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Top 10 Video Packages in WWE History

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  1. Highway to Hell

In this video package for Summerslam ’98, we hear the thumping anthem from AC/DC chime through. It’s the perfect song to embody exactly what both Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker are willing to put each other through; hell. In the video we don’t see too much of the build up to the feud – in fact there are no words at all – but there is fire, explosions, and two industry legends at the top of their game. As they walk through the flames, both men look ready to go to war, and as a fan, we’re all ready to witness it.

  1. Legacy

John Cena wants his legacy to show just how much the WWE universe means to him. It’s hard to argue that his legacy will showcase anything else, the man has done so much for the American troops, as well as becoming the ultimate wish-granter for the Make A Wish foundation. John Cena’s legacy will go down in history. Bray Wyatt wants to see that legacy burn. When John Cena hasn’t faced anyone quite as menacing as Bray Wyatt, how can he prepare? With Eminem providing the accompanying music to this video package, John Cena shows us just how hard he is willing to work for his legacy.

  1. Twice in a Lifetime

In the main event of Wrestlemania 28, John Cena was a broken man after losing to The Rock in their infamously dubbed ‘Once in a Lifetime’ match. His losing streak continued, until he became the Royal Rumble winner. In the same Pay-Per-View, The Rock had just beaten CM Punk to become the WWE Champion once again, setting up for Cena’s redemption; Twice in a Lifetime. The video package is a wonderful watch as it has so much to play with, the story lasts almost 2 full years, and by the end of it we’re all rooting John Cena to come up on top once again.

  1. Hate Me Now

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In 2018 it’s impossible to believe there was ever a time when The Miz was a WWE superstar that no one believed in and the thought of him being WWE champion was laughable. In the video package we see The Miz sitting at a television controllers desk watching moments throughout his life. From his time as that weird guy who liked wrestling in MTV’s The Real World, to eventually reaching the top of the WWE and becoming champion. Nowadays The Miz is a character that WWE fans respect and feel should be placed higher on the match card than he actually is, but at this time, in the build up to his Wrestlemania 27 main event match against John Cena, The Miz was a character that everybody hated; and he loved every moment of it.

  1. New Face of Fear

For decades The Undertaker has been the epitome of hellish fear in the WWE, however after his streak was ended at the hands of Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30 all that had changed. According to Bray Wyatt, there was a new face of fear in the WWE, and he was it. His cult leader persona was a grittier evil that blended with WWE’s new era of realism that made it hard to disagree with him. This video package shows the old guard versus the new, and a time where Bray Wyatt seemed to be on the cusp of greatness. In a match that would solidify his eerie promos, this video package makes you believe that the only thing to fear is fear itself.

  1. Pipebomb

CM Punk finally got his hands on a live microphone and was allowed to cut loose. The result got him suspended but paved the way for one of the biggest matches in WWE history. In this video package we hear Punk cutting viscous promos on anyone around him, while made to look like a renegade on the loose. If he beat John Cena, he would leave the WWE with their world championship and Cena would be fired. However, if he lost, he would just simply be gone and forgotten about after a while. In a package that showcases the urgency of the situation and the looming anxieties of Vince McMahon as his title could disappear, or as John Cena could be fired, we still root for CM Punk because as he puts it, he is the voice of the voiceless.

  1. Career vs Streak

Similar to John Cena versus The Rock, this video package has plenty to play with as this feud lasts over a full year. When Shawn Michaels lost to The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 25, something within him snapped. He would not be content until he broke the streak, however, The Undertaker wouldn’t give Michaels the opportunity. This video package shows how an unhinged Michaels goes through every possible scenario to face his foe once again on the grandest stage of them all. The Undertaker finally accepts Michaels’ challenge, but only if he puts his career on the line. The stakes were raised, and this video package captures the lengths both men are willing to go to in order to be victorious.

  1. Raw 25

Michaels versus The Undertaker had a years’ worth of footage to capitalise on. Cena versus The Rock had 2 years’ worth of footage. The most recent video package on this list has 25 years’ worth of footage to make last, and they use it perfectly. With Fall Out Boy’s ‘My songs know what you did in the dark’ playing in the background, we are shown all the highs and lows from Monday Night Raw. Although there isn’t a specific build to a match being shown here, it still works in getting audiences engaged and excited about the future of the WWE. Here’s to the next 25 years.

  1. Monster

In this video package we see the transformation of Daniel Bryan, the WWE’s biggest underdog. The song ‘Monster’ by Imagine Dragons supports how Bryan has had to change himself and prove that he isn’t what the higher ups in charge think he is, but in fact, he is the best the WWE has. Watching it back now after Bryan has had to retire from in-ring competition is tough as it showcases all the moments that made us follow him on his journey. If Bryan were ever allowed to compete again in the WWE, they’d have a hard job trying to follow up the masterpiece they created for this lovable underdog.

  1. My Way

The two biggest stars of WWE’s Attitude Era, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and The Rock finally come to blows in what is hands down one of, if not the greatest Wrestlemania’s ever; Wrestlemania 17. With Limp Bizkit’s ‘My Way’ capturing the essence of the Attitude Era with this one song, it’s the perfect soundtrack for the perfect rivalry. Even almost two decades later, this video package still makes fans excited to watch WWE, and more importantly, this match as the storytelling involved showcases how personal the feud has become for these two superstars. Although The Rock has since gone on to achieve global success in mainstream Hollywood cinema, it is my personal opinion that this is still his best work on video to date.

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