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Tom Brady’s 48 Yard Punt Vs. Denver Broncos – Video

Tom Brady puntThe Denver Broncos vs. New England Patriots NFL Divisional playoff game will be remembered for a lot of things. Probably more than even his 6 touchdowns and 363 precise yards will be the Tom Brady 48-yard punt that still has people talking on Sunday morning.

The punt has taken on a life of its own the day after. Were the Patriots just rubbing it in? Why in the world would he punt anyway on third down? Why risk Brady punting the ball when the game was in hand and why in the world was Brady even in there?

Well Mike Reiss does a fantastic job of answering all of those questions on ESPN’s Boston blog so I won’t go into the details. One interesting note from his story is that the Patriots have been practicing that punt with Brady for seven years. Brady has only punted once before in a 2003 game against the Miami Dolphins.

[ad 6]Regardless, it is hard not to appreciate how great of an athlete Tom Brady is. I find that most of the time when someone refers to an NFL quarterback as a great athlete, it is usually another way of saying he isn’t that great of a passer, but he gets by on his athleticism. I don’t think anyone could ever accuse of Brady of that.

Enjoy the Brady punt video. You may not see it ever again.

Bonus footage: Fight!




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  1. Football fights are so stupid. I was in one in high school. You kinda just find a guy to push since you're all basically wearing armor. You could run full speed into a wall in pads and a helmet and just pop back up, so how are you gonna do any damage? I guess you could give a guy a wicked Indian burn on his arm.

    So you push back and forth like a couple of idiots and then at some point everyone just seems to say at the same time "alright that's enough of that."


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