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Tony Romo Keeps on Choking

Romo As a Philadelphia Eagles fan I love this story. Tony Romo has choked once again in crunch time. This time, Romo failed to qualify for the U.S. Open. Romo spent the offseason working on his game. Oh no, not his game on the gridiron. Romo spent the offseason working on his golf game.

Most players would get a free pass for this one. Romo is not one of them. Romo continues to be dogged for taking a vacation before a playoff game two seasons ago. Even die-hard Dallas Cowboy fans are starting to get tired of Romo spending more time on his off-field activities rather than focusing on his football game.

[adinserter block=”1″]I can’t think of another player coming into the 2009 NFL season with more pressure on him than Romo. Romo has choked in December and January for the last two seasons. The Dallas Cowboys came into last season practically anointed as world champions. The Cowboys finished 9-7 missing the playoffs. This was all compounded for a 44-6 drubbing at the hands of their hated rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles.

The offseason for the Dallas Cowboys has been headlined by the release of Terrell Owens. T.O. has been the easy target for critics looking for a scapegoat other than their beloved Tony Romo. The Cowboys may be cutting a distraction from the team. However, the Cowboys are also 10 touchdowns and 1,052 yards from the season. I ask if the Dallas Cowboys cut the right player?

[adinserter block=”2″]I am one of the few remaining Eagles fans that would take T.O. back in a minute. Give me a player obsessed with getting the ball any day of the week. It is hard to argue that the Cowboys and Eagles didn’t win games when T.O. got the ball. Do you want a quarterback working on his golf game during the offseason or a player obsessed with being the best football player in the league? One could argue that the Cowboys may be a better team with Owens minus Romo as opposed to Romo minus Owens.

Regardless, as an Eagles fan I can only hope that Tony Romo continues working his way towards the U.S. Open.

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Gridiron Gab – There are reportedly two NFL teams interested in Plaxico Burress. One is the N.Y. Jets, with another remaining anonymous. I expect a big comeback by Burress when he returns to the field. I think the Giants made a big mistake giving up on Burress so soon.

The Cincinnati Bengals will be the featured team on this season’s HBO Hard Knocks show. Other than the first season’s team the Baltimore Ravens, none of the last four teams have made the playoffs. Call me superstitious but I wouldn’t want HBO anywhere near my team with Hard Knocks.

Michael Irvin has donated $40,000 for injured Cowboys assistant scout Rich Behm. Say what you will about Irvin, but that is a classy move.

Brett Favre is exploring options on his bicep/shoulder injury. It is likely that Favre wants to play again and will if he can physically do so.

The Anquan Boldin story continues. Boldin’s agent says that the rumors about Boldin wanting $10 million a year are not true. Here is my take on the situation. I think Boldin is a great receiver and would love to see him on my favorite team. However, I think committing $10 million or close to that amount to an injury-prone receiver is nuts.

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