Top 5 Pro Wrestlers on the Rise/Decline Week Of August 16, 2013


Top 5 Wrestlers on the Rise

  1. CM Punk: We all knew this was coming! Punk finally gets some offense in on Lesnar the week before their Beast vs. The Best match at Summerslam. Not only did he get some offense in on Lesnar, he looked dominant. Most importantly he looked like he belonged in the match. I wouldn’t be surprised if they write in something before the match and make this a No DQ or No Holds Barred or something like this. I think they made a mistake though, with all the potential of outside interference. I think they should have made Punk demand this match take place in a Steel Cage. Either way, no steel cage, No DQ or No Holds Barred. I am excited for this match!
  2. [adinserter block=”1″]Rob Van Dam: Did you know that RVD won in the main event of Raw last Monday? And he beat 19 other people. When was the last time someone was facing Dean Ambrose for the title and it wasn’t clear that Ambrose was going to win. RVD is my favorite to win this match, I don’t think it will happen but he’s more favored. Ambrose will win but it’s great to see RVD get a title match and somewhat of a feud. It fits The Shield’s gripe with the older guys not leaving and passing the torch. I hate that this match is on the preshow because I would pay for this match.
  3. Alberto Del Rio: The WWE booked him very strong going into Summerslam. He had two great matches this week, he beat a returning Kofi Kingston on Raw and then he beat Cody Rhodes who was quickly breaking out at Main Event. This is how the WWE needs to book their champions from now on. Del Rio should win these matches; he’s the World Heavyweight Champion. I feel like he will win at Summerslam as well. The tricky situation is when the WWE decides Damien Sandow will cash in. If he cashes in on Del Rio, I believe he will get cheered and then does he go on to have a heel vs. heel feud. I don’t see this, they’re in a tough spot with this title match and Sandow as the Money in the Bank winner. The only way I see Christian beating Del Rio is sadly if Sandow cashes in directly after the match. Del Rio is the strongest looking Champion going into Summerslam though.
  4. Big Show: It’s about time that we get to see him return. Not that it was anything special or that I was particularly looking forward to it. It’s just that after a lot of hype and speculation it’s good to see him finally return. Now we can finally get the return over with, the match at Summerslam over and now we could get on to not caring about the Big Show yet again.
  5. The Usos: Back to back tag team match wins on Raw and then on Main Event. The Usos also had that great match on the Money in the Bank pre show. I don’t know if it was a case of them not deserving the match or not a spot on the card but I feel like the Usos vs. The Shield should be on the card. I would rather see this on the preshow so we can see Dean Ambrose and RVD on the actual show. The Usos is the only face tag team that can challenge The Shield for the Tag Team titles. The lack of tag teams is scary and not entertaining at all. The Usos is the best that can do and I would enjoy watching this match at Summerslam too.

Top 5 Wrestlers on the Decline

  1. Brad Maddox: I don’t know who’s to blame more for this, Vince or Triple H. Vince has done his fair share to make Brad Maddox look more like a puppet instead of the GM. Triple H’s pedigree might as well a career finisher. Why make the move to make Maddox the GM and then don’t let him be an authority figure? That’s my problem with Triple H any time there’s something great going on he has to insert himself into it. See CM Punk in the Summer of Punk in 2011. I don’t blame Brad Maddox but he is on the decline.
  2. Chris Sabin: Hail Sabin!? Well it was fun while it lasted. Who’s decision was it to have Sabin win the title and then almost immediately drop it back to Bully Ray. This is what confuses me with TNA’s booking. It’s like they don’t even know what they are doing week to week. They decide that it’s time for Bully Ray to lose the title and then decide that why not have him win it yet again. What does this do for Chris Sabin? Do we see him continue to compete in the main event or is this his one off world title reign? It just frustrates me to no end when any company pulls this move. I would rather see Bully Ray keep the title and beat Sabin if by the end of it Bully Ray will still be the champion.
  3. Titus O’Neil: WWE is making it a point for the commentators to talk up Titus at every point. So why did they decide it was good for O’Neil to job to Kane under three minutes. This doesn’t further his character or make me believe that he has a future in the WWE. I know they have to have someone job to Kane but they could have used Darren Young if that was there intentions. Also shoutout to Darren Young, way to live your life!!
  4. Main Event Mafia: Boy, is this group in a bad way! Kurt Angle is out of the 5 vs. 5 match next week, that was also scheduled to take place this week. They were trying to recruit a replacement throughout Impact. They couldn’t get the greatest man to ever live Double A Austin Aries. So official member, yes official member Rampage Jackson decided they’d recruit Tito Ortiz. Only to have Tito Ortiz double cross the Mafia and help Bully Ray win back the TNA world title. After two hours of Impact, they didn’t find a replacement, then found one, got double crossed by that replacement, watched Bully Ray win the title (one of two of their only goals as a group), and they still have to find a replacement for Kurt Angle. Can’t get much of a worse week then this. And they still don’t have their, in terms of wrestling, best member of their group. The way TNA is going they’ll just have to put off this match until Angle finally returns from Rehab. Regardless, get well soon Kurt!
  5. The Referees: This just wasn’t their week. I guess it’s good to get this out of their system before this Sunday. Let’s hope we don’t have poor officiating in the Main Event of Summerslam.

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