Tommy Dreamer Smashes Danny Bonaduce with a Guitar – Video

Tommy Dreamer, Danny Bonaduce with a GuitarDo not ever ask pro wrestler Tommy Dreamer to smash anything over your head. I can tell you from personal experience that the ECW legend rarely turns down a request. Danny Bonaduce literally learned the hard way. Check out this video of Tommy Dreamer smashing a guitar over the head of Danny Bonaduce.

I live in Philadelphia but as a Sirius owner I rarely listen to Danny Bonaduce’s morning show. But Bonaduce has now made his third appearance on this blog for his ability to take a beating to the head, so I may be missing out on some good stuff. First it was Tito Ortiz punching Danny Bonaduce into oblivion. Next it was UFC fighter Kenny Florian beating the crap out of Bonaduce. Today we come full circle with an appearance from the “Innovator of Violence” and my old friend Tommy Dreamer.

I have to give Bonaduce a lot of credt. Unlike when he did physical stunts with Tito Ortiz and Kenny Florian, Bonaduce doesn’t even wear head protection. Bonaduce’s decision to go with a guitar is kind of weird considering his guest. I am sure Tommy Dreamer has smashed a guitar over somebody’s head but it’s not something he is known for. Dreamer is more known for smashing steel chairs and with the recent uproar in unprotected chair shots to the head, thank goodness Danny had enough smarts and respect to stay away from that one.

Watch the video and see what happens when the guitar doesn’t originally break. I guess the producers of the Danny Bonaduce Show missed the memo that guitars are worked in pro wrestling. Asking someone to smash your head with a real guitar is even dumber than asking a UFC fighter to punch you in the face with head gear. Danny Bonaduce is definitely hardcore!

Do not try this at home!

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