Tony Romo: If it looks like a duck and chokes like a duck it must be a duck


I am a casual sports fan, not particularly great at anything by the world’s standards. I get up at 4:30am every morning and go to work until about 4:00pm. If there is football, baseball or basketball game on TV it is usually on in the background of my life while I take care of the kids and the house and other husband duties. I am a regular guy and I am cool with that. What you see is what you get, which is really the case with all of us I believe.

[adinserter block=”1″]The big discussion around water coolers all over the nation this morning is whether or not Tony Romo is a choke artist. Actually I don’t know if that is true, I don’t even have a water cooler at work. Maybe the women are talking about Teen Mom 3 or the View, I don’t know. I do know however that the interception thrown by Tony Romo at the end of last night’s game will over shadow the fact that he threw for over 500 yards and the fact that he was less than 60 yards away from the most passing yards in a game with 80 yards of field in front of him. It will over shadow what by all accounts was a phenomenal outing, again.

Going back to being a normal guy, I follow football pretty close. I play fantasy football in a few leagues and I am pretty good. On a side note, I prefer PPR over standard but to each his own right? My first memory of Romo is from the botched FG hold in the 2007 wildcard game. Playing both hero and villain Romo’s miss step handed Seattle the win and began a conversation that has gone on for 6 years. Is Tony Romo a choke artist? Well, if you go by the definition of artist I would have to say that YES, Tony Romo is a choke artist. It is something that he seems to be able to do quite well and usually on some of national TV’s biggest stages.

It has been 6 years since the Seattle debacle. Since then we have seen multiple coaching changes, multiple receiver changes as well as a number of different running backs. For 6 years we have watched the Cowboys underachieve and miss opportunities. The common denominator for the last 6 years is Romo. There is no need for a QB change, there isn’t anyone out there that can fill his shoes for 3 ½ quarters. He is as good as they come, but there is still something missing.

We saw it last night as Manning once again commanded is offense with precision that could change the record books. This is not a comparison between Peyton and Romo, Peyton is in a different class. What we saw last night is the difference in that class. Cowboys went up right away and hung with the Bronco’s all night and in the end it was a Romo mistake that cost the game not a mistake made by Peyton.

[adinserter block=”2″]This is probably the part where Cowboy’s fans and ESPN analyst (as if they read me) will start spouting off amazing Romo stats. “There is no one better in the 4th quarter,” “enter random stat where he is better than Peyton here,” yada yada yada. This is not about whether or not Romo is a good QB. Statistically he is a really good QB, and he is worth every penny.

At the end of the day the legacy of a QB will be how they handle themselves in the big moments. McNabb is known for blowing the Superbowl while puking in the huddle, for a long time Manning was known for losing to Brady, and until he shows us something different Romo will be remembered for choking when his team needed him to step up. Quack! Quack!

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  1. I think it is a shame that media and fans try to define a player's career by their failures. I am not a Cowboys fan, or a Romo fan, but seriously. That being said, it is just so unfortunate that Romo is not a clutch guy. Of course, Peyton Manning has a 9-11 record in the playoffs (where it really counts… about choking in the big game), but hardly anyone in the media talks about that.

    • I think that you being up a really good point. I would say that when you are playing for a championship that is extemely unfortuate that your leader isn't a clutch performer. I would love to know how many of the playoff losses the Colts suffered we are direct result of mistakes made by Manning on game winning drives. Thanks for the feedback, really appriciate it.


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