Top Five Memorable NFL Wild Card Moments


It is ironic when you look back at the last couple of decades of NFL Wild Card games and notice the plethora of exciting moments in the NFL playoffs. Often times you have one team that overlooks an opponent who takes them by surprise. Other times you have teams with nothing to lose who take that same attitude onto the football field.

NFL fans often overlook the NFL Wild Card playoff round as nothing more than a series of games between mismatched teams. Wild Card rounds generally feature at least one if not more teams that barely made the NFL postseason.

However some of the most exciting NFL playoff moments over the last two decades have come from this opening round of postseason play. Either way there is plenty of wild action in the Wild Card round and with that said let’s take a look back at the Top Five Memorable Moments in NFL Wild Card History.

[adinserter block=”1″]Buffalo Bills vs. Tennessee Titans Jaunary 08, 2000. The Music City Miracle! We have all seen losing NFL teams try the lateral as time ends to try and pull off a last second score. It usually ends in chaos that looks like something out of circus. That was until the Music City Miracle. The Buffalo Bills had just pulled off the unlikely comeback kicking a field goal to go ahead with only 0:16 left. On the ensuing kickoff Lorenzo Neal took the ball, handed the ball to Frank Wycheck who then threw a lateral across the field to Kevin Dyson who scored a 75-yard touchdown with no time left. The Titans wound up going to the Super Bowl and were a few yards of winning the Lombardi trophy.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Seattle Seahawks January 06, 2007. The Cowboys set up for a game winning field goal, Tony Romo bobbles the snap with 1:19 left, and the Seahawks win the game. If you are an anti-Cowboys fan like me, this is probably top of the list. Romo and the Cowboys rolled into the playoffs and were picked by some to win the Super Bowl. The Cowboys set up for an easy 19 yard field goal which would have put them ahead and theoretically won the game. That was until Romo lost the snap, Jordan Babineaux from Seattle recovers the ball, and the Cowboys lose the game. NFL blogs still have fun with this one.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers January 04, 2004. Matt Hasselbeck tells the world, “We want the ball and we’re gonna score” in overtime and subsequently throws an interception. Unless you were a Green Bay Packers you stood up and went nuts in your living room when Hasselbeck said those infamous words to the referee after winning the coin toss in overtime. Unfortunately those words would come back to haunt the former Packer moments later after Al Harris returned a Hasselbeck interception 52 yards for the game winning touchdown.

[adinserter block=”2″]Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Pittsburgh Steelers January 05, 2008. David Garrard’s game saving 32-yard scramble up the middle on 4th and 2 in the final two minutes. This is one of the most under appreciated clutch NFL moments in postseason history right here. The Steelers had gone a 19 point run in the fourth quarter to take the lead in what was shaping up to be one of the great comebacks in Steelers history. The Jaguars were stopped and on 4th and 2 were less than two minutes from one of the all time postseason collapses. Instead David Garrard scrambled to the 10 yard line and set up a game winning Josh Scobee 25-yard field goal.

Green Bay Packers vs. San Francisco 49ers January 03, 1999. T.O. is born! San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Terrell Owens hauls in a 25-yard touchdown catch in traffic with :08 seconds to go to win the game. This was one of the greatest touchdown catches in NFL history as Terrell Owens not only caught the ball in traffic but was sandwiched between two Packer defenders as he reached the end zone for the win.

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  1. How can you not add a third Seahawks one with the imporbable win in 2010 with Marshawn Lynch's Earthquake-inducing touchdown run to take down the Saints?

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