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Top 10 WWE Moments of 2015

As 2015 begins to wind down, it’s time to start reviewing everything and where better to start than the top ten WWE moments of 2015.

2015 was a year that lacked a jaw dropping heel turn or a big babyface WWE World Heavyweight Championship win, but it still had a heap of moments that will be remembered forever.

Before the list is unveiled, here are a few candidates that just missed out on the top ten: Firstly, the debut of Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Sasha Banks on Raw was one of the biggest moments in the history of the women’s division. However, it claims the number eleven spot on this list just because the idea of having nine people involved in one feud like this wasn’t very smart. Don’t you dare be sour, women’s wrestling fans, you’re definitely going to want to read on. Secondly, one you probably weren’t expecting, the ovation received by Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady at NXT Takeover Brooklyn rivals anything in WWE history and you have to hear it to believe it. The final honorable mention goes to The Shield’s brief reuniting at Payback which was just plain awesome and something we hopefully see again in the future.

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It’s fair to say this list contains A LOT of spoilers so if you haven’t seen any of these moments, go and watch them before reading on.

Number 10: Salida Del Sol off a Ladder through a Ladder

In what was the most insane spot of 2015, Kalisto hit his Salida Del Sol on Jey Uso from the top of a ladder through another ladder. It was a moment that rivals any move ever performed on a ladder and the most terrifying part was the sound as both men crashed through the ladder lying beneath. There really is no way to do the move justice with words, you have to see it for yourself and if you have, you know why it makes this top 10.

Number 9: Sting and Randy Orton Clear the Ring

Number nine goes to a moment that occurred on Raw in March this year. Randy Orton was scheduled to face Seth Rollins before their encounter at WrestleMania, but was instead greeted by the entire Authority including Triple H, Big Show, Kane and J&J Security. The group surrounded the ring as Orton waited for them, chair in hand. Just as they were about to storm, the lights went out and Sting appeared side by side with Orton. The two legends cleared the ring and hit their finishers on J&J while The Authority retreated. It was a brilliant moment and Orton’s perplexed expression when Sting appeared in the ring was golden.

Number 8: The Rock and Ronda Rousey Electrify WrestleMania

This truly was a WrestleMania moment as Triple H and Stephanie came to the ring to gloat about their defeat of Sting and were promptly interrupted by The Rock. The Rock would threaten Triple H before Stephanie stepped between them, jeering Rock who would never hit a woman. Thankfully, Rock happened to have a dear friend in the front row who “would be happy to”, Ronda freaking Rousey. Seeing Rousey in the ring, throwing Triple H, was a sight to behold and along with The Rock, she gave us a moment that encapsulates what WrestleMania is all about. Hopefully it’s not the last time we see Ronda in a WWE ring.

Number 7: Brock Lesnar Rips the Ring Apart

Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker did a lot of things at Hell in a Cell, mainly reminding us why we all love pro-wrestling, but the moment of the match occurred when Brock Lesnar started ripping up the canvas of the ring, exposing the wooden floorboards below. It was a shocking moment that has rarely, if ever, been done during a match and lead to three really vicious spots including a Chokeslam right onto the exposed wood and the F5 that finished the match.

Number 6: Bayley Wins the NXT Women’s Championship

Arguably the best match of 2015 also gave us one of the best moments of 2015 – A moment that almost brought grown men to tears (admit it). At the conclusion of Bayley’s epic win over Sasha Banks, as she stood there holding the title up we knew we had just seen the best women’s wrestling match of all time, but that was just the beginning. Out came the other members of The Four Horsewomen, Becky Lynch and Charlotte, to celebrate with the new champ. Even Sasha would return to the ring and embrace her opponent with the four women standing with four fingers raised to the ovation of the entire Brooklyn crowd. The win and the curtain call that followed will go down as one of the best moments in the history of women’s wrestling.

Number 5: Sami Zayn Debuts on Raw

In one of the only genuine mark-out moments of 2015 on the main roster, Sami Zayn made his debut to a wild ovation from his hometown crowd, answering John Cena’s United States Championship Open Challenge. Zayn would then go on to show that he can wrestle an awesome match with one arm after blowing his shoulder out simply making his entrance. Despite that, it was almost the perfect way to introduce Zayn to the main roster and John Cena raising Sami’s arm after the match was just the icing on the cake. This guy is going to the top.

Number 4: The Dudley Boyz Return – Entire Segment

This was the best full segment on Raw in 2015. Not only did we get the return of the Dudley Boyz, but we got the debut of the breakout star of 2015, Xavier Woods’ trombone. Arguably the funniest segment of 2015 then turned into the most awesome when out of nowhere the Dudley Boyz music hit and the Barclay’s Centre exploded. Nobody expected it and the reaction from the crowd is what puts this full segment into the number four position.

Number 3: Kevin Owens Debuts on Raw

While Sami’s debut was an amazing, feel-good moment, the fact that this debut has turned Kevin Owens into one of the top guys on the main roster puts this in the number three position. It was a brilliant segment that kept in line with everything we knew about Kevin Owens from NXT and there was something very satisfying about the NXT Championship being held up high while a main roster title sat beneath Owens’ boot. The WWE have butchered a lot of talent from NXT, but they nailed this one.

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Number 2: Bayley and Sasha Banks Main Event

These two didn’t main event because they’re women and main eventing would mean some extra spotlight and buzz for the match. They main evented because they produced the best rivalry of 2015 and were coming off the best match of 2015. Bayley and Sasha Banks changed the game forever at NXT Takeover: Respect, delivering 30 minutes of amazing storytelling featuring everything from a countered-reverse-hurricanrana to Sasha Banks making a little girl cry – it was all beautiful. It also opens the door for all future female main-events, both on NXT and the main roster.

Number 1: Seth Rollins Cashes In at WrestleMania

Nothing from 2015 can top this moment. The visceral reaction of the entire crowd when Seth Rollins’ music hit during the main-event of WrestleMania was unreal. It was a genius way of keeping Lesnar strong and creating a WrestleMania moment that rivals anything before it. The cash-in itself was also done perfectly with both Reigns and Lesnar given a moment to look like they would still be winning, but one curb stomp later and we had a new champion.

Those are my top 10 moments of 2015, if you think I missed something, you can berate me on twitter: @NicNegrepontis.

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