, teach her some gymnastics type moves, and set her free. Eve still has to co-star in That’s What I Am 2: I’m Still Me.

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4. Maryse (WWE) The Canadian gold digger is the complete package for me: the looks, the killer body, and the personality of the girl who’s going to make fun of you, steal your boyfriend, and then probably beat you up (you don’t stand a chance, Gail Kim). This is all unfortunate because her program with Ted DiBiase has seemingly vanished and it’s really hard to find any trace of Maryse these days. I hear she’s on NXT a lot now, but the day I start watching WWE programming on my computer is the day I reevaluate my love of a business tailored for adolescence. In a nutshell, I’d argue that Maryse is the prettiest girl in the industry today.

3. AJ Lee (FCW) If one of the coolest guys in the business, Jay Lethal, was getting down with AJ, what else more can I say? When I did record the Divas season of NXT, AJ was my personal favorite. She’s cute as a button, has ridiculously great abs, is a self proclaimed nerd, and hasn’t yet brought herself to make certain augmentations to her overall package. It’s really a shame WWE didn’t choose her as the winner, but with her innocent personality she could make a great valet while in the meantime tune her in ring maneuvers and eventually become a full time Diva. I had to work when FCW came through town a couple of weeks ago, and that really bummed me out. Along with Titus O’Neal, AJ was the other reason I would have paid out to see that show.

2. Kelly Kelly (WWE) Barbie Blank from Jackonsville, what’s up?! Of all these young ladies, Kelly Kelly is the probably the personification of “hot.” Blonde hair, fake tan, pearly whites, ear to ear grin, and the Vince mandated boob job. I also don’t know what’s funnier…that her real name is actually Barbie or that she really broke into the company as a stripper with Layla and Brooke Adams (TNA’s Miss Tessmacher). I didn’t really follow what Kelly Kelly did for the next three years after the banishment of anything R-rated, but you can tell the company is still hot for her, putting her in main events with Edge and the recent angle with Kharma. One part of Kelly Kelly’s signature moves that I always enjoy is her turnbuckle pose before her matches. She looks like she’s genuinely happy to be out there and entertaining the masses. It doesn’t hurt that I’m also a sucker for light blue eyes.

[adinserter block=”1″]1. Madison Rayne (TNA) Right now, Madison is the most powerful heel in her company and her queen bee persona works on so many levels. She’s young, pushes older talent around, and has the build of a healthy, yet still beautiful in ring performer. Even though I only know her as a heel, it’s surprising to see that in only about six years she’s transformed herself from this to this. While I prefer the blonde skunk hair, I truly believe Rayne hits on all cylinders for me as a wrestling fan: pretty, great body, creative in ring arsenal, and the personality to get over on fans and keep us coming back for more. I’m not sure if it will ever happen, but I’m really rooting for Madison Rayne to parlay all her hard work into an eventual WWE contract. Doll her up in green and black and call her Acid Rain; she could totally be the next Kharma.

Honorable mentions: Velvet Sky, Miss Tessmacher, Karen Jarrett (as long as she doesn’t talk), Trish Stratus

Joe Leininger lives in Gainesville, FL and writes for The Playing Field and Destigeddon.

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  1. I am *NOT* a fan of women with overly-plastic bodies, which encompasses most women working in the big two, particularly TNA (almost a self-referential title when you look at their Knockouts). Such a description covers just about everyone on this list except for Christina Von Eerie. Keeping all that in mind, here are some of my choices (a few of whom may have enhanced themselves in that regard to some extent):

    Mickie James
    Nikki Roxx
    Sara Del Rey
    Sarah Stock

    Unlike most choices above, these are individuals who are workers more than they are eye candy.

    • Kaitlyn's a fitness model who, with enough work, should be a Diva with regular screen time by next Summer. While I realize she's the 3rd string 3rd down back of Divas her build (Phoenix, Natalya are ahead), she could still have a nice program with them, Kelly Kelly, or Kharma if she comes back.

      As for looks, I think Kaitlyn's a notch above Nattie and Phoenix, with everything from her hair to her personality, and maybe even the regretful butt tattoo (google it!). Beth's arms frighten me!

  2. Miss Tessmacher should have been on the actual list. Winter/Katie Lea should have also. Reby Sky should have been on there atleast as an honorable mention. They are 3 of the hottest women in wrestling.

    • Is Reby Sky even a wrestler? If she's in the Indys, sorry I left her out, but I only really get to check out the mainstream stuff. The only reason I included Von Eerie on this list was because I was able to see her with Jesse Neal earlier this year in Orlando.

      Thanks for reading, and while I can't argue that Tessy has a killer body, she just looks like a b*tch, which is what I've heard got her canned in the WWE anyway.

  3. #1 is definitely Velvet Sky
    #2 Natayla
    #3 miss tessmacher
    #4 kaitlyn
    #5 mickie james
    #6 rosa mendez
    #7 eve
    #8 madison rayne
    #9 rosita
    #10 alicia fox

  4. no. 1 is defenitly velvet sky
    no. 2 layla
    no. 3 aj lee
    no. 4 angelina love
    no. 5 bella twins
    no. 6 sarita
    no. 7 kelly kelly
    no. 8 tara
    no. 9 miss tessmacher
    no. 10 madison rayne

  5. Screw how they look… Kharma can flat out wrestle. She reminds me of Brock back in the WWE, making things seem so easy. Have a healthy baby Kharma and get back to the ring.

    • Well, since the WWE has taken the division to mean more of an intermission, I believe it should be treated as such. Eve's not there to pull off a Perfect Plex, my friend. Still, if you are the best company, you should strive to have the mix of looks and talent, which I believe the big companies pull off. I'm just giving credit where credits due.

  6. I don't know guys. I've seen some pretty rough looking pics of Velvet from either back in her earlier wrestling days and/or without makeup. I do love her work ethic and personality, though. She's jobbed almost the entire better part of 2011 and hasn't complained.

  7. Wow thats a bad list no Layla or Velvet and you included Angelina and even rmarked that she has a good body…there are models in milan that want to be as scrawnly and disgusting looking as Angelina, I dont think she's eaten a meal this year though its no surprise when you also liked McCool who suffers from the same I hate food look. And Kelly as number 2…her face looks like she was kicked by a horse, yes she has a great body but that face ruins it. Maryse should be number 1, she probably the only woman in pro wrestling that genuinly knows what sexy is and how too be sexy beyond just jumping up and down and wearing tiny clothes

    • You’re a fa###t if you don’t realize Angelina is hot as hell, she has a great body and is clearly healthy since she’s a bodybuilder. McCool is hot and in great shape too, just because they’re not fat like the women you know doesn’t mean they’re underweight. Only a homo would think either one of them is disgusting looking.

  8. Yeah! Christina Von Eerie is hot!

    Rumour was TNA was going to pick her up to be the valet for Ink Inc, why they didn't is beyond me.

    She deserves the nod.


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