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Top Five Best King Of Queens Episodes

King of Queens showKing of Queens reruns never get old. I think most men can relate to Doug Heffernan in some way, shape, or form. So thanks to endless hours of viewing and a little free time, here are my top five King of Queens episodes.

Television sitcoms come and go but this one will always have longevity as far as I am concerned. Kevin James is the perfect “every guy”, Leah Remini is the perfect “nagging, yet sneaky wife”, and Jerry Stiller as Arthur is quite possibly the most entertaining father-in-law in the history of television. Surround these three with a hilarious supporting cast, and you have the best sitcom of its generation, King of Queens.

These episodes are in no particular order because quite frankly my top five can change by the week. It is a compliment to them that almost every time I finish watching an episode I tend to send it immediately in my top five. So come back next week and maybe this changes, but I think I have done a pretty good job of ranking the top five.

[adinserter block=”2″]Season 7, episode 704 Entertainment Weakly – This one gets me every time. Comedian Craig Gas guest stars in this one, bringing all of his fun celebrity imitations with him. Craig plays Tim Murphy, a new hire at IPS who immediately becomes a hit with the rest of the crew with this impressions. There is only one problem, Doug is the “funny guy” of IPS and he is enraged that anyone would steal his thunder.

Doug struggles with the fact that Tim is getting more laughs from his co-workers for an entire episode. Doug springs his own impression on Carrie, who seems less impressed by the impression. This is a hilarious episode if not for the countless impressions by Gass and James throughout the show.

Doug decides he has had enough and for revenge, re-routes Tim on a new trip. Unfortunately for Tim, he winds up getting jumped and beaten up. Doug soon goes from the “funny guy” to the IPS jerk. Add in an equally funny story about Carrie and her new assistant and you get one of the all time King of Queens great episodes.

Season 3, episode 307, Strike Out – Another absolute gem and quite possibly my favorite episode of all time from the series. This is the conclusion of a three part episode which focuses on Doug’s IPS strike. This third episode features Doug enjoying his vacation by doing absolutely nothing. Doug even grows a Wolverine type beard on his break. Deacon is no better and the wives decide they should put them together for inspiration. Big mistake!

Deacon comes over Doug’s house one morning with his baby and are joined by Arthur Spooner for a game of gambling farm animals. This soon breaks out into a day of chaos and childish adventures by the foursome. Their day of pranks and fun include giving neighbors wrong directions, sitting outside of a store and harassing patrons, and making all kinds of insane bets.

Season 5, episode 508 Flash Photography – One of the all-time funniest episodes of any show in television history! This episode features Doug giving Carrie a hard time about going to a wedding, something most men can relate too. Doug is bored out of his mind at the wedding, sees a disposable camera and a top hat, and decides to go to the bathroom and take a highly inappropriate picture.

What Doug didn’t bank on is that the picture would turn into a big conspiracy against his cousin Danny, the bride’s ex. Doug also didn’t count on the picture being passed around their circle of friends and family, including his mother. It provides for some awkwardly hilarious moments. In the words of Doug Heffernan, “It don’t get much better than this folks!”

Season 7, episode 701 Lost Vegas – Once again a Doug Heffernan scheme goes awry when he tries to somehow convince his wife to go to Las Vegas with his friends by saving “credit.” The “credit” in this case is Doug taking Carrie away for a weekend to a spa for rest and relaxation. While Carrie rests, there is no relaxation for Doug who has coffee put into a most intimate area, and is exercised to the point of exhaustion. With no TV to boot, Doug feels he has more than earned himself enough credit to go to Vegas.

The problem arises when Carrie offers to have sex with Doug, role playing Penelope and Pepe’. Doug turns her down and then comes clean saying he doesn’t want to “waste his credit on sex.” You can guess at how well that goes over with his wife. But not all is lost, because Doug does get to see a concert featuring a man with a lot of hits at the end of the show.

[adinserter block=”1″]Season 7, episode 705 Name Dropper – This is probably the most quoted King of Queens episode among my friends for one particular scene, the heart attack. Doug is accused by Carrie of not paying attention to people’s names at Carrie’s work functions. Doug denies this but is put in an awkward position when he is approached by one of Carrie’s co-workers at a function and forgets her name. He panics and instead of just asking her for her name, he fakes a heart attack.

Just the idea of Doug faking a heart attack to get out of an uncomfortable situation makes this one a classic. The scene of Doug telling Carrie that he faked it is equally priceless. This little lie spirals out of control when Carrie’s boss insists that Doug starts seeing heart specialists, and while Carrie enjoys seeing Doug pay the price for his lying.

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    • There´s not enough season 7 in there 🙂

      Just think of
      S7E03 Furious Gorge
      S7E11 Pour Judgement
      S7E12 Gym Neighbours
      S7E21 Slippery Slope

  1. I only discovered the King of Queens about 3 months ago when my dog jumped up on the bed changing the channel on me. While looking for the remote, I wound up sitting on the edge of the bed watching it, laughing my head off!

    I'm kind of glad now that I never discovered it before because there are 9 seasons of re-runs either on tv, or on the internet to catch up on!

    Anyway~ Eric – I loved your write-up and I can't wait to watch the episodes that you mentioned. I haven't been a sitcom fan (with the exception of Seinfeld) until my dog stumbled upon King of Queens for me.

    Loved your article so much!!! A (new) King of Queens fan :0)


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