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Top 13 WWE Divas and TNA Knockouts of 2013 Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I did my top 13 divas and knockouts of 2013 and said that I will follow up on who will be numbers five through one. I had to think about who would fit in the countdown and making sure that I would not cause a stir here on who would be my number one. I took some time to think about it and now I’m ready to tell you who is my top five of 2013. Get ready because this is about to get very interesting.

[adinserter block=”1″]Coming in at Number Five is…

Brie Bella: Brie Bella is in my top for a reason. It’s not because she is on total divas, it’s not because she’s engaged to Daniel Bryan, it was her improvements this past year that made her land in the top five. When Nikki Bella was out with a serious injury, Brie stepped up to the plate this year. Brie faced off against Natalya at Summerslam this past year, in which she lost, but a couple of weeks later, she would win against Natalya only to be in a feud with AJ Lee for the Divas Championship. In the Fatal Four Way with Natalya, Naomi and AJ, Brie held out on her own and showed her improvements in the ring, even though Brie did come up short, she was able to have some decent matches against the likes of Alicia Fox and AJ, whom she challenged twice for the title, but came up short. In 2014, I expect Brie Bella to keep on having these improvements in the ring and I hope this can lead to her second Divas Championship.

Number four is Kaitlyn: Now I know that people are going to be asking why am I putting Kaitlyn in the number four spot over Brie Bella? Well if you look back in the beginning of the year, Kaitlyn was feuding with former WWE Diva, Eve Torres over the Divas Championship. Originally, it was reported that Kaitlyn was supposed to win the title at the Royal Rumble, but Eve said that she wanted to drop the title to Kaitlyn in her hometown of Houston, Texas. Kaitlyn would then feud with the likes of Tamina, who she retained over at Elimination Chamber, Natalya, who she defeated at NXT and then her high profiled feud with AJ Lee over the summer where AJ and she had a match to be considered a top 25 match on Kaitlyn would defeat her longtime rival in a tag team match with Dolph Ziggler at Summerslam this year. Even though Kaitlyn was quiet for the time being until the disaster of the RAW goes country show, I expect her next year to come back and do something in the division.

Three goes to NXT Diva, Paige. Paige, along with the divas from the main roster and the NXT Roster faced off in a tournament for the NXT Women’s Championship to determine who will be the first ever champion. Paige along the way defeated the likes of Tamina, Alicia Fox and eventually, Emma to win the NXT Women’s Championship. She also became very popular within the year during her run as champion as well feuding with the likes of Summer Rae and having a really good match with her on an edition of NXT as well as having a match of the year candidate with Natalya. In 2014, I expect Paige to be on the main roster and tearing it up. I would love to see her on the roster and doing that.

Two goes to Gail Kim. In the beginning of the year, I wouldn’t have expected her to have a number one ranking like she did back in 2012 because Gail started the year on a little bit of a losing streak, but it wasn’t till her match with Taryn Terrell in the last knockout standing match that Gail picked up the pace. Gail would lose that match only to rebound in another huge match against Taryn Terrell, this time in the ladder match, in which she won. After really not having that much of a storyline going into Bound For Glory, Gail Kim would win the Knockouts Championship for a third time, thanks to Lei’d Tapa and since then, Gail has been unstoppable with her, but it appears that her next task is feuding against Madison Rayne. In 2014, Gail will enter as champion, but will she make another history breaking record or will Madison Rayne be the one to stop that going into 2014?

And now, for the number one, after thinking about this and thinking who will be my number one for this countdown, the number one Diva or Knockout for 2013 is none other then.

[adinserter block=”2″]AJ Lee: AJ Lee started 2013 as Dolph Ziggler’s girlfriend. She really didn’t do that much until this summer where AJ Lee started to feud with her former tag team partner, Kaitlyn. It was then at Payback that AJ would finally reach her goal in becoming the WWE Divas Champion and from there, AJ has been unstoppable. She would then retain the championship at Money In the back against Kaitlyn only to lose Dolph Ziggler in the process when she cost him a shot at winning back the World Heavyweight Championship then going on to feud against her former boyfriend and friend, only to lose that match at Summerslam this year. However, it was right after Summerslam, AJ would drop a pipebomb shell against the total divas, in which she would feud with all of them and retain her championship against Naomi, Natalya and Brie Bella. She would win then grab a body guard in Tamina along the way and retain her championship with her help. However, at Survivor Series of this year, AJ would lose for her team and then be eliminated third the following night on raw. However, with a report that was speculated with AJ causing a scene in the back at Tribute to the Troops that she might lose the championship. Turns out AJ would retain her championship and end 2013 with being on top of the divas division. AJ is going into 2014 as the Divas champion, but the question is, who will stop this diva and win the championship from her?

So that ends five through one for my divas and knockouts of 2013. 2014 starts a whole different year for everyone in WWE. Who would shine? Who will stand out? I’m sure that everyone is going to be looking at this year very carefully next season.

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