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Top Gun Maverick: Everything to Know Before Its Release

Are you prepared to watch it?

Top Gun is hailed as one of the greatest action films by many. Although it wasn’t that much appreciated by the critics, it was certainly well received by the audience for its action scenes, the visual effects, and above all, the aerial stunts.

The movie’s success was so great that a producer claimed that the navy recruiting after the movie’s release went up by 500 percent. The number was never really tallied but it’s certainly true that the navy recruiters had their hands full in the 1986 summer.

1986, that’s when Top Gun was released and more than three decades later, we are finally getting a well-deserved sequel to the original. So what things you should keep in mind before you head to the theatres to watch Top Gun Maverick? And what should you do before you go?

Here is everything you should know:

The Story

Top Gun featured Maverick, the top pilot in the navy who was given a second chance to redeem himself after he loses his friend. He is then sent to the Top Gun Naval Fighter Weapons School where he makes friends and rivals. He then not only tries to be the top fighter, but he also fights to win the attention of the flight instructor Charlie.

The sequel will bring the story to 30 years later after years of service by Maverick in the navy. He continues to be a risk-taking test pilot and is also assigned to train a detachment of graduates for a special assignment.

Now, Maverick has to face his deepest fears and some ghosts from the past while he rides a mission that requires him to give an ultimate sacrifice for the flight to succeed.

Things to Do Before Watching Top Gun Maverick

The most obvious and the first thing you should do before watching a sequel is watching the original movie. Yes, it sounds like an old movie but it will be worth the watch and give you more insight into what the sequel will unfold. The most appropriate time to watch Top Gun would be a day or two before the sequel releases.

The next thing you could do is watch ‘Val’ which is a moving documentary about the actor who played Maverick’s rival in Top Gun. In the documentary, he addresses his career choices and health issues and you are bound to enjoy his role in the sequel more after watching his documentary.

How to Watch Top Gun Maverick?

Top Gun Maverick is scheduled to hit the theatres on 27 May this year and the best place you could watch it is obviously the theatres. If you are one of those who like watching their movies alone in the comfort of their home, then you gotta wait a while.

It’s sad news for the fans but the movie will not stream on the day of its theatrical release. Paramount is yet to announce a streaming date for the movie. At the very least, the movie will run for 45 days in the theatre before it is streamed.

So we can expect it to have a streaming date around July 9 and it could only extend further if the movie achieves great success. Once the movie is streamed, it will be available to watch on Paramount+ exclusively with a paid subscription.

So if you can’t wait that long then your only option is to watch it in the theatres.



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