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Top Gun Maverick: Who Dies in the Sequel?

Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell returns after decades.

1986 Top Gun’s sequel had to face multiple delays over almost a decade and has been a topic of anticipation for more than three decades and most people even gave up hope. However, for those who kept hoping, the wait was worth it, and Top Gun: Maverick is finally premiering.

Tom Cruise returned for the role of the titular character on 27th May when stakes are higher than ever for a mission that might be more dangerous than any he ever encountered before. The movie’s opening weekend is surely explosive and it is expected that it might earn Cruise his first-ever $100 million opening weekend.

Out topic of discussion, today is the deaths that occur in the sequel. We talk about who dies in the sequel and how their death affected the flow of the movie. Massive spoiler warning ahead.

Top Gun Maverick Synopsis

The movie beautifully features some nostalgic memories of the first movie and some long-awaited reunions. Maverick is brought in to teach a new group of recruits of Top Gun graduates and prepare them for a really dangerous mission.

The movie had many scenes which led to the audience believe that some characters died however don’t be worried because this time, a sequel did not kill any of the new characters appearing in the movie. However, death did occur and some individuals were revealed to have died after the events of the first film.

Who Dies in Top Gun: Maverick?

The sequel killed off one original character from the film and one original character from the first film was revealed to have passed away:

Tom “Iceman” Kazansky

Iceman’s death is one of the most moving scenes in the movie and it also led to a major turning point in the flow of the movie. Although he was Maverick’s rival in the movie, the sequel showed them becoming good friends. The two mostly text throughout the film until Iceman finally appears in a scene.

We see Iceman suffering from throat cancer which has led him to make all conversations only through text. However, he speaks to Maverick one last time before he leaves and days later it is revealed that he has died. His death helps Maverick and his students put aside their differences and work toward a common goal.

Carole Bradshaw

It was revealed in the movie that Carole, Goose’s wife passed away sometime after the events of the first movie and her last wish was for his son Roster not to be allowed to fly. This leads to Maverick and Roster not being on good terms throughout the movie. Maverick is also guilt-ridden about Goose’s death throughout the sequel.

Does Maverick Die?

Although the movie pretty much built up the story for a protégé to take over Maverick, however, Maverick does not die in the movie. The ending teased Maverick’s death however he survives the crash after Roster saves his life.

Top Gun Maverick is currently premiering in theatres.



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