Top 5 Wrestlers on the Rise/Decline Week of August 23, 2013


Top 5 Wrestlers on the Rise

  1. Randy Orton. His time on Summerslam and Monday Night Raw was very limited. Not many can argue that these few minutes of these two shows were the most important minutes for him and the WWE. It’s been awhile since the focus has been on Randy Orton and it’s been just about as long since he’s held the WWE Championship. The way he cashed in the briefcase to win the title with Triple H’s assistance makes this a very memorable title win. I don’t think he would be as much of the focus if say he was in the title match and won it. The focus would have been on other people coming into Monday Night Raw. He will be the main focus on Monday Night Raw for some time, if you’re not a fan of the new Age of Orton I suggest to find something else to watch on Monday.
  2. CM Punk. We all knew he was the Best in the World, he reminded us why at Summerslam and then again on Raw. Punk lost to Lesnar, but it can be argued that it was the match of the night. The best thing coming from Summerslam is that this feud can be revisited down the road easily. Punk and Heyman aren’t anywhere near being over. Curtis Axel will take Lesnar’s role as Heyman’s protector for the rest of their feud unless we do see Lesnar sign up for some more dates with the WWE. I am enjoying the CM Punk-Heyman feud by far more than anything else going on in the WWE.
  3. [adinserter block=”2″]AJ Styles. Finally! Its been awhile since I marked out for him. This Thursday on Impact when his music hit, I knew it was the eventual face turn. He came out and stopped in front of the ring before the main event of Impact, only for his old music “Get ready to Fly” hit. I marked out! This guy is easily the best thing in TNA and he can’t work as a heel without the TNA World title in my opinion. As a face he works if he’s the Heavyweight champion, television champ, the first match or the main event. AJ Styles is on the rise because of many reasons. One the face turn, two joining the Main Event Mafia, and third probably one that many people haven’t even thought about. He won a Main Event match on Impact, when was the last time that AJ won in the main event. AJ Styles needs a push and maybe this could lead to him winning the Bound for Glory series, although I still think this BFG series is all about Magnus.
  4. Daniel Bryan. He might have not won the WWE Championship but it can be argued he’s in a better spot as of right now without the title than he would if he did walk out with the WWE Championship. Daniel Bryan beat John Cena. He pinned him clean. In the Main Event of the second biggest pay per view of the year. Not very many superstars can stake their claim to this. It’s very clear that he’s going to be a main focal point in the main event scene on Raw for months to come.
  5. Rob Van Dam. He had an awesome match against Dean Ambrose on the Summerslam pre-show. He followed it up on Raw by allowing Ricardo Rodriguez to be his manager type deal. This all but assures that he will be the next superstar to get a title shot against Del Rio. I could see them having Del Rio drop the title to RVD and Sandow cash in on RVD to get immediate heel heat. Either way RVD will be a prominent player in the main event scene on Smackdown in the coming months.

Top 5 Wrestlers on the Decline

  1. John Cena. I don’t wish an injury on anyone. With him being out four to six months it’s obvious he will be on the decline. It doesn’t matter if you like or hate Cena but I still would like to wish him a speedy recovery. I think they are going to keep him off television until the Royal Rumble. We will see what the future holds for Cena. Here’s hoping for a tweak to his character.
  2. [adinserter block=”2″]The Miz. The host of Summerslam was dumb! There was no real point and it never helped The Miz’s character or position at all. Why would they have a host, if the only thing that was accomplished was to be interrupted by Fandango multiple times? Couldn’t they just give The Miz a backstage promo or have him do an interview at Summerslam and have Fandango interrupt him. The WWE would have got what they wanted which was Fandango having multiple appearances at Summerslam. It would save The Miz the embarrassment of calling himself the host of Summerslam.
  3. Devon. Well we all saw on Impact, Devon was pinned in the main event meaning his termination from TNA Wrestling. I am anxious to see what TNA is going to do with this termination. Is Devon really gone from TNA forever, will he be used only as a backstage agent or creative team member. I wouldn’t be surprised if Devon does eventually return to TNA. We see this done all around wrestling when a superstar gets “terminated” or “fired” from their company, only to return to the company weeks later. Devon wasn’t a integral player in the Ace’s and Eight’s-Main Event Mafia feud so without him I don’t see that much change in the storyline.
  4. Diva’s Division. There is some real potential in the Diva’s division! The WWE doesn’t use it properly. The whole point of the Diva’s division now is a chance to promote Total Diva’s when in actuality they should watch Total Divas and promote the matches they have on WWE.
  5. Sin Cara. In his match against Alberto Del Rio on Monday Night Raw, he suffered an apparent injury. WWE has announced that it was a dislocated finger on his left hand. Add that to his already long list of injuries in his very little time with the WWE.

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