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Top 13 WWE Divas and TNA Knockouts of 2013 Part 1

As 2013 is coming to an end within a couple of weeks, I have decided to do something here for Camel Clutch Blog regarding the Divas and the Knockouts. It is called “Meagan’s Top 13 Divas and Knockouts of 2013”. This is a little countdown that I wanted to do for the longest time and thought that this would’ve been a good way to start it off. So I hope that everyone enjoys thirteen to six as five to one will follow up. So here we go with the Meagan countdown.

[adinserter block=”1″]Tamina: Tamina starts off the countdown at number thirteen. She came into 2013 as a backup to Vickie Guerrero and got a title shot against then WWE Divas Champion, Kaitlyn at Elimination Chamber for the second year in a row. While that match was not like her match with Beth Phoenix the Elimination Chamber back in 2012, I thought it was a good match, however from there, Tamina would be used here and there only to come back in October to be the bodyguard of current WWE Divas Champion, AJ Lee.

Vickie Guerrero: Vickie Guerrero has had one interesting year to say at least. From starting off the year and being the RAW General manager and winning the LOL moment of the year with the Rock for this year’s Slammys, you can say her year has been really interesting to say at least. It should be noted that she was let go as the RAW General Manager in June of this year to have Brad Maddox to become the general manager. She would eventually become the general manager of SmackDown and step in the ring against AJ a couple of weeks ago when she was “faking it”. You could note that she plays some type of role in the authority, but in 2014, I want her to do something that involves her general manager power.

Christy Hemme: OK, so we all know that Christy Hemme is an announcer for Impact Wrestling, but the reason why she is on this list is she is the creator of the Knockouts Website (www.wrestlingknockouts.com). For the longest time, we went without a knockouts website and we really didn’t get that much photoshoots, however, this year, that all changed. Christy gave us what us Knockouts Fans wanted. The site has been blooming and it gives us the Knockout of the Month and gives us everything each seasonal holiday that comes out. Christy has been very kind to allow my site, WOW Candy Visuals Central before and I’m very thankful for it. That’s why she is on my list for this year.

Sasha Banks: Sasha Banks cracks the countdown at number ten. In the beginning of the year, Sasha didn’t really have anything going for her until her heel turn on NXT a couple of weeks ago and aligning herself with Summer Rae. Sasha took on this hip hop like gimmick that would have her saying a lot of “hip hop” stuff. This is because her cousin happens to be Snoop Dogg and I can see the similarities of the both of them. I would like to see Sasha be on the roster soon, but I would like her to see the champion on top of that down in NXT.

Eva Marie: As much as I hate to put her at nine for 2013, she is here on the countdown. While people may think that she is still green in the ring, she has caused a lot of stir this year. From her attitude on Total Divas thinking she knows everything, from having her first match at Summerslam Axess to getting booed shows that Eva Marie is doing everything right to make the fans dislike her. Even though she is playing the role as the face right now, I think that Eva plays the role as the bad girl better and in 2014, I could see Eva getting better in the ring, but I wouldn’t just pin pointing her on being the Divas Champion just yet.Lei’d Tapa: Lei’d Tapa is someone I consider to be a wild card in the Knockouts Division we have. In the beginning of the year, she won gut check and became the second female to win the contest. However, she wasn’t seen on Impact Wrestling as she was used down in OVW and taking apart in some good matches (The fatal four ladder match on OVW is really good, check it out) and not to mention she was apart of the all Knockouts Pay Per View, but it wasn’t till early October where Lei’d Tapa FINALLY made her debut on the main roster and attacking the Knockouts that got in her way. However, since then, Lei’d Tapa became the bodyguard of Gail Kim and only having one match which was against Velvet Sky and won that. In 2014, I expect Tapa to turn on Gail and have the both of them feud, but with the events of the spoilers on who is returning, Tapa may or may not get that title shot. If Gail loses the title, I would like to see the both of them feud.

Velvet Sky: I know I’m putting Velvet Sky at Number Seven here as she is my favorite, but I have to bem fair here. In January of this year at the taping that were taped for the February 21st edition of Impact Wrestling, Velvet Sky made that promise of becoming the Knockouts Champion in 2013. She would keep it and win the title in the United Kingdom. Velvet Sky would defend the title and retain it over Tara on Impact and Gail Kim at Lockdown. While her Lockdown Match with Gail Kim was pretty good, I felt like her retaining the title was over shadowed by Taryn Terrell’s actions. Velvet would keep on being champion, but on the April 4th edition of Impact, Velvet Sky suffered a injury when Gail Kim dropped her right on the knee cap. Many would believe Velvet’s magical 2013 would come to a hault, but throughout the injury, Velvet fought and fought until she dropped the title to Mickie James on Impact Wrestling only to getting a rematch a couple of weeks later and losing it. Velvet would be MIA for the time being, but would come back in August and be the valet of Chris Sabin, would turned heel by attacking Jeff Hardy. Even though Velvet has a face role going on right now, I expect her to have a better 2014 and possibly be a three time Knockouts Champion.

[adinserter block=”2″]Taryn Terrell: To close out my countdown, I have to put currently inactive Knockout, Taryn Terrell on my list. From turning into a wrestler after being a referee for the time being, Taryn would put on matches that would make people gain the respect of her. I’ll admit, I had doubt when she was going against Gail Kim in the ring at Slammiversary this past June, but Taryn put all of the doubters to shame and performed one of the most violent Knockouts Matches we’ve seen in a long time. Her ladder match with Gail Kim was also good, but I prefer the last Knockout standing match over the ladder match. While Taryn was supposed to get that title run and be the one to defeat Mickie James, who at the time was champion, Taryn would become inactive and is currently pregnant with her first child. I think in 2014, that Taryn would come back and pick off where she left off. I’m excited and ready for her comeback.

That concluded the first part of Meagan’s top 13. Five through one is really going to be a hard one, but I ‘m going to play it smart and think REALLY hard on this. Hope you liked this first half and see what I have to say in my second half.

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