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Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Wrestling?

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SummerSlam week has concluded and wrestling fans everywhere are taking a deep breath. Starting on Saturday with NXT Takeover Brooklyn and stretching all the way to Johnny Gargano submitting to TJ Perkins in the Cruiserweight Classic, the WWE gave us more wrestling content than most people can handle this week, but was it too much?

Honestly, it really wasn’t.

Breaking it all down, there was 16 hours of wrestling content this week including pre-shows. In terms of raw numbers, that’s a lot. NXT Takeover was three, SummerSlam six, RAW three, SmackDown two, NXT one and CWC one. Roode be with you if you watch WCPW, NJPW, TNA or anything else on top of WWE!

However, there really isn’t such a thing as too much wrestling any more. The beauty of the WWE Network is that everything is immortalized and all you need to do is fork out your $9.99 (or whatever the conversion rate is in your country) and you can watch whatever, whenever!

Many fans would see SummerSlam as the priority and watch that. Then RAW and SmackDown come around and some fans might watch one or the other depending on their availabilities and just catch the highlights on YouTube. The WWE have perfectly constructed their online streaming services with the Network and YouTube in order to make sure that people can stay up to date with the product, without having to watch sixteen hours of wrestling.

Of course, hard core fans will sit down and watch everything and for the most part, the WWE delivered this week because the issue isn’t whether they’re producing too much wrestling, the issue is whether the content is actually good.

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Looking at it show by show, NXT Takeover delivered as always, SmackDown was fantastic and the CWC was as good as always. They all get ticks. The issues with SummerSlam probably need their own article, but the issue there was more the sheer length of the show than the match quality it gave us. SummerSlam should not be six hours in length. A one hour pre-show and a three hour main-card is the format they should be looking at going forward. You could easily cut an hour of the show. The six women’s tag and Reigns and Rusev’s non-match can be cut from the card. Then you take five minutes from the opening match, dump Jon Stewart and get rid of the insane amount of promos and backstage stuff and you can easily cut it back to an even three hours. You can even put the Intercontinental Championship on the pre-show if need be, the point is, it’s better than a four hour show that exhausts everyone.

As for the overall question, sixteen hours is a lot of wrestling content, but you can’t really say it’s too much due to the fact the Network and YouTube both give you the ability to watch whenever you want. The inconvenient pay-per-view structure is now gone and it opens the door for the WWE to load us up with as much content as possible, making the Network as valuable as possible. Let’s face it, at $9.99, the Network gives you an insane amount of content.

As already mentioned, the real issue is the WWE making sure the content is good so the people who are giving up 16 hours of their time aren’t wasting their time. I’m looking at you, RAW… pick up your game!

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