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Tom Brady’s Cuss-Fest Draws FCC Complaints

This blog is about the sideline rant that won’t go away. I should say, this sideline rant is the one that the sports media won’t let disappear. Yes, that cuss-fest on the sidelines of the November 30th Green Bay Packers vs New England Patriots game has reared its ugly head once again. I wish that this bit of news was a joke, but it’s not. I still can’t believe I am going to write about it.

[adinserter block=”1″]To refresh everyone’s memories, at the aforementioned Packers vs Patriots game, at about the 2:00 warning in the 4th quarter, when it was evident that the Patriots offense was not going to get the ball back, Patriots QB Tom Brady, in total frustration, screamed the “F” word three times. CBS showed it several times. Even though Brady is not the first NFL player in NFL history to curse on the sidelines, and won’t be the last, the sports media went crazy. Brady, in his defense, said to blame the Networks. Well, three people have done just that.

Per a report found on, three complaints about Brady’s cuss-fest being shown on TV were reported to the FCC. I am serious. I could not believe my eyes when I saw that. I had a few choice words for those people complaining, and yes, the “F” word was involved. I have to write professionally for this blog, however. Anyway, I thought this was a travesty. ( )

First of all, looking at the complaints, not that I am endorsing bad language, but this is football, not a garden party. Why were these people surprised at Brady’s cursing? Why should anyone be surprised at ANY ATHLETE cursing on Network TV? The Coaches on the sidelines are just as bad, if not worse than the players. Coaches such as Bill Levy (formerly of the Buffalo Bills ) , Brian Billick ( formerly of the Baltimore Ravens ) , and most notably, Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan. Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning, and plenty of other athletes have cussed on the sidelines. I just don’t get why Brady is being targeted.

One of the complaints comes from Indianapolis,In. This woman claims that her six year old child can read lips, and was able to read what Brady said without the sound on. Well, let’s see. The complaint originates from Indianapolis. I’m not a tin foil hat person. However, I have been a fan for a very long time. I have noticed Peyton Manning, when he was in Indy, having hissy fits, and having cuss-fests when things go wrong. I am a decent lip reader also. I’m way older than 6. Andrew Luck gets ticked also. Why are there no complaints to the FCC ? I am just asking.

The second complaint comes from a woman in Pennsylvania. She said her grandson said “He (Brady)should not be saying that.”) Now, again, I am just curious. This person is from the State of Pennsylvania. The fact that both NFL teams (Eagles and Steelers ) are deadly enemies of the Patriots, this is all one should need to know. I mean, Steelers fans think that the Patriots “robbed” them of 2 Super Bowl opportunities. Eagle fans are upset that the Patriots beat them in SB39.

The third complaint comes from this lady from Iowa. She’s calling the Network, “Very unprofessional.” She is saying that the CBS announcers replayed Brady’s reaction, as if they got away with something. She goes on to complain that CBS knew what was said. This lady sounds like a mind reader, and all three of these people have too much time on their hands.


I also think that complaining to the FCC about something so minor is so lame. This country is already weakened by the Political Correctness brigade, and now the Family Values Thought Police is starting up again with this nonsensical trio of complaints to the FCC about some NFL player cursing on television ?

[adinserter block=”2″]We are allowed to watch all these ads for Viagra, Cialis, Vagisil, and various other women’s products. However, three people got all upset over an NFL player using a bad word? We are exposed to so much violence from the news, talk radio, etc. Now, all of a sudden, people discover that a man, who participates in a VIOLENT, EMOTIONAL sport, said a cuss word, and they complain about it to the FCC??

Imagine what would happen if these people took their kids to an actual NFL GAME? The language that they and their kids would be exposed to would be out of this world . As a horse racing fan, I would not take a kid to the racetrack, if you have hypersensitive ears. I think our tax dollars could be used for something more worthwhile like a balanced budget, than being the word police.

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