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Top Candidates for the vacant WWE World Championship

At a time where WWE needed to keep their main stars fresh after a few injuries, the company was heavily rocked by the news that their world champion, Seth Rollins faces at least 6 months of the side-lines after suffering multiple ligament damage to his knee. An awful injury at an awful time, and I wish Seth only the best in what is hopefully a speedy recovery. For the title, a tournament will be held at Survivor Series to determine the new champion, and I am going to put forward some names who could, or maybe should, walk away with the gold.

Roman Reigns

[adinserter block=”1″]The easiest option for WWE to go with is the man who had a title match at the event in the first place. Reigns was scheduled to face Seth Rollins at Survivor Series for the title, and whether he was booked to win the title or not, he was the only person currently in the main event slot. This year, Reigns has been on a mission to prove himself as a worthy world title holder, and while many still doubt if he is there yet (especially on the mic), he has improved a huge amount and now could be the right time to take a risk on him and put the belt around his waist. Also, a heel has carried the world title for a long time now, so it would be refreshing the strap the belt on one of the most popular faces on the roster. There’s no doubt that Reigns will be the world champion very soon, as soon could be as soon as Survivor Series. His chances are high, and he’s probably going to be made the favorite in the coming weeks.


For Sheamus, he could easily wait until the grind of the tournament is complete, come running down and claim the championship from the winner. By allowing Sheamus to win the Money in the Bank contract, it’s hard to believe that the company haven’t at some point drawn up a story involving Sheamus becoming champion. It would be easier then to just use these plans now and put the belt on Sheamus while they spend time thinking of a new plan. He’s been champion before so he has the experience. Is he the guy to carry the WWE right now in the middle of all the injuries? No, not at all. But he would be a smart choice to make champion just to give them time to draw up better plans.


“Hey, here’s an idea. Let’s take this guy who is sensational in the ring and incredibly over with the crowd and book him into a disastrous midcard, before shocking the world and putting the world title on him out of nowhere much to the delight of the entire universe.” – Vinny Mac, 2015. Okay, so those aren’t his words, but it would be an incredible twist and would generate an incredible pop if done so. It would also give Vince a chance to see if Cesaro can make it at the top. If, within two weeks he hasn’t done anything to warrant being where he is, have Sheamus steal the title off him. With so many huge names sitting on the side, now is the chance to take a risk with a new star and see if they can take the ball and run, and there’s no one better to start with than Cesaro.

Triple H

Now, this will be controversial, but there are reasons. This is from a storyline perspective only. Triple H has been delighted with the world title being in the hands of the authority since Wrestlemania. He isn’t going to want to lose it. What better way to keep the title in their power than to have the championship himself. This would annoy many fans as it isn’t exactly promoting the future of WWE, but it actually does. Putting the title on someone like The Game then allows a future star, example being someone like Roman Reigns, to then take the title from Trips and have it on a future star. Fans would truly get behind Reigns in a feud like this, and that’s probably what he needs. Not only that, but everyone knows Triple H has the ability to hold the title, and some fans would like to see one last title run.

Dean Ambrose

Roman Reigns has a title match booked. An injury to his opponent stops that. A tournament decides the next champion. Reigns’ best friend wins that tournament and is the new champion. A feud then commences between Reigns and Ambrose. Why? Another former Shield member has stolen his moment. It all adds up to a compelling story. WWE teased an Ambrose title run in the summer, and maybe they’ll finally go through with it. It could go two ways too. Either Ambrose has aligned with the authority, taking Seth’s position because he wants a title. Heel turn there and a feud with Reigns. Or, as Ambrose wins, Reigns celebrates but then turns and takes him out. Both would be great stories, and I’m sure fans would love to see Ambrose right at the top.

Brock Lesnar

The man that never lost to lose his title. The man who just defeated the Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match. The Beast. The Conqueror. Sure, fans would be bitter about the title being on a man who doesn’t appear on the show anywhere near enough as the face of the company should. But he is a prize fighter. He brought huge prestige to the title when he carried it last year. He is a champion. Every time he fights, fans want to watch. Taking his title back would be smart, but would he want to work Survivor Series? And if he does, does he hold the title all the way through to Wrestlemania? If he does, he defends the title on that show instead of having a glorious match against a dream opponent instead. Vince may want him to fight the Rock instead or someone of that caliber, so he may not be a choice for the title. Regardless, he is a candidate, and he would be a wise choice if made champion.

[adinserter block=”2″]My prediction is that Roman Reigns will become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

What do you think? Who do you think is going to be the world champion now Seth has had to vacate the title? And do you think Seth will move straight back into the title picture once he’s back? Comment below or let me know on Twitter @carlo_george

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