Happy Valentine’s Day: Top 10 Pro Wrestling Couples

randy savage and Elizabeth

It is Valentine’s Day and that means love is in the air, even in the WWE and pro wrestling rings. What better day than today to take a look back at ten of my personal favorite wrestling couples and the kind of impact that these love struck duos made on the business.

[adinserter block=”1″]In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be fun to offer up my ten favorites for greatest wrestling couples. These couples all have a special place in my heart and are memorable for different reasons. Some were more successful than others while others had longer courtships, yet they all created plenty of chaos hand in hand with one another.

Randy Savage and Elizabeth – Randy Savage and Elizabeth were the ultimate wrestling couple. When you think of great couples in pro wrestling history these two jump to the top of the list. Unfortunately their fairytale romance wasn’t as fairytale as it would seem at times and the two would divorce outside of the squared circle. Regardless of their outside troubles, you can’t find a more memorable couple than these two.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon – The power couple in and outside of the ring have been a dominant force in WWE history for over a decade. While it took years to acknowledge their marriage, they have been wrecking havoc since they worked Test and Steph’s family back in the Attitude Era in one of the most entertaining angles in WWE history. Outside of the ring you won’t find a more powerful couple in pro wrestling and inside the ring they can still through their weight around. Just ask Paul Heyman about that.

Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch – I am surprised that these two aren’t acknowledged more as one of wrestling’s great couples. Fans of Smokey Mountain Wrestling, World Wrestling Entertainment, ECW, and dozens of independent wrestling companies never saw these two apart for almost a decade. While more WWE fans probably saw these two than anyone else, I think it was their early run in SMW that was far and away their best. Unfortunately for a variety of reasons they never got to show that stuff anywhere else post-SMW but for those of us that saw them during that run, we all know how great they could have been.

Jimmy Garvin and Precious – Other than Liz and Randy there is no other couple synonymous with pro wrestling for fans my age than Jimmy Garvin and Precious. This real life married couple raised hell all over the country in the 1980s beginning in World Class Championship Wrestling when Jimmy dumped Sunshine for Precious. The chemistry between these two trouble makers still remains some of the best in pro wrestling history decades later.

Triple H and Chyna – In retrospect their run wasn’t all that long compared to some of these other couples but it was certainly one of the most memorable in pro wrestling history. The relationship worked, the angle worked, and the timing of this monster woman acting as a bodyguard of sorts for her arrogant boyfriend was exactly what the Attitude Era needed.

Edge and Lita – If you want to talk about heat-generating, heel couples look no further than Edge and Lita. The Internet played a big part in their heat thanks to Matt Hardy and him letting the world that Edge stole his girlfriend. Lita was exactly Edge needed at the time he defeated John Cena for the WWE championship to take him to the next level. Fans were vicious with their hatred and passion to see these two lovers get what was coming to them. Edge’s career skyrocketed and he never looked back once these two got together. Their “celebration” of Edge’s title win on RAW is still regarded as one of the most memorable segments in RAW history.

Goldust and Marlena – It is amazing when you look back in wrestling history at wrestling couples and see how these two stood out immediately. Like several of the mentioned couples, the Attitude Era had a lot to do with it. I look at this pairing as a more updated version of Adrian Street and Miss Linda with an edge. Like Street and Linda they were shocking and quite frankly made WWE fans a little uncomfortable at the time. That kind of impact is something that can’t be ignored.

Sandman and Woman – I may be partial as a former ECW fan but I just absolutely loved this pairing. The only disappointment with these two is that they didn’t get a longer, national run. Their “blind” angle with Tommy Dreamer is still one of my favorite ECW moments. The sight of seeing a drunk bum with the gorgeous, and classy Woman had heat written all over it. ECW fans ate it up and years later they are still regarded as one of the most memorable couples in wrestling history.

Chuck and Billy – If you thought Goldust and Marlena made WWE fans uncomfortable than you’ve never seen Chuck and Billy. This ambiguous male duo walked a fine line between romance and bromance. On a serious note I think it is remarkable that years later this goofy gimmick is still one of the most remembered of all-time. Thanks to 3-Minute Warning breaking up their wedding the two dropped any hint of affection and moved towards a more serious direction. How much heat did this angle have? The WWE garnered GLADD’s support of the storyline with the organization completely falling for the ridiculous.

[adinserter block=”2″]Missy Hyatt and Eddie Gilbert – This crazy couple brought chaos with them to Bill Watts’ UWF, CWA in Memphis, World Championship Wrestling, and other territories through the late 1980s and early 1990s. Like Savage and Liz, these two played both the babyface couple as well as the dastardly heel duo. These two are highly underrated when looking back at wrestling couples in history and had an impact wherever they went.

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  1. How about some ECW love for Tommy Dreamer and Beulah, "It's Tommy's baby" (still one of my favorite ECW moments). Or Dreamer, Beulah, and Kimona Wanalaya, "I'll take em both, I'm hardcore!" (maybe my favorite ECW moment – LOL). And lastly, Francine and Shane Douglas, who I always felt were perfectly evil together.

    Last thing, thanks for making me feel old as hell by putting Precious and Jimmy Garvin on the list. When I saw the title of the article, they were the second couple I thought of after Savage and Elizabeth.

    • You know in hindsight Fran and Shane probably should have made the list over Woman and Sandman. I completely forgot.

      How could I make a list without those two? One of the few couples that lasted in and out of the ring lol


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