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TNA Wrestling Turning Point 2013 Results and Recap

This week’s TNA Impact Wrestling is a special “free PPV” presentation of Turning Point. It opens up with footage of Bobby Roode attacking James Storm at a bar in Orlando Wednesday night. Roode beats Storm all over the bar and ends with Roode stuffing money in Storm’s face to pay the tab, then telling him he’s sorry about Storm’s damn luck.

Tonight, in the World title tournament, Storm and Roode face off in a Bull Rope Match, while Samoa Joe faces Magnus in a Falls-Count-Anywhere Match. Also, Mr. Anderson faces Bully Ray. If Anderson wins, Aces and Eights disbands for good, but if Ray wins, Anderson is done in TNA.

Dixie Carter approaches Samoa Joe in the back as he’s warming up for his match. She tells him she watched her appearance over and over last week, so she can be the best she can be and give her fans what they want. While her performance was outstanding, Joe’s was not. If Joe takes that tone with her ever again, he will find himself wrestling in third-world countries for pesos like AJ Styles (Mexico isn’t a third-world country, BTW). If Joe wins the title, he better get a title unification match with AJ out of his head because AJ won’t ever be back in TNA, and Joe is lucky to be here. Now, they have a show to put on, and she thinks the people would rather see her first, so she’s headed out to the ring now.

[adinserter block=”1″]Dixie makes her way out to the ring and says she knows everyone is happy to have her back in Orlando, FL. She also thanks Sports Illustrated for writing an article all about her called “Dixie Land”. Now, she has to publicly address AJ. The people are so upset with him for how ugly she’s being to her. Ever since he decided to not jump on Team Dixie, he’s wrestling all over for minimum wage. She does not feel pity; instead, she feels distain, which is “ticked off” in “trailer talk”. AJ has taken her intellectual property all over the world, and she’s got lawyers that are going to shut him down. He better understand the consequences that are coming to him, because they are going to be big…

James Storm interrupts the promo, bull rope in-hand. Storm says he’s sure she saw what happened to him at the bar last night. Roode wants to jump him from behind to cost him his spot in this tournament. Tonight is a Bull Rope Match, and to Storm, the rope is not enough. He’s going to use it, but he also wants to use chairs, tables, barbed wire, crap from the fans. Since we’re back in Orlando, FL, he wants a Florida Death Match. Dixie doesn’t care about what happened in the bar. That’s on Storm’s time, not hers. The wheel has spoken, and she won’t change that. Storm says the police asked if he wanted to press charges, but he said no. He told them he’ll settle things himself in the ring, and if Dixie doesn’t change the match, he’ll have the police come down and arrest Roode, and Storm will drop out of the tournament. Dixie says Storm is trying to back him into a corner publicly. Storm says the fans want the same thing he does. She doesn’t like his tone, and he apologizes for that and says he’s going to ask nicely. He calls her “darlin’”, then asks for her to please give him the match. It will benefit both Storm as well as Dixie, and Storm will make the cops go away. Dixie says if he calls the cops now and tell them nothing is wrong, he’s got the match. Storm agrees.

Later tonight, we are also getting Joseph Park vs. Abyss. I had completely forgotten about that since last week, for obvious reasons.

MATCH 1: World Championship tournament quarterfinal match-Falls-Count-Anywhere: Magnus vs. Samoa Joe
Joe appears on the screen and says falls count anywhere in the building. He came to fight, so Magnus needs to meet him in the back and get him some. Commercials.

Back from the break, the two are brawling in the back. Joe chops Magnus as we see everything that happened during the break, which was mostly Joe dominating. Back to the match, it has spilled onto the stage, where Magnus pins Joe for 2 after a stomp. Magnus hits a kneelift, and Joe comes back with some right jabs. Magnus hits a couple of forearms to the face, and now the two head to the ring. Magnus rakes Joe’s back, and now they’re trading punches. Magnus hits another kneelift and rolls Joe into the ring. In the ring, Joe reverses a corner whip before running into a boot. He catches Magnus off the ropes with an inverted atomic drop, follows up with a boot and a running senton. Magnus recovers and hits a couple of European uppercuts before getting hit with a powerslam for 2. Magnus avoids a splash in the corner and hits the MDD for 2. Magnus snaps off a suplex, then goes up top for the flying elbow. Joe meets him on the ropes with a chop, then mounts the middle for a superplex. Magnus fights him off, drops to the apron and hits a knee to the face. He goes back up top and connects with the elbow for 2. Magnus looks for the Kingsley Clover-Leaf, but Joe kicks him off before hitting a standing uranage out of the corner. Magnus rolls to the floor, and Joe meets him with a suicide dive. Joe gets 2 at ringside, and Magnus recovers before slamming Joe into the ring apron. He goes to the other side of the ring and looks underneath the ring for something. He finds nothing, so he goes to another side and finds a chair, which he wedges between the bottom and middle ropes. He hits Joe with a European uppercut and goes to whip him into the chair, but Joe reverses into the Kokina Clutch. Magnus breaks the hold by ramming Joe into the apron, then ducks a charge, causing Joe to go face-first into the chair. Magnus covers Joe near the ring steps and gets 3.

WINNER: Magnus.

We see Joseph Park in the back. He says that tonight, he ends all the speculation when he faces Abyss one-on-one. Let’s see what happens.

Bad Influence make their way down to the ring. Kazarian says it’s Turning Point, and BI is here for your viewing pleasure. They wouldn’t miss tonight for the world because, in mere moments, Joe Park is going to wrestle his brother Abyss. So, they’re going to sit at ringside and watch. They give you permission to try and enjoy this, as well as worship them…now.

Joseph Park makes his way out and tells BI to shut the hell up. For the last 18 months, he’s been looking for his brother. After all the trials and tribulations, we come to tonight when they face each other. This will quell all the rumors, but more importantly, Park is doing this for him. He’s going to prove to the world he’s not a loser, and if that means getting his butt whipped by his brother, so be it. This is his turning point tonight. Abyss’ music hits, but no one is coming out. Christy Hemme announces him again, but he still doesn’t come out. Kaz gets on a mic and says the fans came to be entertained, so Park better start doing something entertaining. Christopher Daniels says that, in any other instance, Park’s story would be inspirational. However, it’s not this time because Park isn’t a man. He’s a bag of mayonnaise with a law degree and a cheap track suit. The people boo him because he’s a loser. Abyss didn’t come out because Park is a failure, and the reason the rest of the family isn’t here is because Park is an embarrassment. Daniels challenges Park to hit him, then asks if he has to hit Park to make him a man. He then says he knows blood is what sets Park off, and he has just the thing. Kaz dumps a bucket of fake blood over Park’s head, and Daniels continues to taunt him, saying the monster isn’t there, because Park is nothing but a waste of space. He takes up air real humans could be breathing. He doesn’t deserve to be in the ring, the state or the planet, and he needs to get out of Daniels’ sight this instant. Park bails, and Daniels continues to ream him up one side and down. Park takes one last look at the ring, then heads to the back.

Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa come out to the ring. Kim says it’s week 2 of her open challenge, and if there’s anyone back there who thinks they can beat her, come on out.

MATCH 2: Knockouts Champion Gail Kim (w/Lei’D Tapa) vs. Candice Larea
Larea hits a few forearms right away before missing a clothesline and getting hit with a short-arm by Kim. Kim throws Larea to the corner and hits a running seated dropkick for 2. Kim sends her across the ring, but Larea counters with a hurricanrana and a sunset flip for 2. Larea charges at Kim in super slo-mo with a forearm before missing a splash. The two trade punches before Larea goes for a hurricanrana. Kim counters into a sit-out powerbomb for 2. I swear this Larea chick is afraid to run. Kim hits her with Eat Defeat and gets the 3.

WINNER: Gail Kim.

We see James Storm heading out to the ring for his match, and he stops to grab an armload of weapons.

Another “friends of AJ” video airs. This time, we see AJ defending the World title in Japan.

JB is standing by with Mr. Anderson. Anderson says tonight won’t be his final night. Bully Ray tried to take away everything important in his life. Tonight, Anderson takes from Ray. A and E is done.

We see Storm still in the back when he’s approached by Gunner. Gunner says Storm doesn’t need all this stuff to beat Roode. Storm says need and want are two different things. He appreciates Gunner being a real partner and looking out, but Storm’s whipping Roode’s ass tonight. Gunner says he’s got Storm’s back, like always. This is followed by a video package for the feud between Storm and Roode.

MATCH 3: World Championship tournament quarterfinal match-Florida Death Match: James Storm vs. Bobby Roode
As Roode makes his way out, Storm meets him on the stage with a kendo stick to the gut. He cracks Roode over the back, then rams the stick into Roode’s gut before slamming him face-first into the guardrail. Storm hits a few rights, knocking Roode down. As he gets up Storm hits a clothesline on the ramp. Roode shoves Storm face-first into the ring post. He pulls the steps out a bit, then hits Storm with a few rights to the face. He attempts to whip Storm into the steps, but Storm reverses, and Roode flips over them upon impact. Storm is bleeding as he rolls Roode into the ring. He grabs a couple of trashcans full of weapons and throws them in the ring before grabbing a crutch and ramming it into Roode’s gut. Storm sends him into the corner, but Roode backdrops him to the outside. Storm lands on his feet and hits an apron kick before getting back in the ring, where Roode hits him in the face with a cookie sheet. Roode grabs another crutch and hits Storm in the gut a few times before choking him with it. Roode hits a chop in the corner before ramming the crutch into storm yet again. Storm counters a whip and knocks Roode into the buckles with an uppercut. Roode collapses into a seated position, and Storm sets up a trashcan in between Roode’s legs before hitting it with a crutch. Storm grabs the cookie sheet and hits Roode across the back of the head. Storm goes for the Noose Swing, but Roode fights out. Storm goes for a sunset flip off the buckles, but Roode rolls through and stomps Storm in the gut. He wedges a trashcan in between the middle and top rope and looks for a catapult, but Storm lands on his feet, grabs the trashcan and smashes Roode in the head with it. He grabs the trashcan once more and hits another shot to the head. The referee begins the standing 10-count, but Roode makes it up by 7 or 8. Storm goes for the Eye of the Storm, but Roode escapes and hits a spinebuster onto a trashcan. Storm makes it to his feet before 10, but is immediately nailed in the head with a trashcan lid. He grabs one as well, and now the two trade headshots. Storm goes down first, but Roode falls shortly thereafter. Both men get back up, and Roode grabs a crutch before running into the Last Call. The referee begins the count on Roode, and Roode rolls to the outside, getting to his knees at 8 as he grabs a beer bottle from under the ring. Storm gets cracked through the ropes, and now the count begins on Storm. Roode limps around the ring before rolling back in and pulling himself up to his feet. Storm makes it up around 9, and Roode levels him with a clothesline. He heads outside and grabs a chair, followed by another one. He sets them up in the middle of the ring next to each other before putting Storm through them with a DVD. The ref begins the count once more as Roode gets to his feet. Storm once again gets back up at the last second, so Roode clubs him with a crutch before screaming, “Die, you sonofabitch! Die” Storm is down once more, so Roode goes outside and pulls a board from under the ring that’s covered in barbed wire. Storm is back up, so Roode grabs him by the hair and goes for another DVD. Before he can connect, Gunner runs down to the ring and throws a white towel into the ring, forfeiting the match for Storm.


Back from the break, Gunner is trying to help Storm up in the ring. Storm screams at him for what he just did before leaving the ring. Gunner meets him at ringside and is trying to calm him down, but Storm is having none of it. He continues to scream at Gunner, and Gunner is trying to reason with him. Storm shakes his head and heads back up the ramp.

We get a look at the tournament brackets. The semifinals will be Hardy/Roode and Magnus/Angle.

We are then shown a pre-recorded interview segment. Christy Hemme is standing on the balcony of Sam Shaw’s home. Hey, remember him? Shaw asks her to call him Samuel Shaw, then says he went to art school before showing her his portfolio, including a picture of Jeff Hardy from some reason. Hemme closes the segment, but the camera continues rolling. Shaw asks her out on a date, and she writes it down for him. After she leaves, Shaw straightens up the table she wrote her number down on.

We see two random guys talking when they are interrupted by Ethan Carter III. He says he went to the one place no one in the building would be, and yet, here these two are. Perfect. He has good news and bad news. The good news is he personally flew these two down here. The bad news is this rivalry has to come to an end. Apparently, this is Norv Fernum and Dewey Barnes and I just didn’t recognize them. Can you blame me? Anyway, Carter says he’s beaten them so many times that continuing this feud would be “jumping the shark”. Carter tells them he just flew them down to Florida to tell them they suck and says his legacy continues. Tonight, he faces a returning TNA legend. He’s nervous, but he’ll prevail because he’s a Carter and the world needs them.

JB is standing by for an interview with Bully Ray, but he’s cut off by Knux, who tells him to leave. Brooke and Bully Ray join him, with Brooke doing the interview. Ray says Mr. Anderson is the most ungrateful man he’s ever met. A year ago, TNA turned their back on Anderson. Ray is the guy who reached out to him and breathed life back into him. As far as Anderson is concerned, he should call Ray “God”. He brought Anderson into this world, and tonight, when Ray piledrives him through the stage, he’ll take Anderson out. And don’t worry; he’ll take good care of Anderson’s pregnant wife.

Kurt Angle is with AI and says Magnus is constantly improving before listing off his recent accomplishments. Magnus poses a threat to him. Before the interview can continue, a stagehand says Dixie Carter needs to see Angle in her office right now.

Ethan Carter III makes his way out to the ring and says he needs to raise his level of competition. Tonight, he faces a returning TNA legend. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for his opponent…Shark Boy.

MATCH 4: Ethan Carter III vs. Shark Boy
Carter immediately nails Boy (who is still doing the Stone Cold gimmick) with a right. Boy comes back with some rights of his own, knocking Carter into the corner. He blocks a right and hits a few more before sending Carter into the ropes. Carter holds on and rolls to the floor, where Boy gives chase. Back in the ring, Boy dodges an elbow and hits an atomic drop before throwing Carter into the corner for some mounted punches. Boy calls for the Chummer, but Carter holds on and hits a back suplex into a facebuster. He hits the One-Percenter and gets the 3.

WINNER: Ethan Carter III. Carter does his catchphrase after the match.

We get a video package for the history between Mr. Anderson and Bully Ray.

Bobby Roode and Kurt Angle are in Dixie Carter’s office screaming at each other when she steps between them. She says they’re here because of her. Next week is Thanksgiving, a day full of traditions like turkey and wrestling. They’ve made it to the final four, but they obviously don’t get along, so she’s going to fix that next week. Everyone is going to pretend to get along in the spirit of the day. Angle and Roode will each lead a team of four in an 8-Man Elimination Tag Team Match, and they will show her how grateful they are to her by giving her a great main event.

MATCH 5-Club vs. Career No-Disqualification Match: Bully Ray (w/Brooke) vs. Mr. Anderson
As both men enter the ring, we see Kurt Angle, Gunner, Samoa Joe, Pat Kenney, Magnus, Bad Influence and a few others come out to the stage to watch. Before JB can finish the formal introductions, Anderson tackles Ray and begins pounding on him. Anderson grabs the mic, does his horrible introduction shtick, hits a couple of low blows and then finishes the bit. Ray rolls to the floor, where Brooke is attempting to check on his package. Anderson heads outside, and Ray puts Brooke between them before shoving Brooke into Anderson. He hits a clothesline after Anderson blocks Brooke, then slams him face-first into the steps. Anderson fights back with rights before getting raked across the eyes. Ray slams Anderson’s left hand into the ring steps before hitting a couple of rights to the head. He pulls a table out from underneath the ring and slides it into the ring. Commercials.

[adinserter block=”2″]Back from the break, the table is propped up in the corner, and Ray brings Anderson back in the ring with a suplex from the apron. He goes for a powerslam, but Anderson escapes. The two trade rights before Ray hits a big boot. Ray rips Anderson’s shirt off and chops him in the corner. He dares Anderson to hit him back before calling him a coward, so Anderson slaps him. Ray comes back with an avalanche, followed by a forearm to the head. Ray grabs his chain and whips Anderson across the back before kissing Brooke. He whips Anderson across the gut, then wraps the chain around his arm. He misses an elbow drop, and now Anderson has the chain. He whips Ray across the back twice, then wraps it around his fist. Ray ducks a shot and hits a uranage for 2. Anderson gets thrown to the floor, and Ray begins pulling up the protective mat around the ring. He goes for a piledriver, but Anderson counters with a back body drop. Anderson goes for a piledriver now, but he can’t get Ray up. Knux comes from out of nowhere and nails Anderson from behind. He goes to whip Anderson into the steps, but Anderson counters. He begins pulling up the mats on another side of the ring and hits a piledriver…on the folded up mat, rendering the spot with the mat pointless. Anderson takes Knux’s vest off and holds it over his head, and that’s when Ray hits him with a double axe handle from behind. Anderson rolls into the ring, and Ray mounts the top rope. Anderson hits him in the gut and brings him into the ring with a rolling fireman’s carry slam. He goes for the Mic Check, but Ray breaks free and spears Anderson through the table. Ray goes for the pin, but only gets 2. Brooke grabs a hammer and throws it to Ray, but it goes sailing over his head. Anderson catches it, hits Ray in the head and follows up with a Mic Check for 3.

WINNER: Mr. Anderson. After the match, Anderson strips Ray of his vest, then demands the one from Taz. Kurt Angle and Gunner corner Taz and get it from him. Angle brings it down to the ring, tosses to Anderson, who holds all three vests over his head.

End of show.

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Dustin Nichols
Dustin Nichols is a freelance writer, and you can keep track of all of his work on his Facebook page, which can be found at Oh, and if you like bodybuilding, check out my mom’s official site by clicking the banner below:


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