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Top 5 Pro Wrestlers on the Rise/Decline Week Of August 9, 2013

Top 5 Wrestlers on the Rise

  1. Christian: He just needed one more match. I like the move to give Christian the title match. Watching the match, I was sure that RVD would win. Why bring RVD back and not capitalize on how over he is with the casual and passionate fans? But back to Christian he deserves this match. He deserves a lot more than just this title match. I feel like he should win this match, I hope he doesn’t win just to lose to Sandow after he cashes in his Money in the Bank briefcase. Rhodes would not allow this to happen I would assume so if Christian does win, I see him walking out of Staples Center the World Heavyweight Champion.
  2. [adinserter block=”1″]Big E. Langston: Who is more dominant than Big E right now? For my money, no one. I am going on record right now and saying that if the WWE pulls the trigger on a Big E. Langston/Dolph Ziggler match, Big E will win. They are billing Big E as the dominant heel monster everyone expected him to be after the Ziggler split. Big E looks, acts and squashes his opponents like a monster should. Big E is going to be a big star barring something unforeseen like injury or early retirement.
  3. Cody Rhodes: The WWE made a mistake and I think they realized this soon after Money in the Bank. I like Damien Sandow and his character is new and fresh but Cody Rhodes should have won Money in the Bank. He still might, I proposed a long time ago that Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow should have a one on one Money in the Bank Ladder match at Summerslam. I think this will be an entertaining match and I could easily see Rhodes win the briefcase and cash in on Del Rio later that night. Either way expect to see the WWE capitalize on Rhodes’ recent popularity.
  4. Antonio Cesaro: This guy has everything you need to be a star! Cesaro picked up some easy tag team match wins this week. Cesaro is smart though, he is using his time with Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter to give him some time in the ring to perfect his craft. He is getting a solid ten minutes of ring work consistently because WWE’s lack of tag teams. After the eventual split of the Real Americans, Cesaro will be the next superstar to receive a push.
  5. Randy Orton: When was the last time the WWE Universe cared about what Randy Orton was doing? Everyone on the internet is picking Randy Orton to walk out of LA with the WWE title. Which is pretty crazy seeing as he’s not even in the match and that means he’d have to cash in on the WWE Champ John Cena (a chorus of cheers) or Daniel Bryan (a chorus of boos). I don’t think this means he’d turn heel by any means. Randy Orton could cash in on Bryan and get booed that night. He would probably feud with John Cena and be the clear favorite among the WWE Universe. Randy Orton does not need to turn heel (it would be a nice change) to cash in and have a successful run as the WWE Champion.


Top 5 Wrestlers on the Decline

  1. Ryback: He is destined for the mid-card. Ryback isn’t a main eventer by any means. I’m glad the WWE finally realized this after about six months of endless Ryback PPV matches. Imagine people’s disgust if John Cena chose Ryback instead of Daniel Bryan. People are finally excited for a John Cena match, when was the last time someone could say that? Ryback will never be a main eventer and he should never be thought of in that context. He will be just like Mark Henry and I mean that in the nicest possible way. I could see Ryback holding a mid-card title but that’s the closest he should ever get to the Main Event or a major Championship.
  2. The Miz: Wow, this guy cannot catch a break. I thought he was the sure fire pick to feud with Curtis Axel but boy was I wrong. Instead of wrestling at Summerslam, the pre-show or doing the pre-show commentary group. He got the prestigious position of Summerslam Host. What exactly that entails and how much will we actually get to see him, is the two burning questions. If we truly was a host and called the shots at Summerslam, wouldn’t we see him in a Championship match of sorts? The Miz never and will never get over as a face. He will be stuck in limbo until the WWE makes a change.
  3. Fandango: Well I think we all seen this coming. The ballroom brawler lost all momentum he ever had in the recent week. He walks out of matches, interrupts Punk just to get destroyed and then taps out against Punk on Raw. After Wrestlemania’s upset over Jericho, everyone knew there was going to be a decline. I too thought there was going to be a decline but I could never guess that it would be this extreme.
  4. Samoa Joe: One of the best features of TNA Impact. He is top three in terms of the best wrestler on the roster. With the names of Kurt Angle, Double A Austin Aries and AJ Styles it can be argued how this list should be ordered. Nonetheless Joe is one of the best. He should not be losing to Jeff Hardy! Jeff Hardy is still one of the most popular superstars in TNA and maybe wrestling as a whole. TNA needs to realize that Hardy is near the end of his road though, Joe is a untapped commodity. Joe could easily carry TNA and carry TNA to the better, in my opinion. For those fans that seen Joe in Ring of Honor can attest to that. He could carry any wrestling company and he has the best attribute a wrestler could have. The ability to make the people he’s in the ring with look even better than they are. Magnus is the clear cut choice to win Bound for Glory which is a smart move but after this I hope to see a revival of the Magnus-Joe feud. This was a very good program and I wouldn’t mind to see it again this time feuding over the World Title.
  5. Ricardo Rodriguez: I use the term wrestler loosely in this case. The only thing Ricardo was used for was Del Rio’s ring announcer and the guy everyone could beat up instead of Del Rio. After the apparent split between the two, I can’t think of much things Ricardo could be used for. Do I see him getting released, not exactly. They are a lot more people on the WWE roster who gives the product the same amount Ricardo would if the split is permanent. I could also see Del Rio and Ricardo being together in the future, they could blow this over as Del Rio just losing his temper. I didn’t like the split in the first place and I would be shocked if this is permanent.

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