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Top Ten Plays of the Philadelphia Eagles Season

DeSean Jackson's 65-yard punt return for a TD against the GiantsI have compiled a list of the top ten plays from the Philadelphia Eagles season. Not all of them were necessarily positive but I based my list on memorable and critical plays to the Eagles season. There is no doubt that the 2010 Eagles will go down as one of the most memorable in team history.

Between the blazing scrambles of Michael Vick, the clutch runs of Shady McCoy, and arguably the most exciting play of the year from DeSean Jackson, nobody will forget the Eagles 10-11 season. Not all of the top plays were necessarily positive but I based my list on memorable and critical plays to the Eagles season. In recent years trying to come up with a list of ten memorable plays in an Eagles season would have been near impossible. This season, it was almost impossible to narrow any kind of Eagles list down to just ten.

In a season where almost everybody but Couch Groove Football writer Justin Henry picked the birds to finish 8-8 or below .500, even the biggest Eagles hater would have to consider the season a success. The season ending interception in the Wild Card game will haunt the Eagles and its fans for the next several months. But at the end of the day the Eagles gave it’s a fans a 10-6 season, a division win, and the most exciting offense Eagles fans have ever seen.

Keep in mind this is one man’s opinion, mine. If you think I missed a top play or disagree with any of my picks leave me a comment and tell me what I missed. This isn’t an exact science but I truly think that these ten plays represent the 2010 season of the Philadelphia Eagles better than any others.

DeSean Jackson returns a 65-yard punt for a touchdown with no time left to beat the New York Giants – Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants NFL 2010 Week 15. Not only was this the most memorable play of the Philadelphia Eagles but it was arguably the most memorable play of the entire NFL season. The TD won the game for the Eagles who clinched the division and a playoff spot with the win. The TD also capped off one of the greatest come from behind wins in Philadelphia Eagles history as the Eagles trailed 10-31 midway in the fourth quarter. The game has now been referred to in Eagles circles as Miracle at the New Meadowlands.

Michael Vick scrambles for 35 yards ducking a sack from a New York Giants linebacker – Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants NFL 2010 Week 15. The game was so memorable and so monumental to the Eagles season that it would be criminal to only celebrate one play on a fourth quarter 28 point comeback. After scoring a TD to cut the lead to 14 points, the birds recover an onside kick with less than 8 minutes to go. On the second play of the ensuing drive Michael Vick was vintage Mike Vick scrambling 35 yards to the NYG 9 yard line. What makes this play so memorable is that Vick ducked what looked like an unavoidable sack from what looks like to be Jonathon Goff which would have put the birds back around the Eagles 48. Instead Vick ducks the sack, scrambles up the middle for 35 yards and walks into the end zone three plays later to cut the deficit to a touchdown.

Clay Matthews sacks Kevin Kolb for no loss at the Eagles 18 yard line – Green Bay Packers vs. Philadelphia Eagles NFL 2010 Week 1. Why would a big defensive play from an opposing team make this list? Kevin Kolb endured a concussion on the Clay Matthews sack which resulted in Kolb being unable to return after halftime. This opened up the doors for Michael Vick to play the most football he had played before going to prison a couple of years ago. The moment marked the beginning of a new era in Philadelphia Eagles football and the start of one of the most magical and unpredictable seasons in Eagles history.

[adinserter block=”2″]Michael Vick’s 33 yard pass to DeSean Jackson at 14:25 of the fourth quarter – Houston Texans vs. Philadelphia Eagles NFL 2010 Week 13. This was a big play at a big time. The Eagles opened up hot against the Texans on Thursday Night Football but slowly fell apart. The Texans rallied from down 3-17 in the second quarter with an Arian Foster 3-yard touchdown in the 3rd quarter to take the lead. Following an embarrassing loss less than a week earlier in Chicago, a loss here could have been devastating. Down 20-24 going into the 4th quarter, Vick hits a bomb to D Jax for 33 yards at the Houston 11. Two plays later the Eagles score a touchdown. The play highlights something the birds haven’t done in a long time which is complete a successful fourth quarter comeback.

Michael Vick throws an 88 yard touchdown to DeSean Jackson -Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington Redskins NFL 2010 Week 10. This was the start of one of the greatest Monday Night Football performances by any single NFL offense in the history of the program. On the road in Washington Michael Vick hits D Jax for 88 yeards on the first play from scrimmage for the first of six touchdowns for the Eagles QB between the ground and the air. This was a huge win for the birds. The Redskins won the first meeting earlier in the season at Philadelphia which featured Donovan McNabb taking a shot at the team in his postgame speech. Eagles coach Andy Reid later intimated that the speech may have fueled the team for the revenge game. A loss here also would have put the birds behind the Giants in the division and would have seen the Eagles playing catch-up ball for the rest of the season.

Quinton Mikell returns an Alex Smith fumble for a 52 yard touchdown – Philadelphia Eagles vs. San Francisco 49ers NFL 2010 Week 5. Regardless of the 49ers record, it is never easy for an east team to travel west for a game. The Eagles dream season was slowly turning into a nightmare. A week prior former quarterback Donovan McNabb marched into Philadelphia and led the Redskins to a win giving the Eagles their first loss since Week 1. Even more devastating was the loss of Michael Vick who was injured early against the Redskins. Kevin Kolb was back and nobody in Philly was confident. Who knows what would have happened the rest of the way if the Eagles lost this game? It would be the defense that came up huge in San Francisco and played out of their minds on the road with five turnovers. The 49ers were showing signs of life down 10-17 after David Akers missed a 53-yard field goal early in the fourth quarter. Three plays later rookie Brandon Graham sacks 49ers QB (for that week) Alex Smith who loses the ball. Quinton Mikell picks up the ball and takes it 52 yards for a touchdown and the end of any 49ers comeback.

Asante Samuel intercepts Peyton Manning with 0:18 to ice a Colts comeback – Indianapolis Colts vs. Philadelphia Eagles NFL 2010 Week 11. Asante Samuel told Joe Buck before the Packers Wild Card game, “they don’t pay me to tackle they pay me to make interceptions.” Well he certainly earned his money in Week 11 when the birds hosted the Colts at home. With 40 seconds left and no timeouts Manning got the ball after a huge defensive stand by the Colts. Manning converted one first down taking the Colts to their own 41- yard line. Trailing 24-26 on the road the stage was set for another Peyton Manning come back. Instead Manning overthrows Blair White and Asante Samuel picks off Manning for his second interception of the day. The win was huge for the team who some critics believed could not beat an elite NFL team. The win was even bigger for Andy Reid who struggles against the AFC and was blown out the last time Indy came to town six years ago.

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Tramon Williams intercepts Michael Vick in the end zone with 0:33 seconds left in the fourth quarter – Green Bay Packers vs. Philadelphia Eagles NFL 2010 Wild Card. Not all of the Eagles memorable moments were positives ones and this was by far the worst. Trailing 16-21 with no timeouts left Michael Vick was in the midst of pulling off one of the greatest Eagles postseason wins in team history. Vick put the team on his back and led a touchdown scoring drive at the 4:08 mark of the fourth quarter. The birds get the ball back after a huge Aaron Rodgers sack with 1:45 to go and no timeouts. Vick takes the birds all the way down to the Green Bay 27 with 1:02 to go. Instead of spiking the ball, Vick acted fast, went for pay dirt and overthrew Riley Cooper into the waiting hands of Tramon Williams. Williams’ interception sealed the deal and ended the season for the Philadelphia Eagles.

[adinserter block=”1″]DeSean Jackson catches a 19-yard pass and turns it into a 91-yard touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys – Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys NFL 2010 Week 14. This play was huge on a lot of levels. One, Jackson caught this ball at the 19 and outran about five different Cowboys defenders. Two, Jackson’s final steps taking a Nestea Plunge into the end zone mocking the Cowboys was must-see TV. Three, the touchdown broke open a 20-20 tie. Four and maybe most important to Eagles fans, the score was a sweet tastes of revenge against a team that won all three games against the Eagles last year and dominated them to the point of embarrassment in last season’s Wild Card round. The Cowboys would come back to tie the game, yet a late David Akers field goal and the brilliant running of Shady McCoy to keep the Cowboys off the field sealed redemption for the birds.

LeSean McCoy runs 50 yards for a touchdown on 4th and 1 – New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles NFL 2010 Week 11. Trailing 16-17 at home against their division foe, the Eagles were in the middle of the ultimate collapse. For the first time all season a team finally figured out Michael Vick and had the Eagles offense frustrated for four quarters. A loss here would have put the Eagles down two in the division and would have had them chasing rather than leading the Giants the rest of the way. What happens when you take Michael Vick and the passing game away from the Eagles? Well, you turn to the running game and Shady McCoy. Vick ended the last series with a fumble turning the ball over to the Giants. After a big defensive stand by the birds, the Eagles looked like they would be giving the ball back to the Giants once again. Instead in a gutsy call at the Eagles 46 Andy Reid goes for it on 4th and 1. With only two timeouts, 4:36 to go in the fourth, and a short field for the Giants, a failure to convert would have put the G-Men in the driver’s seat the rest of the way. Instead, Vick pitches to McCoy (a move which would have Andy Reid lambasted in the Philly media if the play didn’t work) and McCoy jukes his way past a few Giants defenders and takes the ball 50-yards for an explosive touchdown. Granted the real game winning moment here was Eli Manning’s fumble at the Eagles 40 on the Giants next drive but this game will be remembered for Shady’s 50-yard run leaving the Giants in the dust!

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